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♥ If I owe you something, thank you for being patient. ♥I've not been well and I am trying to catch up.

ht.gifMalygos1.pngScroll Wishlist Thank you Valkipoo for the gift of my Neglected

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    I am trying to put all of this into Google Docs.
    But it is not yet active so please don't bother trying the link.


    Little-Lark has http://dragcave.net/lineage/wD3Y. Send mate and IOU for something good and see if she will breed 3G Checker for it.

    Next Chicken to Evilminion :D (just because)

    I am working on the following lineages:

    2nd-gen Gold from MALE gold and female Turpentine
    3rd-gen GW from Female Gold
    2nd-gen Silver from Male Silver X Female Blusang
    2nd-gen Gold from Gold X Male Moonstone

    METALS WANTED (most needed are in CAPS)
    2G or 3G PB Silver
    2G or 3G PB Gold

    2G GOLD from Male STRIPE, BLACK, Silver, Gold Wyvern, Sunsong, Turpentine, White, SW
    2G GOLD from Female SILVER, RED NEBULA, Gold Wyvern, Sunsong, White, Turpentine,
    2G SILVER from Male Red, Specklethroat, Purple
    2G SILVER from Female GOLD, GREEN COPPER, MOONSTONE (PM FOR LIST), Hellfire, Royal Blue, Purple, Red,

    3G GOLD from Male SILVER, GOLD WYVERN, WHITE, Stripe, Sunsong, Black
    3G GOLD from Female SILVER, GOLD WYVERN, WHITE, Stripe, Sunsong
    3G SILVER from Male Black, White, Pink, Specklethroat,, Purple
    3G SILVER from Female White, Red

    METAL-FAILS WANTED (**most needed)
    2G Black from Female or Male Gold**
    2G Turpentine from Female Gold
    3G Turpentine from Male Gold
    2G Nebula from Male Gold X RED NEBULA
    2G Nebula from Male Silver X BLUE NEBULA
    2G Hellfire from Male Silver
    3G Red from Female Silver (checker)
    4G Red from Male Silver (checker)
    3G Moonstone from Male Silver (checker) (not related to mine)

    2G/3G Ice from Winter, Magma, White, Black, Tsunami,
    2G/3G Magma from Ice, Male Ember
    2G Thunder from Male Electric

    [b]If you want to use the option listed in my sig, please PM
    (put the name of what you want in the subject, please).
    If my Message Box if full, please try again in the evening.[/b]

    Bantymom [img]http://www.markedbytheboys.com/rpg/file/pic/emoticon/theresa-emoticons/chicken.gif[/img]

    ♥ Shimmer IOUs ♥

    (Figure out who has promised me a 3rd-gen Shimmer.)

    ••Shimmer IB2JL X Red Nebula to Mercury for CB Gold
    ••Gold X Water to FyreDrygyon for 2G PB Gold (received)
    --Bronze X GW to OwnedByToys for 6 CB Horse (received)
    --Bronze X Thunder to Queen_Dragon_Rita (paid for) (sent podi6)(never picked up)
    --Silver X BBW to spirited_soul (paying now) (sent LBNoX)
    --Silver X BBW to ZenKitty next (to discuss trading gifts) (PAID)
    --Gold X Magi to carrots (3rd-gen Silver X Sweetling) (sent j67fE)
    --Chasing to DragonRoz (paid for and done)
    --Lurker Shimmer to milkaq66 (sent DweIz)
    --Gold X Magi to Tirednemotional (5G Silver Shimmer Spiral) (BOTH SIDES PAID)
    --Chasing to hellhunt (Shimmer Swap - PAID - e9ZSd ) (Sent h7acY) (DONE)
    --UnicornBlues to me: Next (2nd shimmer baby) of OdsZh (for Xv6rt from Chasing) (Paid for and Received)

    Notify Yieldy when you get 3G PB silvers as mates for:
    3G http://dragcave.net/lineage/OTCNw
    3G http://dragcave.net/lineage/DA7ok

    ♥ Wanted by Others ♥
    calankh: 3G GW X Gold Mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/90Brf NEED TO BREED 2G GW FROM FEMALE GOLD FIRST

    JavaMom: PB Silvers

    ♥ Running list of Swaps with calankh ♥
    Needs: Mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/90Brf
    Working on: GW FemaleGold, PB Golds, PB Silvers, Silver Hellfires, Silver Blusangs

