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I'm looking for dragons with the codes "imFW" or "ImFW". If you find one, please PM me and I'll offer you something nice! ^_^Busy with life atm. Here, have a cute cat while I'm gone Cat_Toy.gifMy concepts: 2n4ky1.png Foghorn Dragon Bleeding Falls Dragon24bw787.jpgbfnlec.jpg24od94h.giffoxtrot%20wolfwhistle.pngAvatar © Lyth

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    Dragon Wishlist

    *Low-gen Silver/gold (5th gen or under)
    *2nd gen bluna with waterxskywing parents
    *Low-gen PB, metallic-bred or CB Black
    *Low gen/Nice Lineaged Magma/Ice
    *CB Dawn Glory
    *Low/even-gen Thuweds/Dorkface
    *CB/Low-gen Stripe
    *CB Red
    *Lineage Similar to this http://dragcave.net/lineage/G3bU (DF not required, prefer it not to end up inbred if bred with this dragon)