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  1. ((Hey all, sorry for the long wait. Red, here's a continuation for our rp.)) Ronan took her hand and hopped up on Drake behind her. Drake got a running start before leaping into the air to fly off to town. Ronan looked back to check on their guest to see if they were following. "So, we grab coffee, then we start marketing for our school. Right?" He asked to make sure he got their plans for the day set.
  2. ((it's all good Red.)) Ronan 'hmmed' and thought a moment. "Shall we get something to drink?" He asked. "Coffee sounds good right now." He hadn't had coffee in a while, but he could use a cup. "Down in the southern desert, they don't drink coffee sweetened like people around here do. It's either straight black, or milk mixed in. I prefer a little milk. Helps take away from the bitterness." He smirked. Drake simply yawned. He laid down to offer both Minerva and Ronan a lift.
  3. ((heyo. Just letting you guys know I'm still here. Been a long time since I've been able to reply but I'll keep my patience.))
  4. "There's a lot more to training combat than swords. If we can get dragon's to train as well, we can pair a dragon to a rider. Like Drake and myself. We work well together and no matter what, I have his back and he has mine." Ronan said confidently. He knew having a partner was better than fighting alone. Drake simply nodded, not needing to speak much.
  5. Drake jumped into the air as he spread his wings and took off. Ronan held on as Drake took them to the school. It wouldn't take them very long to get there, luckily. Drake landed softly outside the Front of the school. Ronan Hopping off before helping Minerva down.
  6. Ronan smirked at Bolz for his eagerness and to Minerva for her cheerfulness. "Of course, we should make sure everything is ready to go." He walked over to Drake and hopped up onto his back. He held his hand out for Minerva.
  7. ((have nothing to reply with at the moment unfortunately.))
  8. ((yep. I study kung fu. I'm also a part-time instructor. that's why I have warriors as my characters. I have a stronger sense of martial values that most people don't. i'll wait for bolz reply.))
  9. ((injured myself in my martial arts training. had to get stitches but it's all good. nothing major.))
  10. ((holy crap. I knew JW's were messed up in the head, but this takes the cake. Not disrespecting her in anyway btw. As I am a firm believer in God, it hurts me to know that she did that to her whole family. May God have mercy on her soul and may He give her whole family the peace they deserve.))
  11. ((0_0 what?! murdered?! holy crap! this world is without a doubt going to crap...… RIP Sai, you will be missed.))
  12. Ronan walked over to the wounded man. "What happened to you? Who did this?" Taking note of the broken sword, clearly a soldier or warrior of some kind. Drake examined the man and his scent. He clearly just got out of a serious fight.
  13. Ronan walked over to Minerva. "You ok?" He asked, checking on her. "I have a feeling this wasn't the end. Next time, the fight could get one of them killed." He sighed. "So what's on todays agenda?" Drake smirked, he was very proud of Ronan for diffusing the situation. Though he could tell the same thing Ronan saw. This fight wouldn't be the last and next time could be deadly. Downside to living for centuries, watching people waste time and energy on useless conflicts.
  14. Ronan listened to the conversation. He got in the way of the brunette male and shoved him back. "You need to cool down, you lack self-control. Get a grip already, if she cheated on you for this guy, you're better off without her. Just go home." He'd turn to the bearded man. "As for you....You think you're soooo tough and macho don't you? You think just because you have all this muscle and bravado that you're a better 'man' than him? I've met men who'd never be able to fight you, but they are far better men than you could ever hope to be. Both of you, walk away. Do yourselves a favor and don't talk to each other ever again." He turned back to the brunette. "If you see that girl you were dating, ignore her cause she clearly doesn't care about you, she isn't worth your time or effort."
  15. ((sorry for the delays red, wasn't sure how to reply. I think I can handle it now.)) Drake thanked Minerva and ate his breakfast before she left. Ronan was just coming back when he heard the shouting and yelling. When he saw the two men fighting he sighed. "HEY!!" He shouted. "Both of you knock it off!!" he marched his way over to them. He grabbed the Man ontop and pulled him off the guy he was hitting. He kept himself between them. "I SAID KNOCK IT OFF!!! You are two grown men. START ACTING LIKE IT!" Drake came around the house to watch. Ronan glared at both of the men.
  16. Drake woke at the sound of Minerva's voice, yawning. "Good morning Minerva." He said politely. Ronan was up early and had already eaten before Minerva. He was out on a jog before he returned to the house for his morning routine exercises. Push-ups, planks, sit-ups - a variety of workouts to keep himself in shape. He had to be ready at all times for a fight and he refused to let himself slip up.
  17. Ronan patted Drake's shoulder before heading inside. He'd go to his room and put his gear away. Drake led Bolz to the backyard and laid himself down under the tree. Ronan sat down to meditate. His mind clear and focused, muscles relaxed.
  18. Ronan followed her inside. He helped with the dishes before going up to his room. He got out of his clothes and took a shower before getting dressed. He opened his window and sat next to it just staring off in the distance. Drake laid his head down to sleep. Ronan's mind drifted in thought. Mostly thinking about his master, who was like a father to him.
  19. Ronan smirked at Minerva. Her confidence and reassurance still surprised him. "I hope you're right." He was grateful to have her by his side on this. Teaching combat wasn't going to be easy but he had to try. Drake got comfortable in the backyard under the tree. He yawned a bit tired from the days adventure.
  20. Ronan sighed as they landed outside Minerva's house. "You think we can handle it? Running a school?" He asked her because he wasn't very sure. "I've never taught anyone how to do what I can do." He wasn't exactly ecstatic about doing this but he was willing to try. Drake gestured for their new dragon friend to follow him as he went to the backyard. "The yard is quite large so we have room to fit. I tend to sleep under the tree for the shade."
  21. Ronan nodded. "Yeah, I think so." He gave Drake a pat on the shoulder before jumping onto his back. He held his hand out to Minerva to help her up. Once onboard, Drake would take off and head for Minerva's home. Ronan couldn't help but wonder what Rick was talking about when he spoke of the legendary four swords and the connection it played with his sword.