    2G GW x F-Gold
    3G PB Gold (cfMnF)

    3G GW X F-Gold
    2G PB Gold (XJ66P)

    ♥ Running Mutual IOU ♥

    • maxi3939 owes to bantymom:
    2nd/3rd-gen PB Gold (for same)
    -->(received 2nd-gen: http://dragcave.net/view/xDf42)
    2nd/3rd-gen PB Gold (for same)
    -->(received 2nd-gen: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Jkye7)

    • bantymom owes to maxi3939:
    2nd/3rd-gen PB Silver (for 2G PB Sil v0lxc) (sent k0lug)
    2nd/3rd-gen PB Silver (for 2G PB Sil 2yTot)

    ♥ IOUs ♥

    To Maxi3939: 3G Gold or Silver from Male Slver / Female Gold for same

    To SYSY: 4th or 3rd-gen PB Gold (any) for 3G PB Gold (she prefers 4th-gen, unrelated to http://dragcave.net/lineage/NkQMe or http://dragcave.net/lineage/h06UL (sent KCYUQ)

    To isaakfvkampfer: 3G metal checker from non-holiday parents or 2G Silver X Arsani

    To Arcslight: 2 of the following:
    2nd/3rd gen Tsunami x Male Silver
    2nd gen Purple Nebula x Female Silver
    2nd gen Autumn x Female Gold.

    To xeyla (for 2G PB Silver)
    2G PB Silver (sent XBqUi)

    To Kirby007 (for 2G Gold X Sunsong):
    2nd-gen Gold from Fleshcrown X Gold (either)
    2nd-gen Gold from Bleeding Moon X Male Gold

    To Spirit_: 3 3G Metal Checkers:
    metal sibling to: http://dragcave.net/lineage/sAq5N
    metal sibling to: http://dragcave.net/lineage/shJpF
    Female Silver X Male Specklethroat
    (for 2G Silver/Blusang, 2G Gold/Blk)

    To Wiz: Mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/TUp8e! for Marrow X Silver(?) at Christmas

    To Naughtrish: 2nd-gen Gold from MALE gold and female turp
    (bloodswap) (4 Turp eggs!) (4 more Turp eggs!) (4 more Turps) (4 more Turps) (4 turps)

    To ElayneDragonLover: 3rd-gen GW from Female Gold (for same) (not from Gold F3?) (sent Fxj2I)

    To selly153: 2nd-gen Silver from Male Silver X Female Blusang (for same)(4 blusang eggs) (4 blusang eggs)

    To zelaBusya:
    3 pairs of bronze (volcano/desert) release #5 (forgiven)
    3 pairs of new release #6 (done)
    3 pairs of new release #7 (done)
    1 Gold X Silver (recieved! Vva4E)
    2 Gold or Silver X new release of my choice

    To Kelan: Gold X Male Moonstone (for 3G Gold/WMagi Chx) (sent 1wxZc)

    salmonbaby: (2G Gold X GW) (one more only)
    (3G gold/SA CHX, 3G PB silver, 3G silver/SW CHX)
    2G Thunder X SW(m) (sent)
    2G Gold X SW(m) (sent)
    2G blusang X SW(m) (sent)
    **2G SW X Purple (f) (Halloween)
    3G silver X Blusang checker (sent 9q0uW)

    Riverwillows (for shimmers) (done)
    5 CB Pink Hatchies (5/5)
    5 CB Purple Hatchies (5/5)
    5 CB Red Hatchies (5/5)
    http://dragcave.net/view/48OpC (from Epic Shiny)

    Check to see if square with Erica8798 then respond to or delete PM

    ♥ Owed to Me but have Disappeared ♥

    ♥ Owed to Me ♥

    • ladyvidel: Male CB Night-Glory and Female CB Moonstone hatchlings for Green Dino
    • Amaterasu-sama: 20 CB Seawyrms (for Blusang) (3/20)
    • Dragon_cave: 10 CB Seawyrms (for Cheese)
    • pinkrainv: Gold (for Ice X Holly)

    • Corynn: lots of Metals
    Gold from Female Gold X GW
    Gold/Silver from Female Gold X Silver
    Silver from Male Silver X Female Hellfire
    Silver from Male Silver X Moonstone
    Silver X Silver
    Silver from Female Silver X Purple

