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  1. Instead of yelling ridiculously into a handheld device, you have to point ridiculously at the television! It's brilliant!
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    I would totally sniper people passing by with a bow, laughing manically if someone made Tenpenny tower in a server I play on.
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    I play but on a private server. I can't stand the normal MapleStory community.
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    Old e-mail. Forgotten the password to that too.
  5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Majesty: The Northern Expansion and Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando.
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    Played the original a long while ago. Guardian Mage, could kill whatever came within spell distance. Long story short: I forgot my password.
  7. Dragonlance. All of them so far.
  8. Callisto Yew/Shih-na! I've heard often that Apollo Justice was garbage. Then again, I've also heard that AAI wasn't very good when, in fact, it just lacked the epic of the PW games. I do like that all the cases in AAI tied into one another though; it was a nice chance from the scattered cases in PW.
  9. I don't feel the need to play it. By that I mean I played MW2, didn't like it and I have no illusions that this game will be much different from MW2 anyways.
  10. Don't forget 02 ;-; Edit: There seems to be a theme to Kirby's last bosses
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    Layn, I don't believe that you were involved in this in any way. I can't control if you come back but I can tell you that I was not consulted before becoming an admin and I don't particularly enjoy getting chewed out about my own admin style for something another admin did. As I will explain, the commands we give you are there for a REASON... that reason being to minimalize the trivial little things that would impede game play. The /point/ is that Salamance disobeyed the word of the server Owner and therefor have no right to complain about what happened afterward. You were told at least twice that you could accomplish the same goal that you were shooting for by making use of the /spawn, /home and /sethome commands. The first time you admitted to not knowing you could use the /spawn command... which is fine. The second time you were told to use the command you simply replied "Yeah, I was told" and proceeded to do nothing about it. Yuki was building her house and you knew this; you asked if everyone was inactive and both she and myself responded that we were building. Now can you tell me one thing: if this teleporting system you wanted was so important... WHY did you not bring it up any time within those two hours? Edit: If you have a response, it might be a good idea to send it via PM so that this thread isn't cluttered by some long-winded argument.
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    Said builder was, at the time, building her own house. She made the teleporter I asked for first simply because I was closer and already had both teleporter holes dug into the ground. Not only this, you were told that she was the player in charge of constructing teleports. we don't like to hear whining when you're told to take down something you weren't supposed to create in the first place. Lastly, try to think of others but yourself; it's a good trait to develop.