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  1. Could anybody tell me where the bathroom is? I'm sure that it's really simple to find, but my brain isn't happy with me today.
  2. Wow! I was inactive for a while, but I wanted to do something so I wouldn't lose my dragon names, then I looked at the news and this happened! My very first non-holiday dragon release! And they look so cool! On another subject, TJs new signature brought back good memories...and will give me nightmares at the same time. Ah, Giygas. Such a memorable boss.
  3. The gold dragon was originally in line with the tree, but after submission, it moved by itself. I like the tree, but I'm bias. It was supposed to be a star or snowflake or something like that.
  4. Withdrawl...symptoms...setting...in...host...annoying...me... I know that you are doing everything you can TJ, and I'm grateful for that. *crawls into a ball and quietly sings Funny Farm by Dr. Dimento* EDIT: SilverDragonTears, can I use that in my signature?
  5. That link takes you to YOUR tree, not someone else's. (Don't worry, I freaked out for a second too.)
  6. I'm amazed I haven't seen any trees that look like mine. And here I thought that my design was completely unoriginal. I also seem to like 4-7 on the scale.
  7. I...I just looked at my tree and realized something was crooked.
  8. I'm a newb, so I only have a bronze trophy so far. (And about half of those are frozen hatchlings for Common Rescues.)
  9. I am probably going to mate all my Holiday dragons with BSA dragons. They look pretty, and are helpful too! (Just no greens.)
  10. 2 Yulebuck eggs-Check 2 Snow Angel eggs-Check 2 2010 eggs-Check 2 Holly eggs- T_T (In other words, 0) Okay, I really need some more baubles for the design I'm planning for the tree. It's special. But my little 2010 eggs hatched! Last night, I remembered that 2 of my Reds could Incubate, and my 2010 eggs were at 4 days, so I made them hatch last night!
  11. I just saw 3 Hollies. In. A. Row. I. Missed. All. Three. Must. Stop. Talking. Like. This.
  12. I just got 1 Snow Angel and 1 Yulebuck! I can't wait for the new Christmas Dragon. Does anyone know what it is? (My first DC holiday was a success!)
  13. I speak English. I can sort of speak Spanish, and can count to 99 in Japanese. (Just don't expect me to write it.)
  14. I don't purposely inbreed, but I would never abandon a dragon just because of it's lineage. I really don't care about lineage usually. And I always keep inbreds. Just don't breed them. (I am a newbie, and I already have 5 inbreeds!) To make sure if they are 1st gen or whatever gen they are on my scroll, I put the roman numeral for the number generation. This makes inbreeding harder. I also write down the names of my inbreds. Verdigris Wolfe (Vine) Wave Wolfe (Water) SummerEliza (Gray) Gabriel Wolfe (Guardian) Bard Wolfe (Magi) <Definitely not abandoning this guy, he'll get teleport!
  15. My first four were probably the most common: Albino, Green, Balloon, and Gray.
  16. I love dogs. This kind of thing annoys me to no end. How can they do such a horrible thing to dogs just because they have a bad reputation? Sign me up! I'm making an Magi/Red lineage. In fact, I started it before I learned about this. Unfortunately, the Red is from the abandoned page. I don't have a CB yet. EDIT: Just looked at the list. I am absolutely furious right now. I have had 5 dogs in my life so far, and at least 3 are on that list. I don't own them now, but I do own the 2 others, and if they get on the list, I will hurt the person who thought of that law. *eye twitch* *growl*
  17. *hand over heart* "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." I don't see why anyone would want a second scroll. Finding the eggs is all part of the fun!
  18. It's really hard to be patient though! The features sound so cool! This was me on November 30: "It's not gonna happen at midnight." This is me now: OMGOMGOMGOMGITSGONNAHAPPEN...wait...it didn't! This is actually what I thought would happen: TJ said it wouldn't happen at midnight, so I thought it would happen at 12:01! Crazy theories: You want them? They're yours my friend. Need. Teleport. And. Egg Limits. And. Biomes. And. All the other stuff.