    • tjekan: 3rd-gen Checkers: (done)
    Silver from Moonstone (received 4/24)
    Gold from Black (received 4/30)
    Ice X Magma (either) (received 6/18)
    Gold from White (received 7/5)

    • Valkipoo: the following for 5th-gen Shimmer
    --2G Gold from Ribbon Dancer (got)
    --2G Silver from Female Blusang (got)
    --3G Marrow from female Golds or gold from marrows (got)
    As many 2nd gen trios as I want (send list)
    Bonus: 2G gold from marrow daddy (the jerk)
    • Voarderm: 2 Shimmers (Silver X BBW (influenced correctly), Jewel (2nd on list, Others)

    • Evilminion: 4G Tinsel from Dawn's Silver Medal (kept PM)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Trades Completed ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    ♥ tray: (for Shimmer X Thunder 4JBx0)
    5G Shimmer Stair from Aquila the Fourth X CB Red (got)
    ♥ Coins In A Jar: (for 3G and 4G Silver/Marrow checker)
    2 CB Nebula, influenced male (got both)
    ♥ Pokemonfan13 owes me (for CB GW) (5 from the following):
    2G Stripe X Male Gold (got)
    2G Blusang X Male Silver (got)
    2G Black X Male Gold (got)
    2G White (m) X Female Gold (got)
    2G Pink (m) X Female Silver (got)
    ♥ To WWECornSerpent: 3rd-gen offspring from http://dragcave.net/lineage/pbD2M (see pm) (sent)
    ♥ To Scrac: 2nd-gen Metal from Wishlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ao4KflS0aP_NdDBpSGJHNnlqNTdtY1FqcnkwdnVjcVE#gid=0 (sent http://dragcave.net/view/zEht2)
    ♥ Migor: CB GW and White/Gold-fail (for Erno Tinsel X Strip) (paid)
    ♥ Raff: Two from the following: (paid)
    Gold X Gold
    Gold X Silver
    Gold X White Stripe
    Gold X Male Marrow
    Silver X Moonstone
    Silver X Blusang
    ♥ milkaq66: Silver Shimmer from Cyrus Vincent (for lots of stuff already sent) (DONE)
    ♥ myszamt: 2nd-gen PB Gold (for 3rd-gen PB Eg Gold)
    ♥ TessTwins22: 1 Male Horse Hatchie (already got 3 HF) (for 6th-gen Shimmer Spiral) (paid)
    ♥ jellyscent: 5 2G glitterballs from daydream mothers (5/5) (got all)
    ♥ grammydragon: EG Pink hatchling and CB purple Male (got both)
    ♥ rebelgoddess19: 2nd-gen Sweetling from Marrow (CB Winter)
    ♥ ACDragonMaster: 2nd-gen Gold X Silver (for 4th-gen PB Silver) (received)
    ♥ lynixe: 4 Purples (4/4)
    ♥ spirited_soul: 2 2nd-gen soulpeace eggs from daydream mothers, 8 CB Daydream hatchies influenced as pairs (received ALL)
    ♥ Maef: 4G Bronze Shimmer X Horse (2nd-3rd on list) (got, Lillie has it)
    ♥ arisilde: 1-2 CB Red hatchlings (+Tinsel) (all sent) for:
    2nd-gen Silver from Female Moonstone Checker (or 2nd-gen)
    ♥ Mysticangel: 2-gen Magma or Ice from from Ice X Magma (for CB Black) (also sent 2G Thunder X Electric!)
    ♥ From Queen_Dragon_Rita: 9 purple hatchlings (CB Stripe and CB Ice) (9/9) (complete)
    ♥ Dragonhide: 7 hatchies (CB GW) 7/7 (paid)
    ♥ From Mirume: 3 hatchlings (the 3rd-gen stripes of same color or alternating white/color/white, or a 2nd/gen Thunder from Electric or a 2nd-gen Magma from Ember, or PB Magma) (Cheese hatchling and 3 Tsunami hatchlings) (got 3)
    ♥ From Voardrem: 4th-gen Shimmer (for 4 Magmas and a promise to not ask for much for it's first baby) (got)
    ♥ From QAndais: 5 hatchies (for gold tinsel) (got 5)
    ♥ From Kaerien: CB Gray Hatchling (part of trade on Winter Pair) (got)
    ♥ From Mysticangel: White(m)/Moonstone(f) from White♂ x Moonstone♀, and Purple Nebula(m) from White (f) (for Erno Tinsel) (got)
    ♥ From Mysticangel: 1 CB Purple hatchie (Long Penk Spiral) (got)
