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  1. As a family we've had a bunch of different kinds of animals go through our house. We had two flying squirrels (at different times) that were injured and we nursed them back to health. A cockatiel flew into our yard and when we couldn't find any owners we kept him. We've had a lot of red rat/yellow rat snakes over the years. We used to have an aquarium with fish from the river like catfish, armored and regular, turtles, salamanders, crawdads, bass, brim, whatever we caught basically. We kept three cuban tree frogs that my mom was going to kill because they're invasive, we've had a bullfrog for some unknown reason. We used to have ducks and chickens which we weren't exactly zoned for. We managed to catch some blue tailed lizards and my brother built a really nice cage for them. Oh, and we kept a few mice that our snakes wouldn't eat. And we have dogs and cats.
  2. I've got my eggs, now off to bed. Once I'm unlocked I'll do my best to gift extras to others Happy hunting
  3. Still need two mirage eggs. They are proving harder to get then I thought. Sneaky little things
  4. Well, I now have three coast eggs, and one desert egg. Hopefully I'll be done hunting within the next ten minutes
  5. I got my first Coastal. I'm pretty stoked
  6. I remember really liking the face eater dragon. I thought it was epic. And the chubby dragons.
  7. Which egg is harder to get right now, the Blackcap or an Imperial? And how on earth do you guys keep track of the valubleness of all of these eggs? Ya'll are geniuses
  8. I remember being really happy about something I caught last night but now I can't remember... and I can't check. But something I did was super awesome
  9. My goal is to have at least one CB male and female of each breed, then I'll consider my scroll perfect. Of course, if its a holiday breed that I wasn't around for then I bypass that rule.
  10. For the scientist/dad thing I would use my shirt to lash the wheelchairs together. Because I don't like being forced to make life/death decisions. So there. Or pick one up on my back because they're old and frail.
  11. What are CB Golden Wyverns worth nowadays? I've recently caught quite a few, both in the cave and in the AP, so I've started trading them, and I'd like to know what most people are getting for them
  12. Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Xmas eggs in the AP? If someone happens to contact me about any of my christmas dragons I will be more then happy to breed them specifically for that person. But, my plans are to breed them as nicely as I can, and send them off to the AP What Christmas dragons do you need to catch this year? Looking for any particular lineage? [1 ] Snowangels- I have two, but one of them doesn't have a good lineage for making pretty babies, so I may abandon him and hunt for a nicer one. Also, I really like hunting for dragons, so it will be fun [ 2] Hollies- Like that's gonna happen. I'm not going to ask anyone to give one to me this year because I'm not actually that fond of them. I still want two because I'm competitive and need them to be on my scroll. What do you think this year’s event will be? I really don't know. I'm gonna go with... caroling. What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it? I really like big sturdy dragons, so that would be cool. Or maybe even a glass dragon. Like an ornament? Which is your favorite Xmas breed? Snowangel What are you favorite Christmas pairings? Winter Magi X White Ribbon Dancer X Brimstone/BBW Snowangel X Daydream Yulebucks X Neotropicals Holly X I don't know, I've never had a holly so I haven't thought about breeding them How difficult do you think the holly hunt will be this year? Difficult just like every other year. I don't have very high hopes for catching one.
  13. Trading: Lineage: 4th gen stairstep black/silver tinsel egg. Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ntHua Teleport Link Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Looking to trade for: I'd like CB embers and I need a CB harvest as well I sent the egg to the AP already, I needed room
  14. Hello, I'd like to join And here is the magi lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/n5DA I'm looking forward to grant wishes
  15. I turned 18 a month ago, so I get to qualify as an adult! Yippeeeeee!!
  16. Unless someone asks me for one specifically, I'll just send mine to the AP. That is how I got almost all of mine, and I know a lot of people don't like to try and trade. My main goal this year is to find me some Holly's. That's gonna be fun.
