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  1. I've had quite a bit of luck with Stripes lately.
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/zovOu <3 I hope to eventually be able to continue the line.
  3. I will likely try to find a couple Whites to breed them with. They'll fit rather nicely into a holiday project I already had going.
  4. Was gifted one, caught one, traded for one, caught one. I am content for the moment. I have other projects I want to get back to, so two pairs of the new eggs is good for now.
  5. I snagged this from the AP several days ago. Normally when I find Tinsels there, the lineages are messy and/or inbred, so this was a pleasant surprise.
  6. Emeree


    I have three cats. Two are orange domestic short-hairs named Cheddar and Colby (he has some white on him). I adopted them from the animal shelter when they were kittens. The third is the brattiest cat I've ever met; a chocolate-point Siamese named Chantico. I've had them for 7 and 6 years now. :-)
  7. Winter Quarter starts for me on Tuesday. Yay. I haven't really thought about the classes yet. I'm still in the holiday mindset, and probably will be until my alarm goes off Tuesday morning.
  8. Real Name: Adult Pink which has several children with at least three different males. Username: None. Might have to change that.
  9. My first adult was a Mint. Feels like forever ago.
  10. It didn't take me long to get an Alt Black. That was easy to spot since, as others have mentioned, the Alt eggs used to be slightly darker. I wasn't nearly as lucky with Alt Vines.
  11. I've only offered or accepted a few IOUs. Generally, people have what I am looking for and it isn't an issue. I haven't asked for anything really rare, either, so that probably helped. Right now, I owe one IOU and am owed at least two. I understand the holiday season is going to make filling those a little difficult, though, so I'm not worried.
  12. Yulebuck - 4 Angel 1 - 4 Angel 2 - 4 Ribbon 1 - 3 Ribbon 2 - 4 They were quite cooperative this year. :-)
  13. I haven't even seen a Holly in the AP, lol. I'm not too worried about catching one, though.
  14. I could try to breed a sibling to this in a few days, if you're interested.
  15. I had a good laugh when I saw one of my Pillow dragons a few minutes ago. That was the first clue that the holiday event had started. Thanks!
  16. My favorite hatchling is the Pillow, any stage.
  17. The only lineages I have problems with are the inbred ones. Lately, I find myself trying to work with even-generations more. I prefer low-gen, too, but those can be difficult to get with some breeds.
  18. I haven't had any significant issues with breeding lately. Granted, I haven't tried to breed my metallics in a while, but I'm focusing on other things at the moment.
  19. I named mine Grim Scavenger. :-)
  20. I have more females than male. I was so glad when the Pinks' BSA came out. It has helped me even out the numbers a little.
  21. Dear Journal, We have seen the third Vampire. This one is male and the name he has chosen for himself is Immortal Darkness. It fits his personality. He is a bit more sociable than the older Vampires, especially the one rumored to have bitten his egg. He does not remember what species he was, though Emeree mentioned to me that he was once a Balloon. Anyway, I and a few others watched in horror as he brought in an egg earlier this evening and bit it. I suspect he was trying to produce another Vampire, but he bit down so hard that the egg cracked open. Luckily, there were not many dragons around, and he cleaned it up fairly quickly. The two Harvest dragons have found pumpkins for homes. They have their own section of the cave, of course, but I suspect they would be happy just about anywhere, so long as a pumpkin was nearby. I may have to devise a way to keep their pumpkins from rotting, otherwise, we'll be having fun trying to find pumpkins all year long. --Aura Sunrise
  22. Dear Journal, Emeree was attacked by a Zombie dragon late last night. They are apparently more numerous now for some odd reason. There have been numerous whispers in the caves of their presence. The only reason Emeree was not hurt was because one of the Vampires attacked the monstrosity. This ended the speculation that our Vampires had somehow created them. At least one dragon suggested they were the result of Vampire dragons biting hatchlings or adult dragons. Emeree squashed that rumor. She called a meeting of the Elders and told everyone that Zombie dragons are created by human black magic, not dragons. This is as far as she knows, of course. Our new Harvest eggs continue to move around a bit and we hear sounds, but so far, no cracks. Emeree says it is the same for the Vampire egg. The two Striped hatchlings we have continue to grow. One has grown its wings, though Emeree has not named