    ♥ From Taintedtamer: 2nd-gen Ice or Magma from Ice X Magma (any configuration) (CB Stripe) (received)
    ♥ From Katie92: 2nd-gen Pink or Black from Pink X Black (Ribbon Dancer X Gold) (got)
    ♥ From Maef: 3 hatchies or black/old pink eggs (Erno Tinsel)
    ♥ From Mremaknu: 2nd-gen PB Gold and 2nd-gen Gold/Sil from Male Gold x Female Silver (8 2012 Halloween Hatchies) (has disappeared) (received!)
    ♥ From xeyla: Gold Wave from Gold Wave X female SW, sibling to Ii9u8 (5th-gen Gold from (Qgf0a) X Autumn) (received!)
    ♥ From LovingTheFluff: 2 purple hatchies (got 1, forgave the other)
    ♥ From kiraralee77: Three hatchlings from want list (got all)
    ♥ From Magical_Macaw: 2 2GPB GW (2 4th-gen PB Sunsongs) (got 2)
    ♥ From sparkdragon: 1 purple hatachie (cb purple egg) (got)
    ♥ From cuppycake08: 2nd-gen Winter from male Ice (CB Winter) (got)
    ♥ From kiyoura: 2nd gen. PB Silver sibling to J7gHr or Ayn X His Saya (4 Halloween Lurkers) (GOT)
    ♥ From Miyon: 4 CB Purple hatchlings (2 pair) for CB Tan (got 4)
    ♥ From Bloodyrose13: 2nd-gen female Swallowtail and 2nd-gen male Terrae (5th-gen silver) (received)
    ♥ From Shroomlet: 2nd-gen Stripe from female Ice (Egg) (got)
    ♥ From Sylvan_Moon: 1CB Magi, 2CB Purple Hatch or 3 Purple Hatch, and 4 3G one-color (W-C-W or W-C-C) stripes for 5th-gen Gold Stair (got All)
    ♥ From Paradoxangel: CB Gold Egg (8 2012 Halloween Hatchies) (GOT!)
    ♥ From kiarados: 2 2nd-gen Purple hatchies (CB Tri-Horn) (got)
    ♥ From JadeShunDaliaMaggie: Swallowtail female hatchie X BBW (CB Tri-Horn) (got)
    ♥ From Lysian: 2 CB Magi/Purple hatchlings (CB Royal Blue) (got)
    ♥ From Queen_Dragon_Rita: 4 CB Purple Hatchies (Silver) (4/4 received)
    ♥ From Vakarian: 2 CB purple hatchlings, 2 2nd-gen from my list, or 1 of each. (PB Magma) (received)
    ♥ From dragonsrus: 2nd-gen Ice from White [B]or[/B] 2nd-gen PB Ice [B]plus[/B] 2 2nd-gen hatchies from the want list (both IOUs) (got)
    ♥ From Kittydragongirl21: 1 CB Magi hatchie + 2 Purple Hatchies
    ♥ From KuroYukia: 3 Purple Hatchies (2 CB Red Hatchies) (received all)
    ♥ From LorePMejia: 4 purple hatchies (chicken) (received 4)
    ♥ From Rixie Pakuna: 3 purple hatchlings (CB Pink) (received)
    ♥ From spirited_soul: 2nd-gen Marrow from Gold
    ♥ From trekwriter: 2nd-gen Marrow from Stripe
    ♥ From MisunderstoodDreamer: 2G Thunder/Electric (M), 2G Ice/Ember (M), 2G Ice/Black (any) (got Ice/Magma)
    ♥ From dragonstar: 2nd-gen Silver X SnowAngel (8 coastblocker hatchies (8 sent)) (received Silver) (all done!)
    ♥ From PonyTales: 3 lineaged purple hatchlings (CB Pink egg and hatchling) (got 1) (got the other 2)
    ♥ From Emerald01: 2 purple hatchies (CB White #2)
    ♥ From tjekan: 2 Lineaged Purple hatchlings (2nd Gen Tan from Tan) (received)
    ♥ From silverrr: 3 purple hatchlings (CB nebula hatchling) (received)
    ♥ From thegreenrobby: 3 purple hatchies (CB Lumina) (received)
    ♥ From joyeux: 2 Purple Hatchings (CB Pink Hatchling) (received)
    ♥ From Emerald01: 2 purple hatchies (CB White #1) (received)
    ♥ From Pokemonfan13: 15 purples (CB Black Hatchie) (received 5+2+3+1+4) (all received)
    ♥ From dragonsrus: 2 2nd-gen PB blusang eggs (cb tan hatchie) (received both)
    ♥ From autumnraynefyr: 2 Pygmies for a Cheese (received)
    ♥ From Nicoleong9: 2G Black from ??? for ??? (received)
    ♥ From autumnraynefyr: 2 Pygmy hatchies (received)
    ♥ From Fishkeeper: CB Male Pink hatchie for CB Male Pink hatchie she needed (received)
    ♥ From Fishkeeper: 2G Tsunami for 3 Reds. (received)

