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  1. It was over 40 degrees outside today. x_x It's not even the hottest day of the summer yet, if anything this is considered to be the beginning haha.
  2. My own personal protocol when I see a chance at trading for a 2gen prize is "do anything the prize owner asks, as long as it's within my ability." I currently own 16 2gen prizes and is owed 19 more. The highest I've ever offered for a 2gen prize (2015 line, a pairing I liked, and a colouration I was misssing) was a LOT of CB Metallics, I'm not gonna give specific numbers but it was much more than I could count with my fingers, haha. The trade never went through though, since the dealer decided to keep it. What was particular though was that this trade was made public, so the competition was a lot more fierce. In more private trades, the highest offer I've made and went through was around 4~6 CB Silvers and two CB Spessartines, after a bit of haggling. The lowest was for free, some of my 2gen prizes were gifted to me. Most of the trades, if not all, that I've done with owners were relatively easy to fulfil, like a set of CB trios, some Cheeses, a few 2gen commons from holidays. Most of the time I find myself offering to give more. From my experience and mines alone (which can be questionable in how certain it can be) I think that there's great fluctuation on the value placed in privately traded 2gen prizes and publicly traded ones, as well as who the trader is; the owner of a CB prize, or someone who's trying to retrade it for a higher value? One can breed more and the other has a limited supply. Usually in cases of public trades, I'm more reluctant to offer because the minimum value required is most of the time higher than private trades where the value is usually set, whereas on a trade anyone could offer on the standard is always rising as more time passes on and more competition appears. But that's not alwats the case, since in the past week or so I've traded for two 2gen prizes that's gone public in a matter of minutes and I only offered the amount the trader asked for without the need of stacking more. Aaah, haha... I'm sorry, I'm not trying to stick these standards on anyone, ;_; this are just some of the things I consider when handling 2gen prize trades.
  3. A 2gen prize that was gifted to me gendered right, PHEW, since the lineage can't be continued if it didn't. And also http://dragcave.net/lineage/OlGcu grew up and also gendered correctly. I don't think I'll ever be able to find him a mate though. >3<
  4. Thanks Doublelift and _DJ_ Blaze! : D I bred a mate for it as well so hopefully it'll make a pretty checker. Good luck with your projects!
  5. No way @_@ http://dragcave.net/lineage/tuMKd
  6. I've had two successes, one with Astrapi and one with Gaia.
  7. A few more of mine grew up and I tried breeding them to CBs with "cave", didn't get any of the results you wanted though. D: I have a few more growing up tomorrow so will try again then. Hopefully someone else has better luck. Also, oh wow, o_o I read through the spreadsheet while it was still messed up, dang. I'd probably expect this behaviour anywhere else, but not here on DC. Anyways, Xenowyrm type: Gaia Gender: Female - Mate: Swallowtail Biome: Cave Elemental affinity: Air Mana: Change - Result: Gaia _____ Xenowyrm type: Pyro Gender: Male - Mate: Ribbondancer Biome: Cave Elemental affinity: Light Mana: Creation - Result: Pyro
  8. (sorry for the long post. ;3; I test bred some of my Xenowyrms earlier and thought I could try contributing to the data. my results aren't anything special other than that I only bred female Xenowyrms and two of the breedings were with CBs from the "cave".) Xenowyrm type: Astrapi Gender: Female - Mate: Magma Biome: Cave Elemental affinity: Fire Mana: Destruction - Result: Astrapi _____________________________ Xenowyrm type: Astrapi Gender: Female - Mate: Swallowtail Biome: Cave Elemental affinity: Air Mana: Change - Result: Astrapi _____________________________ Xenowyrm type: Astrapi Gender: Female - Mate: Silver Biome: Forest Elemental affinity: Light Mana: Creation - Result: Chronos _____________________________ Xenowyrm type: Thalassas Gender: Female - Mate: Gold Biome: Alpine Elemental affinity: Earth Mana: Creation - Result: Thalassas _____________________________ Xenowyrm type: Thalassas Gender: Female - Mate: Radient Angel Biome: Alpine Elemental affinity: Magi Mana: Change - Result: Thalassas
  9. I'm finishing up AC Rogue and hunting a bit in MHP3rd. Also started playing the SNES version of Earthbound and also FFVII on my PSP (finally got around to it, I loved Crisis Core). Earthbound is really fun so far.
  10. I received this pretty and some other incredible things this week... ;_;
  11. Thank you FallenZephyr ;_;
  12. I feel terrible, my heads been aching badly for the entire day now. x_x
  13. omg 8D I LOVE THEM ALL. Thalassas and Chronos are my favourites, WILL HOARD.
  14. Mine is off by give or take 8 minutes. It used to be perfectly sync a year ago.
  15. Managed to locked myself again, time to rest my eyes and take a break. I don't think they're dropping so scarcely that they've disappeared, they certainly don't drop every 5 minutes now but they still come around every once in awhile. On hourly I think I see around 4~5 drop in one biome? That's just what I've been coming up with though, and I've only been hunting in two (kinda three) biomes so it's far from an accurate estimation. For example it took me FAR longer to catch, or to even see an Alpine glassy than a Jungle one.
  16. o>o Bruh I accidentally found and caught a CB Silver while looking for more of these babs.
  17. Mines all hatched, I was hoping for a second batch but seems like I missed the last few big floods? :c Ah well, I'll try my best to catch a few more. Can't wait for them to grow up tomorrow. : D
  18. Rained a bit in the afternoon today, hopefully tomorrow will be cool.
  19. Those could be frills.
  20. You might be confusing the colours of an alt Undine with an Imperial Fleshcrowne. That's an Imp, not an Undine. Alts for Blacks, Vines, and Undines cannot be obtained as caveborns unless you win a honourable mention in the christmas raffle and request for them.
  21. They aren't. The orange (fourth) is from the dessert and the teal (third) is in the forest, the last two are in the correct order though I think. Congrats on the release, birdzgoboom! : D
  22. I LOVE these eggs! Can't wait for TJ's to hatch. 8D
  23. OH NO. Didn't check my egg limits and auto'd this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZVagZ Ah well... I was planning on giving it away anyways if it bred...
  24. Thank you! Also, congrats on the CB metals, Earth Gurl!