it yet. Also, we recently had four more dragons join the wild dragons we've been having issues with. We are fortunate that the Elders were the only ones who knew about new defense measures that have been implemented since the departure of these dragons. Those that have left the clan are: Mirin Mabindri (Magi), Mikichan Akisama (Earth), Nymo Bamapana (Geode), and Maeryl Vinchenzo (Summer). As expected, they recently tried to attack the caves, but were easily deflected. There was much relief over this outcome. None of the dragons who used to be clanmates will acknowledge their names. They have taken on new names, but will not tell us what they are. They have decided since we will not oust Emeree, then we are enemies. Their loss. They will not be allowed to harm her. --Aura Sunrise
  23. Dear Journal, The smell that many older dragons in the cave have dreaded since we first smelled them long ago returned. Byron Hurricane went and searched the cave, not knowing what the source was, and returned with a foul egg. He looked at his father and asked what it was. He'd never seen such and egg. Andrew promptly took the egg, replying that it was the spawn of the Vampire dragons and left the cave with it. He returned empty handed. I searched the cave for Emeree, but she was not here. I mentioned this meant Emeree very likely had nothing to do with the appearance of this egg. The other dragons agreed. The smell grew more faint, but did not leave. I dreaded thinking of the reason why. Emeree returned from her latest travels not long after. She had two golden looking eggs that smelled pleasant. Their fragrance combined canceled out the foul smell, but not before Emeree noticed it. She didn't ask anything, but simply walked to the Vampires' lair and was in there for quite some time. Meanwhile, myself and the other Elders asked every dragon if any eggs had vanished. We received the same answer. No one had laid any eggs in the last while or so. Emeree came out of the Vampires' lair and confirmed that they had a second egg and were fiercely protective of it. She commented that both had gone out and found abandoned eggs and bitten them. One egg was brought back to their lair, but the other Vampire dropped the second egg as she came into the cave. The sun was coming up behind her, so she fled into the lair. They were not happy to hear of the fate of the second egg, but they were mostly content with the one they have. The last thing most dragons want is another Vampire lurking around. Some have questioned why Emeree even brought the first two here in the first place. I have no answer. Humans are rather unpredictable at times. At least we have two new eggs to admire. That alone will keep most of us from worrying too much about the third Vampire. --Aura Sunrise
  24. Dear Journal, There have been several developments since the last time I made an entry. First, the wild dragons continue to be a problem, but we have adapted to this, so it seems like a part of everyday life now. Emeree is much more comfortable traveling now. She has a prearranged signal she uses if the wild dragons bother her during her travels. A lot of times, this signal will startle the wild dragons into fleeing before Twilight Shadow, myself, or Andrew Hurricane can reach her. Second, there are new eggs being discovered. Emeree has found eggs for what she refers to as "Water Walkers", "Deep Sea", "Water Horse", "Dragon Horse", and "Neotropical". The first three were warmly welcomed by the normal Water dragons. So far, we have three Water Horse dragons, two Dragon Horses, one Deep Sea dragon (who spends a great deal of her time swimming in the depths of the sea our valley empties into), two Water Walkers, and one Neotropical (though Emeree has brought another Neotropical egg into the cave). This gives an idea of how long it's been since I made my last entry. But, I have other projects I work on, so I suppose it is fine. Third, several dragons have disappeared in recent weeks. The older dragons have commented their disappearances are very much like that of Twilight Estuo. This time, however, Emeree and Twilight Shadow has spotted them with the wild dragons. This does not bode well, considering these dragons have extensive knowledge of our defenses and the layout of our cave system. So, we are looking at where we can change our defenses without leaving anything vulnerable. The dragons who have disappeared and joined the wild dragons are: Mihei Beacal (Mint), Ciallaigh Aspen (Vine), Haunting Sorrow (Vine, and no one was surprised when he left, because he refused to fit in with the other dragons after Emeree rescued him), Shielded Teal (Guardian, and probably the one we worried about most for obvious reasons), and Redwood Koklyush (Spring). There are a few more who are threatening for various reasons to abandon the clan. I won't name them yet, because