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  1. Wow, I'm glad to see I wasn't just crazy. Mine is also working again and I am back up to full strength. While waiting for it to be fixed, my modem went out so I've just come back from a very nice chat with the ATT tech. Now both my modem and fort are as good as new!
  2. I had hoped so, but it isn't helping. Using different browsers isn't helping. I'm going to shut down and try again, but if that doesn't work, I try posting on the main thread. Can you even attack a obliterated fort?
  3. Thank you for the reassurance. Clicking on the Editor gives me a blank screen. That's a bit scary. Every page on DC works but that one.
  4. Help! My fort was completely destroyed! Does that mean I'm out of the game?
  5. Requester Forum Name: Bantymom What I Want: 3G Marrow X Sweetling Checker What I Can Offer: Have on hand: --3G Marrow X Sweetling Checker --3G Marrow X Female Silver Checker Can breed now: --3G Male Marrow X Female Stripe sib to: http://dragcave.net/lineage/KbB4B --4G Male Marrow X Female Silver sib to: http://dragcave.net/lineage/282zs --3G Male Marrow X Female Gold Checker sib to: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ePFNH --Various 3G Gold or Silver Checkers (listed in my profile) --Various Legendary Trio Checkers (listed in my profile) Can breed later: --3G Sweetling X Marrow Checker at Valentine's PM Link: PM Scroll Link: Bantymom
  6. Yes, please, very much please, please, please, please!
  7. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm a happy camper again!
  8. I saw this message in another hatchery: Will this have the effect of making it impossible to hatch ND Experiments using the ER Viewer?
  9. That is one gorgeous dragon! Congratulations!
  10. 1) Everyone can play this game however they like, and if you want to abandon or kill a dragon because of inbreeding, those are the guidelines you have set up for your own play. It was, however, a little sad to read a few of the comments here on this subject, as they might seem, however indirectly, to be passing judgement on the play of others. (after rereading this, I noticed that while I don't think any of us would advocate the killing or sterilization of people who show or carry an undesirable trait, some admit to killing or freezing or abandoning a dragon simply because it is the product of inbreeding, no matter how far back or widely separated the duplication. I do not pass judgement here, I only just noticed it.) Now I don't inbreed most of the time either. This is because I like to trade to collect as many different dragons as possible from many other people, and most other players don't like to trade for inbreds*. I also like to see how many different 2nd-gens I can collect from different people so that each lineage represents a collection of trading or gifting friends. But other than that, I don't have any problem with inbred dragons. Some of them are beautiful. *After voting, I see that this statement is incorrect, however, my experience is that I have never been able to trade an inbred dragon 2) Inbreeding does not automatically ruin an animal. If you look at the pedigrees of some of the best race horses, you will see the same great sires and dams appearing more than once in their background. Personally, I would LOVE to put together a lineage with as many Dorkface ancestors as possible. 3) I raise show chickens and to set a specific trait to improve my line, I will breed offspring back to parents, which is the only way to set a trait and not introduce unknown genes. If I am developing a new variety, I will breed brothers to sisters in the F1 (first generation of offspring of the original parents) to the tune of about 100 chicks to increase my chances of the recessive genes I need coming together. I then breed together those who showed the trait I am trying to capture. Even if I am not breeding for anything new, I will breed only from within my own line for several generations to set and strengthen it. Only after it is well set or fertility begins to drop off (which takes a LONG time) will I introduce birds from another, but well-established line, and even then I will have to go back to breeding offspring to parents to remove any unwanted traits that show up unexpectedly from the outcrossing. 4) Inbreeding isn't inherently evil. It only increases the chances of unseen recessive genes coming together. This is only a bad thing if those genes are undesired. This doesn't happen so much in chickens because, lets face it, there is no societal taboo against killing chickens, either to eat them or because they were born with crooked beaks. So those undesirable recessive genes have mostly been eliminated from the gene pool. After decades of this, the chance that any other chickens are carrying those genes has been greatly reduced and inbreeding will not greatly increase the chance of those genes coming together. With dogs, however, we try (for example) to fix those with genetic hip problems rather than killing them as pups (and I'm not advocating that we change that), but we CAN elect not to breed those parents again or that pup (though it still happens). However, because of this, undesirable genes are more prevalent in certain breeds of dogs than they are in poultry, and so inbreeding will increase the chances that the recessive genes that come together will be undesirable. That's the whole "throwback" thing. With people, neither murder nor sterilization is an option (though this). This makes for a wider and more prevalent distribution of undesirable genes, and the more closely related a couple is, the greater the chance that both of them could be carrying the same undesirable recessive gene. This would have been the case for King Tut's genetic problems mentioned before, and the hemophilia in Tsesarevich Alexei. Had those affected with the diseases in previous generations been removed from the gene pool, the inbreeding in those royal lines wouldn't have been a problem it turned out to be. With people, there is also the issue of the position of dominance one person hold over the other in the relationship, and the effect this unbalanced relationship would have on the lesser partner. 5) But DRAGONS? Our dragons are perfect! Nowhere in any of the descriptions is there any mention of a undesirable hereditary trait! (in fact, the only restrictions on breeding are the number of heads or size, but the number of limbs or wings makes no difference at all). So there is no chance that any form of inbreeding would ever harm their offspring as there are no undesirable traits to fear passing along. And I am sure their virility would never be diminished, even after hundreds of generations!
