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No longer offering Innocent army services or linking to my profile due to malicious activity. Sorry

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    The rules are simple, you give me an egg, any egg, be it messy, inbred, perfectly lineaged, common, rare, ANY EGG, and I will give you a nebula egg.

    Now here's the catch. Your nebula egg will not be influenced or incubated. You can pick the nebula and mate, but if they do not breed true, then I get to decide which nebula to try breeding next. I won't breed any mated pairs (which is usually just my trios and metals, however feel free to ask!). I require that you name them with the title Emissary, and it be their first name. After the title, you can finish the name however you want.

    Know that the egg you give me, the recruit, will be FROZEN, even if it is rare. It will join my army, and be given a rank, plus the title of recruit. It will be named and loved <3

    Please help me build my army! I will never deny an egg unless I'm out of freezes(sometimes) or egglocked(nearly never). Thank you for your consideration, and for reading this somewhat special "breeding" project.

    Sorry everyone I'm no longer offering this service due to malicious activity on my scroll. I can't be sure if my egg will survive it's little trip, or if your egg will survive my scroll, unfortunately.

    Thank you Valeth for my first shimmer! It is loved and cherished! :)