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ My Completed IOUs ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    ★ To Arella: 3G Silver from female Black (for 3G PB Silver)
    (sent ijL52)
    ★ To Syleye: (for 2G Silver X Pink) CB Royal Crimson, 2 CB White (all sent)
    ★ To Becka: 1 3rd-gen PB Gold (sent E8BNt)
    ★ To supernaturalova: CB Green Nebula (for Black Tea)
    ★ To Pokemonfan13: 3rd-gen White Stripe from Male Gold X White Stripe (for Gold X Stripe, see PM) Done 8/6 sfKZs
    ★ To rayden54: Messy Bloodmoon Hatchie and misc. Hatchie (for 2G Blusang X Silver-fail) (sent both)
    ★ To Bloodonmyfangs: 3G PB Silver (for 2G PB Silver) (sent zkqP6)
    ★ To JavaMom: 3rd-gen PB Silver (for same) (sent)
    ★ To JaneMcAsh: 3rd-gen Silver/Moonstone (for same) waiting for list of whom to avoid (sent OBb3o)
    ★ To sashocirrione (Mutual IOU):
    I owe 2nd-gen Male Gold from Female Sunsong
    (sent http://dragcave.net/view/31sEn)
    sashocirrione owes 2nd-gen Female Silver from Male Pink
    (received and done)
    ★ To alci: 2nd-gen Silver from Moonstone (f) or 2nd-gen Silver (f) X anything not Tan, Flamingo, Sunsong, Sunrise, Purple, White, nor Black (for 3rd-gen Silver X Blue Nebula) (sent lESA3)
    ★ To Undomiel: 2nd-gen Gold (f) X Black (for same) (sent)
    ★ To Angel of the Inferno: 2G/3G PB Gold (for same) (sent 3G)
    ★ To DragonWolf256: Purple Dino or 5th-gen Tinsel (for 2nd-gen Silver from Yule) (sent Tinsel) (sent)
    ★ To PointOfOrigin: 2nd-gen Metal-Fail from list in sig (for 2nd-gen Nebula X Silver fail) (sent Black X Gold)
    ★ To shadesofchaos: 1 Soulpeace (female hatchie) and 1 Metal Fail (both sent)
    ★ shadesofchaos:
    5 CB Female Harvest Hatchies (5/5) (paid)
    10 Red Hatchies (any lineage) (10/10) (paid)
    ★ To Psykotika: 4-5 2nd-3rd-4th-gen Pure White Stripes (see PM) (done)
    ★ To: Souly: 8 Moonstone hatchie pairs (Gold X Black Checker) 4/4 girls 4/4 boys (Done)
    ★ To: cucu8873: 3G Slver x Yule CHX (4G Silver/SW Chevron) (sent)
    ★ To Undomiel: 3rd-gen Winter/Ice from Male Winter X Female Ice (sent 2nd-gen, need 3rd-gen!) (sent 3rd-gen)
    ★ To Painter: (for 2G PB Silvers and 2G Silver X Black)
    1 2G PB Blusang (sent)
    2 2G PB Royal Crimsons (sent 2)
    3 2G Soulpeace (sent 3)
    1 Blusang hatchling (any) (sent)
    ★ To Voardrem: 3rd-gen Pink from new Valentines (sent)
    ★ To lollipop00: 2nd-gen PB gold (mix up in Metalweavers) (sent ObyrR)
    ★ To rrattts: 20 CB Hatchlings from: New Pygmies, Olives, Greenwings, Brimstones, Luminas, Royal Blues, Tri-Horns, Tsunamis (2nd-gen Silver) (20/20 sent) (received)