  11. I've just discovered this and I love it. Not only is it easy to navigate, but it is so easy to cut and past the list to make a check-off list. Will you be adding the 7 dragons from the May release too? \ *nudges gently and sends brownies and snickerdoodles* Cheers, Bantymom
  12. OMGosh! It worked! Entered dragons into the daycare and into the ER! Yay!!!!!
  13. Could you perhaps put links to the bits that are up an running either in the first post or on the current page that comes up on the site in place of the broken pages? Maybe in both places? I've only got one bookmark to the Daycare page and used to get to the other pages from there. But now I can't. Thanks so much.
  14. My computer refreshes so slowly now that I can't turn off Java that I don't even see them go by. I know they are dropping because I see them in the fansites, just not in the cave for me. I hope you have better luck than I.
  15. Why do the DC forum signatures affect the loading of Eggs or Scrolls into the ND Daycare or ER page? Would turning off the Lineage Checker and other Extra Goodies help at all? Just trying to understand, Banty
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    Forum Usage Survey

    My thoughts on this are that generally people make suggestions when they are unhappy with something or feel that something is missing or needs to be changed. People who are happy with the way things are can't go to the Suggestion area to post that they don't want changes, since that would be off-topic, and it wouldn't even occur to anyone that they had to post anywhere that they are OK with things the way they are. As useful as Suggestion Areas are, they are biased toward those who want things changes. When changes are made based only on Suggestions that have been posted by those who want change, those who were OK with the way things were are suddenly surprised and sometimes very much unhappy with the change, especially as they are generally not asked for their opinion on a change before it is made. With a survey, everyone is encouraged to contribute, even if they are happy with the way things are, and really, this survey wasn't all that long or complicated.
  17. These are so pretty! I can hardly wait to start experimenting.
  18. Unfortunately, it seems that with it showing more than one egg per breeder, after the few minutes it takes for the handful of pretties to be picked up, we are then left with many more eggs from one breeder who has chosen to breed tons from a breed that is not as popular. Toggling would be nice, but I'm not sure it would be practical or even code-able. I do LOVE that the AP never blocks the cave and I now feel I have more freedom to hunt between the two whenever I the chance, instead of telling everyone "It's almost 3:00! Leave me alone for about 5 mins. ok? I need to do something on my computer." lol! I would really like to go back to one per breeder. The way it is now, I have to wait around forever for those to be picked up before a few more new selections pop up in the bottom line. If no one wanted the first ones that came through, they are unlikely to want the other 10-20 of the same. And one per breed would be very restrictive if you were looking for something specific. However, how about a combination/compromise: One per breed per breeder? So, if someone has breed 100 of just one unpopular dragon, only one of those would be in the AP at one time. If they were to breed 100 of something more popular, like Reds or, say, Tinsels, then they would continue to up for everyone that was there as quickly as they were grabbed. However, if they were those all something less popular, then there would be only one sitting around, but that one unpopular offspring wouldn't block other more popular eggs bred by that same breeder! So if someone has bred 50 different dragons, one of each of those could be in the AP at the same time. This might actually have the effect of increasing the variety available in the AP? Thoughts?
  19. I am a teacher and the whole circle thing is one of our standards. My kids have been looking forward to Pi day ever since March began. We've been measuring the circumferences of many circles (wheels we rolled along the ground) and dividing that by the diameters to notice a pattern and learn about constants. We have been collecting Pi trivia (Spock used Pi to "kill" an enemy computer when it was told to compute Pi to the last digit). Today I brought in pies for the other teachers (savory as well as sweet) and shared out our Pi trivia.
