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  1. The first (and so far only) dragon I ever had that died was a failed vamp bite. I'm hoping that's the ONLY reason anything of mine ever gets killed.
  2. I had a white, a daydream, a magi and a horse. The first three are still my favorite dragons to this day. The horse was abandoned two days after Ia got it (Halloween '10) because I wanted to get a marrow really badly.
  3. I hate Twilight so this movie was like a Godsend.
  4. I liked these books, as well as the Red Pyramid, but the Lost Hero wasn't very good.
  5. Category: Breeders, Dragon Breeds Title of Record: Breeder with the most Neglected Dragons Name of Submitant:nonnymouse holds the record, but if by submitant you mean me... Proof for Record: Look at nonnymouse's scroll! What has changed?: nonnymouse (if I know how to count correctly) has 19 Neglected Dragons, including the frozens and the unfrozen S1 Hatchie. On the records page, it says 10.
  6. I had a dream once that I was iin this cavern with my cousin, her dad and my dad, and we were walking and walking with no apparent purpose until and big boulder rolled in from somewhere and smashed our fathers. Then it was just me and my cousin. We kept walking until we got to a stream, where there was a boat that we got in to. The stream took us to the entrance to . . . Chuck E Cheeses. My cousin and I went into the climber, and when we got to the top, there was the weird, never-blinking chicken and the purple dinosaur. The dinosaur hold out a lit match and says, "Take this match, for it will help you through your trials." And then the chicken says, "Take the magical pink slide and return to the caverns." So we took the match and went down the slide, and we're back in my caverns. Out from around a bend comes my science teacher, whom I promptly light on fire. Then the chicken came back and said, "Well done." And then the chicken pushed me into the stream and I drowned . . .
  7. I absolutely love to draw! However, I am not very good. Once every couple months or so, I manage to squeeze out something totally awesome, with perfect shading and coloring and such, but the rest of the time my drawings are just . . . meh.
  8. I usually name my dragons in series. For example, I usually have foour hatchlings and five eggs at a time. The four hatchlings would all be named something related, maybe all something in another language or all with a surname. Then the eggs, when they hatched, would be named according to something else, like characters in books or only vowels, etc. One time, I did a particularly interesting series where the dragons were all named after abstract nouns. OUt of that I got a vamp named Desire, a Magi named Haught, and so on and so forth. Well, that's how I name my dragons.
  9. Is this RP still accepting characters? It sounds fun and I'd like to join.
  10. Okay, I have revamped mine and made it a little deeper: "Even if I burn in , just remember that every mistake that I made, every trial that I faced and every tragedy I overcame, I did it all for love and regret none of it." -A quote from the cookiejar33 of the future.
  11. I would probably say something like: "Even if I burn down there, just remember that everything I did was for love." I know, very deep words for a bunny with lazer vision that eats glitter.
  12. My little brother, who is not on the forums but has a scroll, has a really strange name. It's Ianskeleton. Ian, of course, is his first name. Then the skeleton part comes from that fact that when he was little he loved to watch that Tim Burton movie, the nightmare before christmas, with the main character being "Jack Skeleton." I've never understood him.
  13. Stupid es annoy me. This one HIGH SCHOOLER kicked my boot off my foot the other day and then kept kicking it along in front of him and he wouldn't give it back. Then he kicked it into a snow drift and ran away. I called some pretty choice names after him, but I was still really, really angry.
  14. ^this The first one was really good and then...
  15. Well, the 33 is obvious: 3 is the awesome-est number ever so I put two of them in my name. As for the cookie part, well, cookies are the awesome-est food ever. And the jar, I just felt like it needed another syllable, and j, a, and r are are the three awesome-est letters ever. So basically, my name is a manifestation of awesomeness.
  16. ^this And so called "school fun" like reading vocab word searches or social studies crossword puzzles or something stupid like that. When you have to put the word "school" in front of something, it is most likely not fun.
  17. But then there were these shadowclan kits on the great journey: toad something and mud something and some sort of fruit something. They all just . . . left.
  18. I would have been totally phsyced if Peeta and Gale had diecd instead of Rue and Prim. Then Katniss wouldn't have to make a choice!
  19. ^This. And all improper grammar and spelling, really. (not that I have the best spelling and grammar either, but it irks me when OTHER people do it.)
  20. In the last hunger games book, she just chose peeta. I don't get how. Also, in warriors, a lot of shadowclan kits just seem to go missing, like applekit and thornkit.
  21. I'm annoyed that I didn't discover this thread sooner! Haha just kidding, but I do have a LOT of stuff to rant about. I'll start with my little brother. He's a seven year old monster! He is a total jerk and makes. Me. Want. To. Explode.
  22. I loved the ending of this book BECAUSE it wasn't a happy ending! Everybody pretty much died (including Prim, which was sad) and Katniss chose Peeta over Gale. I thought these books were great (although Catching Fire and Mockingjay were considerably weaker than the first) and I would have been angry if it had ended nicely. Edit to avoid double posting: Come one, come all, hunger games fans, please join this thread! http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=110312
  23. I named her Desire. I wanted to name her BloodLust, but of course it was taken. Then I wanted to name it Lust, but that was already taken, too. I looked up synonyms for lust and the only name-like one was Desire.