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  1. I voted sad, if only for all the people who wanted to participate but didn't get a chance to. Otherwise I'm pretty neutral on this event.
  2. I started playing this game a while ago and I remember having this culture shock I suppose, since it was different from DC. I stopped playing because of it. Now I'm back, and it looks like I missed an event? Oh well. I've also seen that there are some major changes in the works. I can't wait to see them. I still have no idea what I'm doing, but this time I'll actually try instead of giving up.
  3. I didn't get a shiny either. I'm still trying, though but no luck as far. I did happen to have enough prize points to get a cap in the prize shop, though.
  4. You could always use the Aeon BSA Precognition to check.
  5. I'm new to trades and one thing that makes me nervous is wheather what I have is equal to what I'm asking for. Let's say I had a Cb pryo (which seems to be the less wanted one) what could I ask for in return that wouldn't be outrageous? Other uncommons? A CB BSA? I don't know.
  6. Sleeping, since I need to wake up early for work, but here I am, browsing the forums instead.
  7. I support this too! I thought of this idea with the ballon dragons, which not fit with the DC premise, but I was thinking about how balloon eggs float, right? What if someone decided to take these flaoting eggs and tie them up with string, making them actual balloons. We, being the dragon enthusiasts that we are, see this and go 'hold on...' and reprimand the person for being so very Not Cool and take an egg to raise. (I couldn't help laughing when I thought of this) If this doesn't work (which I don't think it will), we could always just have a festival for each cave blocking breed. (Do Balloons count as common? They are clarified as cave blockers, but on the wiki they're tagged as uncommon... >> )
  8. My username was one a friend thought up. Funnily enough, she was showing me a role playing site and singed me up for it. I was in junior high back then, not long after, I found DC and joined using that username. My forum username was just a variant I thought up at the time, but keeping with the book theme.
  9. I always have trouble with trades, cause like I know what I want, but what offer would make it fair? Something I struggle with. I have mints from back when there was only the cave. I'm on the fence about trading my own right side up mint. On one hand, it could just be a normal mint from the cave or it could have something special. No idea, though.
  10. It's also good to keep in mind that trading isn't an option for everyone. Some people have mental illnesses that make interaction difficult, they could have a physical disability that makes typing really hard, or there could be a language barrier. To say that trading and gifting is available to everyone is to ignore these people. (I know you didn't explicitly say that, but you did imply that trading is something everyone has available, which is just not true. Just thought I'd point that out.)
  11. Saying it bugs you when people complain is you complaining about people complaining, and it makes you sound a little like a hypocrit, complaining like that. (Non serious) My idea was just me trying to give everyone a chance to help them feel like they have something special, even if they don't have CB metals or CB prizes or a GON. It wouldn't involve rare eggs, just a common egg that was given a purpose beyond just being a common. That's it. I added the medal so it wasn't just a common egg given a special meaning. Another idea would be site wide hunts, where everyone could steal and raise as many commons as possible in the time span of a month or so. There would be prizes, since this is a competition. This is me just throwing ideas out there to encourage people to take more common eggs, it all.
  12. I think what could be done is, give everyone a common egg that is unique in some way, in the prompt, tell us this egg is important (which is essentially what happened here, with calling the upside down mint egg special). To win, we each had to raise this egg to adulthood and if we do, we could get a simple badge, like the magikarp badge. This would encourage people raise more commons, I think. Personally, I always make sure to grab commons now and again, if only for the cave plumbers. I also think some think some of them are pretty looking.
  13. This here is my whole problem with pro-life people. They're so focused on the baby that the mother becomes this faceless baby vessel and that confuses me to no end. How can these people see living breathing people with feeling and thoughts as just a vessel? My thoughts on abortion align with a lot that I've read in this page. Another thing that bugs me is when people treat abortion as this happy event instead of the heavy choice that it is. I went to a public school and the sex ed was decent enough, I guess. We started learning about it in six grade, where we had gotten the STD slide show, but more in a matter a fact way? Like, it'd have a list of symptoms and things to look out for and a picture to show what it looked liked. I don't remember much, but I do remember being told anatomy in junior high, like where women pee from, what the uterus looks like, what happens during pregnancy, where the ovaries are located, what happens during the menstrual cycle, what a pap test is, and other stuff on the women's side. The men's side was just as informative as well. I don't remember being told about abortions, but that may have just slipped my mind. (I live in Canada, so that may have something to do with it) It baffles me that some women don't even know where they pee from. (Sorry for jumping in, I just wanted to give my thoughts on this topic)
  14. Really? Wow, on one hand, I'd like to do this, but the only thing of value that I have to offer would be a CB seasonal egg. On the other, it IS April Fools day.....
  15. In my desperate attempt to get the prompt to come up again, I missed a cheese egg! I saw it for a split second, and then it was gone. Good bye, cheese egg. (and I need one more to fill out my encyclopedia... ) Aw well. If it's a one time thing, I'll be a little salty for not getting the upside down egg, but ah well. Such is life.
  16. I got the prompt not too long ago and that's what it said, yeah. (I'm still trying to get it again, cause I want that upside down egg.... >>) but when I got it that's what it said.
  17. I got the prompt and I did 'say nothing' and got a right side up mint egg. I've been trying to get the prompt to come up again, but I haven't had any luck. Can anyone confirm getting the prompt again?
  18. Egg Requested: Gold egg Points Cost: 55
  19. 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  20. My top 3 are 1: C 2: E 3: F (even if the background makes it a little difficult to see on mobile)
  21. I am also good on catching, if anyone needs help as well. I'd be happy to help!