we're still trying to figure out how serious their threats are. Some have decided not to acknowledge Emeree as a Dragon Keeper. They say we could make it on our own without her. While that may be true, most of the dragons are very fond of her presence, because she brings a sense of peace to the clan while she is in our midst. I have assured, as have the other Elders, that any dragon foolish enough to attack her will be banished from the valley, if not killed. Emeree suspects this may have something to do with her investigation into the lineages of all the dragons. She isn't trying to find original Keepers, of course, but she is fascinated to see how some have descended from Keeper to Keeper. Fourth, since we are on the topic of lineages. There are several very popular lineages among the other Keepers. Among the most well known lineage is the Dorkface lineage. I don't know the whole story behind that silly name, but we have three known Dorkfaces in the clan. Lily Shiroi Dorkface was the first known. While she is very proud of her lineage, she is also understanding that it doesn't really make her any different from the other dragons in the cave. She has found an acceptable mate, Autumn Aflame, and they have a little Sun egg now. Lily says she is an 11th Generation Dorkface. Emeree has been able to confirm this during her lineage checks. This led her to reveal another Dorkface descendant in the cave, Raime Indotari, who is a 5th Generation Dorkface. Raime admitted her lineage and has said she was afraid she would be made fun of due to the name. While it is amusing, I admit, I would never make fun of a dragon who is proud of their lineage. Another popular lineage is the Stripes' Opalescent lineage. Emeree met up with another Keeper recently, and they offered her an egg from the lineage. Emeree, being rather fond of Striped dragons, accepted happily. The white Striped egg sits with the other four eggs. And, as I look back and realize what I've written, I should probably sign off this entry, for I have rambled long enough. More to come. --Aura Sunrise
  25. Dear Journal, This latest entry does not bring good news. Well, some news I suppose is good, but other parts will not be. Emeree during her latest explorations in our valley stumbled across two abandoned hatchlings and a Striped egg. She barely had time to scoop up the egg and the frightened hatchlings before several wild dragons appeared in the distance and gave chase. I cannot imagine how tired she must have been after running with the two hatchlings and the rest of the stuff she carries when she's outside our caves. Luckily, Byron Hurricane saw the commotion and went to her aid. I've never seen him so angry. I still shudder at the memory of the violent thunderstorm he created. All that matters, though, is that Emeree made it back safely, with the hatchlings and egg unharmed. The hatchlings are a Vine and Black. They hardly say a word and seem to still be stunned from their abandonment. The Vine will not answer to anything but the name it has chosen for itself, Haunting Sorrow. Emeree is not fond of the name, but she is too preoccupied to be concerned about it at the moment. The Black hatchling has not chosen or received a name yet. We have five eggs currently. Two white Striped, one Green Striped, a Pygmy (yes, Underfoot and Obstacle are very fond of each other), and a Gray. Emeree has hopes for the white Striped she found, but she has not revealed those hopes to me yet. I think she is waiting to see how the hatchling develops and matures before she abandons those hopes or reveals them. Back to the wild dragons, though. There is a large group of them in our valley for whatever reason. They have tried to start battles with our hunting dragons, but will quickly flee if any others show up to aid the first. Thus, the males have started hunting in large groups, with at least one Black or Gray in the group. The wild dragons really do not like facing either of those, even if it is a wild Black or Gray. They have not approached the caves. Emeree believes this is because of the number of dragons in the caves at any given time. She has stayed in the caves reluctantly most of the last while, though she will occasionally join Twilight Shadow and Andrew Hurricane when they scour the valley for news of the wild dragons' movements. Byron has been joining them, too. He is becoming more and more protective of Emeree. I have not figured out why, but I am not the only one who has observed this. Hazel Storm has talked to Andrew on at least one occasion to try and gain insight to this recent development. Andrew has suggested it has something to do with what happened after the beast's attack, but even he isn't sure. More to come. A meeting with the other dragon elders and Emeree has been called and I will be late if I do not leave now. --Aura Sunrise