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  1. Woot! Now to figure out breeding stuff I forgot to update for this year! Onward!
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  3. Egg drop on my birthday! Woot! And such pretty eggs too! Manged to snag my sets of starlight ones, and one drake egg. Now to wait for other eggs to finish hatching and try to get more drakes. 😄
  4. I finally managed to get one of each except the Staterae, and got a start on my pairs. It is going to be an interesting challenge to get to my collecting goals, especially with the Staterae. Nice and challenging. I hadn't even managed my tier two goals with the original Xeno's yet.. I cannot believe it's already been five years. (Goes to show how much my breeding projects have taken over these last few years. 😆) Thank you for such a fun, un-looked for release!
  5. It's shiny! 3rd gen stair silver western prize
  6. Breeder's Update Form - Please PM or post in this thread Forum name: Alayajoy PM link: PM link Notes: PMing is best to get a hold of me. For rare or cranky breedings, I do have a try 3 times limit. If I can't get an egg for you in 3 times, I may stop trying. If you can't get it elsewhere, or it's a case of it just being cranky, I may be willing to try more, depending on how busy my breeding schedule is. Lineages of your special release dragons: I have CB's for all the special release dragons. My sweetlings are regular. I also have almost all the currently released dragon'
  7. Yeah, I don't have that button at all.
  8. The envelope icon on the upper right only takes me to my inbox, and I can't get the number end of the link to do a PM link from that. I have no other message links or buttons on any other area. Not next to my name, not when you hover over the tiny profile pic in the upper left, nada. So I'm a bit stuck. That link really helps. Thank you!
  9. How do I add a PM link when there is no message button to right click on? I'm in the correct area, but all I have is a find content button.
  10. 3rd gen Silver Tinsel stair for anyone looking for their giftee. (New line too, if that matters) *Gone*
  11. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Alayajoy Scroll Name: Alayajoy Group Name:https://dragcave.net/group/74555 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold or Silver 2nd gen Prizekin 2. CB Green Copper or nicely lineaged Alt Undine 3. CB Xenowyrm, CB Aeon, 2nd gen Prizekin 4. CB Zyumorph, CB Golden Wyvern 5. CB Fire Gem, CB Pink, 2nd gen Pink from Sweetling 6. 3rd gen even checker Golden Wyvern with Arsani or other pretty checker lineages 7. CB Nebula, CB Honey, or Suprise me! Breeding abilities: Most things, especially 2nd gen and some 3rd gen alt lineages, 2nd
  12. My Projects 8/20/18: Updated my Seasonal project as 3rd gen Summers are complete! Woot! 8/31/18: Updated Seasonals project. 😃 9/8/18: Updated Seasonals Project, Summer 4th gen is done! 11/8/18: Updated Seasonls Project with Autumns. Now that Halloween is over, can concentrate on projects more until Christmas. 😊 1/14/19: Updated Seasonals Project, backtracking to Autumns as finished Autumns but forgot to post. 2/6/19: Updated Seasonals Project, Winter generation 4 is done. Now to wait until the Valentines madness is through. 2/26/19: Updated Seasonals Project,
  13. What an absolutely fantastic birthday this has been. I love the new release dragons, all of them! I loved the seasonal update right off, but the red update threw me a bit. After taking a few days to get over the shock, I really like it. And the new features will be fun to play with. Overall, just a really awesome update and release. So Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!
  14. There were a couple more that came through late.
  15. Because my phone is stupid, and won't let me edit my previous post, here's my updated list. Thank you so much Messengerdragon and Kiran7! *All complete!*
  16. Continuing to send out flowers. Ones I'm still short on:
  17. Trying to send out some more targeted cards. Scroll name is the same as my forum name. What I still need:
  18. Woot! Got my first egg, and am starting on the event! This looks like it will be fun!
  19. This year has been beyond amazing. I have had so much fun! Thank you to mods and folks who have helped me to fulfill my giftees wishes, especially the anonymous donor of that second gen. That was amazing to be able to gift. And thank you to my own Santa, who spoiled me.
  20. @The Dragoness Thanks. I will stop submitting them then.
  21. There is a report form in the initial instructions. Just send the Secret Santa account a pm with the form filled out.
  22. Question: After the first gift is sent, do we need to keep reporting every gift we send?
  23. I Want to Sign Up! Forum name: Alayajoy Scroll name: Alayajoy Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, negelected, 2-3g prize 2. CB Green or Brown Copper, 3rd gen Perfect checker Hellfire, Hellfire x Rosebud unrelated to her Rosebud 3. CB Xenowyrm other than Astrapi, Nicely lineaged Aeon (checker, stair, regular spiral, ect.) 4. CB Zyumorph, CB Golden Wyvern 5. CB Pink, perfect checker lineages 3g+ 6. Perfect checker lineages 3g+, or surprise me! 7. CB Nebula, CB Fever Wyvern, CB Brute, or surprise me! Breeding abilities: I can breed 2nd gens of almost anyth