  20. I think of those "Pennants" as "Chevrons"
  21. Another possibility that would allow more customization for players, with perhaps less coding, might be to put a check box to the side of each action, which, when checked, would allow you do delete all checked actions (button at bottom). This would be similar to what can be done in your PMs. However, to make that workable, players would probably want double the number of actions saved. That way, if a person is playing the AP page, they would know that once they filled the visible page with their Abandoning, they could delete all 100 of those and still have their 100 previous actions come back. Otherwise, they would have to continually go back and forth to their action page to delete those items, which would very much interfere with what they are doing. Perhaps there could be a check-box at the top of the check-box column which would allow the player to check all 100 on the page at one time, though that could be very dangerous. I'm not sure about that feature. I do a lot of trading, and so I have a lot of: "Teleported xxxxx with I Magi M3" "Canceled a trade, freeing I Magi M3 to teleport again" I would love to be able to delete those and keep my influencing, incubating, and breeding actions recorded. The most wonderful thing would be to have some general preference settings for the Action Log as to what actions you want recorded, and then have the further ability to refine it with check-boxes beside each action for deleting of Actions you have no more need of at the moment.
  22. Other thoughts: Those who have been around DC for a veeeeeery long time and who have heavenly things like CB Hollys and an army of Metal on their scrolls can basically get anything they want to get that is available to get because they have the things that are, generally, most wanted. Unfortunately for those of us who would like to trade for the goodies they offer, they also probably already HAVE most of everything they want (unless they have a particular addiction to something like, say, oh, I don't know... Balloons), except, of course, a Shimmerscale, so there is very little else that would be tempting to them (read "a GOOD offer") The players who will almost always have something they would like to trade for are others with same level and quantity of rare treasures on their scrolls. This means that even offers of multiple CB Blacks or CB Stripes (which used to cost dear to trade for) go ignored from those who don't have the wanted Metals because for the most part, they already have all the CB Blacks and CB Stripes (or GWs or Tans or Blusangs or even Trios) they need. They will be the ones able to "buy" the first Shimmerscales, increasing the treasures on their scrolls and increasing their power to collect more treasures through those first 2nd-gen Shimmerscales. This will then lead to trading with each other because they will be the ones with the different-lineaged Shimmerscales that they each want. Now, I know full well that this is an overly-generalized description of the situation. There are many long-time players who can hardly wait to get their hands on 2nd-gen Shimmerscales to be able to gift them to others. However, it is, in the overly-generalized sense that it is, a fairly accurate description of the situation. If it were not so, you would see 3rd-gen Shimmerscales out there for trade for gobs of hatchlings. But if you are a newer player and suddenly have a Prize Dragon that everyone wants, of course you are going to want those dragons you could never trade for before. And as for those who are able to pay bundles of Rares for the 2nd-gen offspring of those Prizes, if you had a fleet of yachts, why would you need a fleet of rowboats? Please understand, this is not a complaint, just a description of how the economy is working right now. I sure wish I could find those 2nd-gen Metals out there where gobs of hatchlings would be accepted. I read people's posts and if they say that they want 3 CB Blusangs or a Blood Swap and nothing else, I don't bother them. I sure wish I knew where they were hiding, for I would offer on those in a heartbeat! (Now, of course, some aren't the pairing I'm looking for, so I like to let others have a chance at getting those, but apparently I need to start trying on those. I didn't realize that the owners weren't getting any offers!) Thank the DC heavens that there are still those long-time DC members who are very generous. There are some very lovely traders out there! Since my own dragons won't breed for me much, I've picked up nearly all my 2nd- and 3rd-gen Metals from them! Thank you so much for being willing to take multiple hatchlings and such! And please don't stop trading. Without you, the newer among us would have no hope at all. And then there are the gifters *hugs you all* Most of my best dragons were gifts. I hope you know the joy you bring to others. Regarding comments about having bred something to a trade specification and then not having it accepted... If you don't have it already, I really really really prefer you PM me and tell me you have the ability to breed it rather than breeding it and then offering it. Usually when someone breeds something for me and offers it fresh from the nest (7d 0h), it is often something lower down on my list of things I am looking for and I am hoping for something closer to the top (which I generally state). But then you have to hold that egg on your scroll until I make up my mind, which can take awhile, and then I might take another offer and you feel bent out of shape. (It was so much easier when I could just say "...or an IOU of a 2nd-gen Whatever X Whatnot) and another thing (sorry, I have a very messy brain), (rats, what was it....) (never mind, it's gone now...) Yes! I remember! Regarding images. I, too, sometimes browse with the images off, or the filter where I am won't let them through. It is really really frustrating when all I see is a box where the image should be and the words "2 CB" beside it. 2 CB what??? Argh! Everyone can see the words, not everyone can see the images. Make it easier for everyone to see what you are offering and you might get more offers. So sorry for the long ramble, but I read the whole thing to this point and wanted to respond. edit: @ Katykins2: A Buff Polish Frizzle!!!!!! Bantam or Standard?
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    Glomp Gifting

    bantymom --> imperatrica101: gold hatchling (accepted!) Glad you like it!