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sorry, but I am not checking in much at the moment

 My Breeding Lists are Here. PM me if you see something you like!mednew_by_spatialfangs-damkn5p.png


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    Things I am looking for this halloween:

    1 x 3G Shadow/Royal Blue —> Trade/Catch
    1 x 4G Shadow/Sweetling —> Bloodswap
    1 x 4G Shadow Walker/Gold —> Bloodswap

    1x 4G Cavern Lurker/Almaldine —> Bloodswap

    1 x 4G Grave/Spessartine —> Bloodswap
    1 x 3G Grave/Arsani —> Bloodswap
    1 x 2G Grave/Arsani —> Trade/Catch

    1 x 2G Caligene/Radiant Angel —> Trade/Catch
    1 x 2G Caligene/Heart Seeker —> Trade/Catch


    I breed commons/uncommons for free, as well as holiday mates. Just ask! 2G Trios and metals require trading, unless you do not currently have any on your scroll. Anything that has more than one word names is life-mated, except for Halloweens. DO NOT ask me to break up pairings. Single word nonsense names are CB, and free for all as far as breeding goes. I reserve the right to refuse to breed a specific pairing if it goes against my scroll rules. Once something is off my scroll it is yours to do with as you please. I love it when people continue my lineages, but if you want to freeze, or want to breed to a 1503x inbred purple mess, be my guest!

    My Prize: James - Licenced to Kill

    I only breed with specific mates and I am not taking other breed requests at this time. Current mates are:
    Green Copper
    White Stripe
    Imperial Fleshcrowne

    Cost of trade will depend largely on what I feel like accepting at the time, what I need at the time, and whether you have low gen prizes already or not. 2G Shimmer-kin will generally be worth CB Trios/Coppers, but I'll probably be releasing a fair number to the AP any way. I will be glomping 2G prizes to people as well

    My list ROTATES. That means unless I get particularly stuck, I rotate through the first 3-4 mates currently requested week by week, I don't work down the list one person at a time. So if you request something easy (like copper) you will get an egg much quicker that if you request a shiny from a common, regardless of what other people in the line have requested. Just so no one thinks I am letting people skip the list. I'm not, I assure you, but this way keeps the list moving better.

    2G list is currently CLOSED
    Shimmerkin list is CLOSED

    Names I am looking for:
    (2-3G prize each, depending)
    ANY Bond Film Titles (Exact Only)
    Pussy Galore
    Vesper Lynd
    Elektra King
    Sean Connery
    Pierce Brosnan
    Daniel Craig