  17. Yeah, when I saw that I figured that they were members of a gang or robbed a bank or did something terrible. I didn't even think about the race part of it. I think that some people think that too many non-racist things are racist, and it just keeps feeding the fire.
  18. Oakash


    I totally agree with you on this. I don't find any rape or assault joke funny. I think they're extremely harmful. Whenever I tell people that we should teach Don't Rape rather then Don't Get Raped.
  19. I suppose since I haven't posted in forever, I might as well start back in again with a picture. Hi to all you random people who I hope to get to know And yes, this is a shameless self shot picture, but whatever. I pretty much hate all other pictures of me, AND it's the most recent. (Like, it was taken 4 months or so ago)
  20. Oakash


    I'm not quite so hardcore about sexism as you guys seem to be. Yes, I get offended when someone says something that is offensive, but usually only if that person actually believes it. I laugh at the jokes that are funny. One of my pet peeves is when woman get mad at men leering at them, when honestly girls stare at guys just as much, they are just a little more discreet about it. But oh no, if a guy makes eye contact for more then 2 seconds, then he's obviously a creep who thinks he can get his way with any girl. I don't see anyone getting all up in arms about women calling all men stupid, or d-bags. But if men blanket all women under needy or whiny then they obviously don't value women at all. I know that I deserve equal rights, but I don't feel the need to nit pick all the little things that men do. I also know that I am more capable of doing stuff then a lot of guys are. I mean, at my church I am the best football player there. And that is including the people who actually play the game, as opposed to me, who only plays for fun. (I'm pretty sure this didn't come out the way I wanted it too. Whatever)
  21. I'm a christian, and I am straight. My views on Gay Marriage/rights is that there shouldn't be any question about it, they should have the same amount of rights and be allowed to marry. It's stupid how this is still an issue. Personally, I think that kissing a girl sounds gross and wrong, but I don't care if lesbians kiss, or if two gay guys kiss. I just think its wrong for me. I suppose just like a lesbian doesn't like the thought of kissing a guy. No matter what though, this is America, land of the FREE. Religion shouldn't have anything to do with the government, because we weren't set up as a only christian nation, America is supposed to be for freedom for all religions. And yes, I think God did make gay people gay. I don't know why he did, but I believe that he loves them the same amount he loves anyone.
  22. Last year I decided to only catch the YuleBucks and Snow Angels, but this year, now that I'm trying, I haven't seen any, and I haven't been able to secure an IOU.
  23. My goal is to obtain a male and female CB of all breeds. The exception to them being CB are the Tinsels, Holidays, and possibly golds and silvers. Other then that, I play extremely relaxed. I pretty much check in every couple of days once my eggs are hatched, and then I repeat the hunt for more CB's.
  24. So I've resisted reading the pages in this thread because I don't want spoilers of Catching Fire. Its on hold at the library, but I'm itching to go and buy it for myself. Argh. Anyhow, my review of the first book. I kinda wish they took the whole love story out of it, but I guess you need it otherwise most teens wouldn't read it. I mean, I like reading love stories, but I feel so bad for Peeta that Katniss doesn't love him :/ I cried within the first forty pages. I cried when Rue died. And I hate crying. So either this book is terrible or amazing I have a love/hate relationship going with it right now. Honestly though, one of the saddest/cutest/heartbreaking parts was when Thresh saved Katniss because she sang Rue asleep, and covered her with flowers <3 Thresh is now one of my favorite characters. Poor guy. I can't can't can't wait to read the second book! I'm gonna explode.
  25. Terry Pratchett- Hands down my favorite author ever. I will read any and all of his disk world series. My library recently got two more, and I squee'ed when I saw them His writing style is amazing. I like how I can read a few chapters and then put it down, because in those few chapters were really well written stories that made you think. Also, I'm in love with Carrot. Suzana Collins - I've so far only read the first Hunger Games series, but I read it in 4 hours, and am now waiting patiently (I'll call it patiently, it makes me feel like a better person) for someone to return the second one. Argh! The suspense is killing me.