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  1. I voted yes too! I think this would be very helpful!
  2. Nope, not the only one! Up at 4.50!!!!
  3. I love that these are two-headed!
  4. Wow, those are fast drops! Love the description - very mysterious.
  5. One rainbow rose - heading your way
  6. Thank you so much! One rainbow rose winging it's way to you
  7. Thank you! Done! I sent a lovely pink one
  8. Aw, thank you! Branch sent, one of the red ones
  9. Could anyone send me a branch please?
  10. Thank you whoever is sending lovely flowers - they're gorgeous!
  11. Sent you a lovely dark purple/black iris - Happy Valentine's
  12. You have a rainbow rose - Happy Valentine's
  13. Consider it done - well, a branch
  14. You should have a branch now Eta: Oh, now they're covering up the orchids - I thought it would be a bit bigger!
  15. Yay Valentines! Thanks to everyone involved in this event. LOVE the flower giving!
  16. Is Sex Shooter okay? The dragon in question is the daughter of Apollonia so I thought it'd be nice
  17. Another vote here for holding these names so they can be restored to Ladiefare. It's just not the same if Midas and Shally are not the original dragons
  18. Thanks for the gif Dark Eternity Happy April Fools!!!
  19. Three bites today with 1 repulse and 2 stays. Yay!
  20. Loving this event - the cards are so sweet. The eggs are gorgeous too
  21. Thanks everyone and Happy Christmas - I've got my two lovely eggs and am heading back to bed