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  1. Haha... love it!! Happy Halloween!
  2. Happy Halloween season all! I love the game - at first I was skeptical, but I find myself strangely excited in anticipation of how well my meager dragons will fair against the zombie hordes!!! And the treats are awesome again this year! Thanks to all who contributed for this holiday event! Well done... Now, back to see how I'm doing - 2nd time through and I'm up to round 48!!
  3. It has been quite a while since I posted in this thread - but I just had to share... Doing such a happy dance!! I've been working on this lineage project and I just bred the final dragon / goal - it is an 8th generation! It contains all Clan Mystal CBs - two of each holiday dragon released to date on DC - in order of release!!! I'm very proud of this one! https://dragcave.net/lineage/FgvF7 I call it my : Clan Mystal Holiday Magic Lineage
  4. Wow - absolutely beautiful! Well done!
  5. Loving the event - but my resource drops are (and have been for most of the event so far...) all but non-existent! I am in desperate need of stone! I'm wondering if I move things around if that will make the resources appear, as it suggests in the in-game instructions; but that's a LOT of work to move everything and I really don't want to try it if it has no hope of working! Any advice?
  6. It has been quite a while since I posted in this thread - but I just had to share... Doing such a happy dance!! I've been working on this lineage project since August of 2011 - nearly 7 and a half years!! A few minutes ago - I bred the final dragon / goal - it is a 7th generation! https://dragcave.net/lineage/TwisJ I call it my : Clan Mystal Cookies & Cream Lineage
  7. I stole my first clutch of four (4) CB eggs on November 22, 2010. My children introduced me to the site; they had been bugging me for months to check it out but it wasn't until right after Halloween that they finally convinced me! I have been an avid fan since then; almost 8 years. Things have certainly grown and changed since then - all the new additions and such - it really is much different than it was all those years ago. I'm still trying to collect my first Neglected and of course, still waiting to win a raffle to get my first CB Prize!! I guess things of value are worth waiting for!!
  8. Greetings... I'm still not able to "Check Scroll" on DC Records. I've cleared my cache, and tried from two different browsers. Any news about if this is being looked into?
  9. Both mine gendered female... very strange! Any news about this??
  10. Great event - I absolutely adore the trick-or-treating with hatchlings and the whole costume concept! Definitely one of my favorite holiday events, to be sure! Thanks to TJ and all those involved in the planning of this!
  11. Have: CB -----> Proof Trade Link! CB -----> Proof Trade Link! Want (one for one of either): or (CB ONLY) Currently on cool down, so please PM to discuss... Will post trade links as soon as they come off cool down!
  12. I bred 4 pairings and got 4 of the new eggs... so happy, happy! Can's wait to see what the adults look like!
  13. Congratulations to the Dragoness!! And wow - congrats too for all those successes! Very awesome!
  14. 1. What's your forum name? LadyAmlaruil2 2. What's your favorite element? (e.g. silver, tin, antimony, xenon) Amethyst {Purple, of course!!}
  15. This is so amazing... I just found this topic - and I am completely excited! I've been playing since 2010, and still haven't been able to get an ND!!! (Runs off to make sure I can qualify...) Thanks so much for your generosity - I'll be entering soon! LadyA ______________ Edit ------> Just submitted the form! Thank you again!
  16. LadyA's Descriptions Clan Mystal's Description Group
  17. Here are mine so far - running heavy on the "male" side!! Clan Mystal Sinomorph's
  18. Yes, actually - just finished adding all mine to my Clan Mystal Group! My User Descriptions (I am so far behind on my descriptions...)
  19. Ok - absolutely floored with the blinking eyes!! Surprised and delighted... well done!!
  20. Awesome... thank you!! So - just to clarify - the game doesn't progress to the "current day" task until all the others have been completed, correct? So, if I just finished Day 8 - I can rest assured that I have successfully completed all the others? Also - there was one day where I was asked to deliver three letters - I assume that was a "side" task? Thanks!
  21. Greetings all - and Merry Christmas! Love the event this year - well done to all! Is there a list somewhere of each day's task? I checked through the thread, but didn't see anything... (Sorry if I missed it...) LadyA
  22. I know what you mean... I have had so many problems getting this far... but... eventually: 4th Gen...
  23. Finally... This project seemed stalled for a while, but... finally complete! Just wanted to share... I finally completed my FrostFire Lineage plan... One on each side... FrostBite Side and Falconiform Side
  24. Have: ~ 3nd Even Gen PUREBRED {THUWED} Want: ~ 3rd Gen PUREBRED Thuwed Swap... ~ Shimmer/Tinsel : 2nd or 3rd Gen ~ Other interesting offers? Make an offer on my PB Thuwed Egg! Offer accepted!! Thanks!