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  1. List and website updated to here! Added Lagie and azazelbunny. Updated Kovia and Tiga. I hope all is correct. Please check your listing and your webpage to make sure. ~purplehaze
  2. All updated to here. Added breeders page to the website for BringsTheSnow.
  3. Updated, including adding some pairs to my own listing. ~purplehaze
  4. Everything has now been updated to here! ~purplehaze
  5. Updated lists and web site through this post. @Lady Bahiya - it turns out there are only a couple of pages of this thread since I updated, so it will not really be that bad. Of course you may help if you have the time and want to. I did add a color code for the breeds to this page of the website. I used the same colors you did, but slightly different shades. I hope you don't mind changing yours to match (or at least use my shades for any others you update). I also added codes for all the new breeds to the post at the top of this thread where the breeders are listed, with what they can bre
  6. Breeders list and website updated to here. Added sparkle10184 and Corynn as breeders. ~purplehaze
  7. Lists and webpages updated to here. SkyraTwilight I have added you to the breeders list. Here is your page on the website. I have decided to go with Lady Bahiya's idea and just list the Gilded Bloodscales in red on the webpage listings. I have also added an extra code on the breeders list for breeders who have one or more Bloodscale. I am open to other ideas if anyone has a better idea (before I go too far with this one!) ~purplehaze
  8. AmyLuthien just made this adorable little banner for me for my siggie and she has agreed to allow me to post it here for others to use. It is added to the post at the beginning with all the other banners so it will be easy for anyone to find later. ~purplehaze [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=106899][IMG=https://i.imgur.com/mQOjW9F.gif][/URL]
  9. Updated to here! keijaidyyn - I have added you as a breeder. Here is a link to your page on the website. ~purplehaze
  10. Website and list updated to here. @ herk - I have added you. If you want to check out your web page it is here. @ ldyfsh - got yours all added, so now it is time for you to list some more. Please let me know if I made any mistakes! ~purplehaze
  11. List and web page updated to here. ~purplehaze
  12. Updated to here! Hopefully I caught everything. I know I have several pairs that I have not listed for myself, yet, but I will have to catch up with those later. ~purplehaze
  13. Updated lists and website to here! Hope I got it all right. Sorry for the delay. ~purplehaze
  14. Lists and website updated to here. That is, all except my dragons. I need to figure out which ones I need to add. I have a lot of new pairs! ~purplehaze
  15. Whew! Update Finally Completed!!! Lots of additions to the lists. I hope I got everything right. If breeders could please check their pages . . . Thanks! I think I caught everything. There were a few things I had questions about. I sent PMs about those and did not make the additions or changes to those things. I will wait for answers. If you did not get a PM from Split Lovers then your changes should be noted. ~purplehaze
  16. Update begun! This is going to take awhile folks, so bear with me. I have not updated for 6 months so there is a lot to do! ~purplehaze
  17. Updated to here! Added Changeling007 and mc2995 to breeder's list and updated others. As usual, please check your listings and make sure I got everything right. ~purplehaze
  18. Breeders list and Website updated to here Dragonfreak, I have added a page to the website for you. I changed the generations of your Thuwed dragons because they seemed to be one higher than what you indicated. Check out your page and make sure I got it all right. ~purplehaze
  19. Breeders list and website updated to here! As usual, please let me know if I have made any errors. Xocowolf - I went ahead and added your two new CB pairs. I will update the rest of your pairs when you get them rearranged. simkim - Added you to the Breeders list and the website. Your page is here. ~purplehaze
  20. Breeder's list and website updated to here! Added web pages for Purpletail162 and Strifes_lady.
  21. I have just completed my edit of the Breeders list on the front page of this thread. It now contains only basic information about each breeder + a link to the web page for that breeder. That should allow us to continue to add new breeders to the list without running into the character limits again any time soon. ~purplehaze
  22. Website updated to here I added pages for Raistlin24, SolarCat, arenee1999, and gizmo1960. You may want to check your page to make sure I got things right. ~purplehaze
  23. I have just finished sending PMs to all the breeders who did not respond to the announcement here in the thread about our new website. ~purplehaze
  24. Website updated to this point Hope I caught everything. ~purplehaze