    ★ To JavaMom: 2G Soulpeace (2nd for 3G Gold/SW CHX) (sent and received)
    ★ To Mistress_of_Whispers: (for 3G Gold/SW CHX)
    2nd gen PB Silver, 2 Magi, 1 Purple, 1 White (sent/received)
    ★ To Mercury: 2G PB Gold (3G PB Gold) (sent/received)
    ★ To ilovechewbacca: 2nd-gen Gold from Ribbon (2nd-gen Gold from Ribbon) (sent and received)
    ★ To Richied97: Bronze Shimmer (sent/received)
    ★ To counselor: 2 2G Blu X SW (3G Sil X SW) (Sent both)
    ★ To Valeth: 4 Deep-Sea female hatchlings
    and 2 CB Blue Nebula (3rd-gen PB Silver) (sent 3 Blue Neb and 4 DeepSea)
    ★ To Mamamaus: 2nd-gen White Stripe from Gold Female (3rd-gen same) (sent and received)
    ★ To shinjiteru: 6th-gen Gold from Ribbons (for CB Pink hatchie) (sent and re)
    ★ To Voardrem: 2nd-gen Lumina (m) X Harvest (f) (sent)
    ★ To Sunwolf: 2 more CB Magma (2nd-gen Gold) (sent 2)(done)
    ★ To Arra: Hatch PB Silver and Gold X Sunsong (inf male) (CB Gold) (sent and done)
    ★ To WatersMoon110: 3G Red Stripe from Black(M) x Green{F} or 3G Green Stripe from Red(M) x Blue(F) (to make up for being so late on the last IOU)
    ★ To Magical_Macaw: 2nd-gen Ice or Winter from Male Ice and Female Winter (2nd-gen Winter from Male Ice) (sent) (she would like to trade again on this too) (got another and sent another and it was accepted)
    ★ To tirednemotional: Metallic-lineage doesn't matter (3rd-gen thuwed) (sent KFdt8) (accepted)
    ★ To Maef: 2 3rd-gen Thunders plus 6 hatchies from list (2G Sil X Gold) (all sent and received)
    ★ To Seiti: CB Magi (for 3rd-gen Black X Blue Nebula) (sent)
    ★ To merrrlin: 2nd-gen Sunset Egg from Female Silver (2nd-gen Winter from Ice)(2 sent) (2 sent)
    ★ To xdlugia: 1 CB Stripe (still owed on a 2nd-gen Silver X Black)(sent and picked up)
    ★ To LifeSucksMEDead: 2 Black Stripes from Stripe X Lurker (for 3rd-gen Gold X Silver checker) (sent 4 just to be safe)
    ★ To yieldy: 2nd-gen Turpentine from Gold Father (sent)
    ★ To Bodecia: Penk cross Ice Tinsel for 3G Silver (not giving me eggs) (sent)
    ★ To xeyla: 5th-gen Gold from (Qgf0a) X Autumn (for IOU of Gold from Gold X SW Wave) (sent)
    ★ To ACDragonMaster: 2nd-gen PB Silver (2nd-gen PB Gold) (sent)
    ★ To DMD_MDM: 15 CB common hatchies (5th-gen Tinsel 9rGMX) (sent 15)
    ★ To Seiti: CB Magi (for 3rd-gen Black X Blue Nebula) (sent)
    ★ To PonyTales: 3rd-gen Silver "Winter Magi Dragon" (3 pink hatchlings (all sent)) (GOT!!!!)
    ★ To Germelia: 4 CB Trihorns (3rd-Gen Male Gold X SW Stair) (all sent)
    ★ To GoldGryphon: IOU complete, but try for another one of the following:
    2g Male Red/Female Magma crosses (Need Magma)