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Have: 4th Gen EG Holly Promise! If you have something amazing to offer, do PM me!zengardens1996.png2073511398.png

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    Why do you need to know? xD
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    My policies on DC:
    1. I USUALLY (doesn't mean never) don't return LiT's. AP catching is fair for everyone.
    2. I don't trade with people who beg and nag me.
    3. I will NOT help any multi scroller transfer their egg.
    4. I will help anyone upon request unless he/she had bad history with me

    Enjoy! Despite all these rules I laid out for myself, I am a warm hearted person. Feel free to hit me up with a PM if you need anything! I don't bite :D


    Top Priority:
    2nd gen Pink from Old Pink x Holly
    CB Metal
    Sitting Alt (any gen)

    High Priority:
    4th gen silver checkered from M Silver and F Black
    CB Black

    Medium Priority:
    Alt vine for freezing (Any lineage)
    Alt black for freezing (Any lineage)

    Low Priority:
    CB Pink BSA
    CB Reds