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    Looking For:
    CB Spessartine
    CB Almandine
    CB Blusang
    Any CB metallic
    Yellow or Red Dino

    Dream List:
    3rd Gen White from White x Rosebud Alts
    3rd Gen White from White x Ribbon Dancer Alts
    3rd Gen White from White x Sweetling Spriter Alts
    3rd Gen White from White x Winter Magi Alts

    Note: Yes, there is a CB Holly on my scroll. I already have plans for the holiday offspring, so do not ask. If you are interested in a Stripe offspring, PM me. I am looking for a blood swap mostly, but I will consider other offers.

    If there are any other dragons you would like offspring from, feel free to PM me. However, some already have mates and I prefer to have dragons paired for life.