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  1. Okay, so once I had this dream where I was at my grandma's house (all of my nightmares occur at my grandma's house) and these weird things were chasing me. They where like little dome things with legs. Anyways, I got locked in the bathroom with my grandmother and the bathroom had two doors. I was blocking one and I yelled at my grandmother to go block the other one but she was two lazy to get up. I ended up dying.
  2. I just finished the first book. It was so amazing! My fav character is Peeta. I heart him.
  3. My ears are pierced. I would like a nose piercing though but not a nose ring.
  4. I love cheese. I don't really like goat cheese though. My favorite types of cheese are feta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and cheese curds! Cheese curds aren't really a type of cheese but they are so good!
  5. I love cheese. I hate goat cheese and swiss cheese, though.
  6. Thanks TJ. Well... what am i gonna do now?
  7. I can't have any pets that are not fish. I can't go to disney world, again.
  8. Is cheese awesome? Is it not? See what other people say.
  9. Totally! Hollyleaf was really dumb. Glad she is gone! SPOLIER ALERT!
  10. Lunibreon, I can't wait 2 get Late Night! Is it fun?
  11. I the sims 3. Most people like sims 2 better but sims3 is totally awesome! so anyways what be up?
  12. i love this saga. it is my favorite saga. the book dawn made me cry!