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  1. Have: MALE Arcana Want: Genderswap Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. I still need...most flowers, but I have collected all of them so I can send anything! Thanks every one ^^
  3. Well, mine says 3/3 but I also know that I have not had any adults grow up on my scroll for several weeks, and certainly not since I entered 4 days ago. Are we sure that 3/3 doesn't mean you have 3 dragons to go, and 0/3 means you've grown three dragons? I've been on hiatus so I don't know how this raffle page usually works.
  4. Oh yus locked within first drop for once! And I could weep with joy for FINALLY being able to catch an even number of CB Halloweens
  5. I don't think it matters when on halloween you try - the chance is the same all day as far as I am aware. It's still only 1 in 5 or so chance so...don't get your hopes too high (bben there, done that *sigh*) But yeah, any time is good I think
  6. Thank you SO MUCH!! That was so frustrating
  7. I'm in NZ but otherwise this haha Middle of summer, had plenty of sun today
  8. HUMBUG! FORUM NAME: Prince_Xanthius SCROLL NAME: Prince_Xanthius PAIRING PREFERENCES (e.g., Shadow Walker x Ribbon Dancer): 3G Snow Angel x Yulebuck --> I can bloodswap this ALSO: I will be hitting 5G for Yule x Shadow so can breed 3G and 4G for people. Also able to breed 2G and 3G of Solstice x Shadow And my breeding lists as always is Here. I was very unorganised getting mates this year so have a lot of half pairs unfortunately, but let me know if you want anything on the list (not all are GoCP)
  9. Forum name: Prince_Xanthius PM link: Here Dragons I can breed The list of dragons I can breed is HERE; it is up to date as far as dragons I own, but some of the open/closed have not been done. Nearly all pairs are still open however unless otherwise noted Dragons I need YULEBUCK 1 x 3G Yule x Snow Angel (either breed) - Blood Swap 1 x 3G Yule from Guardian SNOW ANGELS 1 x 3G Yule x Snow Angel (either breed) - Blood Swap 1 x 2G from Caligene (Tri-Wing Parent) 1 x 3G from Gold-Horned Tangar - Blood Swap SOLSTICE - ROSY 1 x 2G from Black Marrow 1 x 2G from Caligene 1 x 2G from Radiant Angel AEGIS 1 x 2G Aegis from Peaceful x Heart Stealer
  10. Support! I would personally prefer a countdown to the date as there is an 18hr time difference for me, so dates are confusing (5pm on the 3rd DC time is 11am on the 4th for me; I would muck it up a LOT), but if dates is what we got I would cope
  11. Just checking in to say I'm still around! I think I am mostly sorted for what I need personally, but if any one needs anything bred, my lines are here. Clearly the GoCP lines are mixed in with the shadows; I need to go through and label them properly But yeah, if you need any of those lines I am free to breed either in ~4 hours, or on the 29th (tomorrow).
  12. Provided you can influence everything should be no problem getting a 3rd batch (remember eggs drop for 24 hours and if you pick them up in the last minute you still pick them up. Your other eggs would have to hatch really slowly to cause issues )
  13. Oh yus, minesweep! I'd forgotten how much I liked that game (pretty sure my record way back when was ~7 seconds though that was probably a fluke )
  14. PMing whimspiration Now mentoring whimspiration Graduating chickenfoot as they've not been back in contact but seem to be getting on just fine
  15. We actually used to have this a couple of years ago - first Saturday every month. But TJ got bored (or thought it got boring or something) and stopped it. Honestly I found every month a little too often, I think about every 6 weeks would be better. But the gap from Hallloween through to March that we so often get (there have been November/January releases in the past) is too long and it does tend to stagnate a bit. So something in there would be nice.
  16. PMing chickenfoot Now Mentoring chickenfoot PMing Karliah17
  17. Out of curiosity does any one know if this 'sets' the gender? I.e if I precog an egg as MALE, then influence it FEMALE, does the egg remain male, or have I in fact influenced it to be (probably) female? I know I could then re-precog to find out, but I do not have enough Aeons at the minute to test the theory.
  18. I come down on the side of the 'mystery egg' being nothing more than a place holder, not actually any representation of a the egg. It's like 'behind door A/B/C' --> there could be anything, and the door doesn't change even though what is behind it does. So therefore we don't need to change the size for different types. (I mean you could argue that with the descriptions, why bother with the mystery image at all, but I aesthetically like it, and it makes hunting the AP and the cave very different *shrugs*)
  19. Oh, I like this new one a lot! tbh still not overly sure about making them bigger for RP reasons (they are 'normal sized' dragons just with an extra head after all) but TJ has spoken, and I could easily live with it so *shrugs*
  20. I think the 21 - I agree it looks rounder/smoother than the 16
  21. I'm gonna pitch in with another vote for 16 and then 12. I like it still being obviously egg shaped, and 16 has a fairly...hefty look about it which I think suits.
  22. I like the idea of making the egg wider, but not too sure about the indents. What does Fiona's egg look like if you reverse the indent, but keep the rest of the egg the same? Otherwise I think 15 or 16 are my favourites