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  1. Neglected an egg but it turned right on it's last second of life, so I didn't have time to save it. :/ http://dragcave.net/lineage/p7pqR
  2. 3,507 offsprings, so about 1.1 per adult. The adult with the most offspring has 70 kids, though I'm pretty sure around 10 of them aren't included because they died... >_<
  3. I don't have any adult CB Summers and totally forgot to hunt/trade for them earlier in the season, oops. They seem to be dropping a lot though and I managed to catch 4 in the same drop with one dropping after another. 8D I have 6 CB Summer eggs now.
  4. I woke up just in time for the flood it seems. :'D Caught my 7.
  5. Bred this. http://dragcave.net/lineage/uXkbS Good thing they didn't refuse ehe. ;w;
  6. Yep! If I wasn't able to breed a perfect one I wouldn't have considered it valuable at all. Thanks for all of the feedback! I'll keep a open mind if I ever publicly trade them in the future. ^∀^ It's cool to know there are people interested!
  7. How many people would be interested in trading for a 3rd gen Silver Shimmer x Chronos checker? o3o It's non-inbred and both the CB Shimmers are '15. I'm not asking for an estimated value that other people might give, I'd like to hear your own opinion. I understand prize checkers aren't as desirable from a trading perspective, but if a Shimmer from the pairing mentioned above showed up in the trading threads would you be interested in trading for it? Would it be like a "I'll go all out" situation or "eh I'm cool with not getting it" situation? I'll probably only breed the checkers to gift anyways, but I'm still a bit curious. 'v'
  8. Got bombed :3 my scroll's on all the clicksite lol. Don't worry whoever you are, I saw this coming. Thanks to you I can sleep peacefully now that I know I was definitely gonna get bombed and it's not gonna be when I'm asleep. Kudos to you, bomber of the year. Not gonna be able to stay awake to see LadyLyzar post the info ;-; I'll just wake up earlier to read it!! Thank you LadyLyzar!
  9. Mm just caught my 7th bronze Lunar, they're pretty hard to catch now o~o I've been sitting in the desert for the past few hours. I'll give some of mine to my friends if they want them since they've been busy with schoolwork, otherwise I don't think I'll be hunting for any more bronze ones haha. ´ω`;; Good luck to everyone else!
  10. Caught a brown Lunar after one of my other eggs hatched a little while ago. The blue and silver adults are my favourites but I have a feeling they'll turn out to be the most rare out of the four, regardless of the official overall rarity. ;;
  11. *scrambles to the cave* AHH I'M LOCKED.
  12. Ahh such pretty adults ;o;
  13. I was close to making it for the Marrow release, but my first time experiencing a new release was the Ribbon Dancers, I'm think... In terms of non-holiday releases, maybe the Pillow, Swallowtail, and Black Stripe release then. Though I wasn't aware of the Black Stripes at all during that time.
  14. I received some 2nd gen prizes this week and I can breed this pretty checker now! Hehehe, my plan is coming together nicely... >83
  15. Such pretty eggs!! o: I caught 6 of the yellow ones, I wonder if these are dropped based on the time of day or the time of year.
  16. Caught a CB Terrae with the code ponxe just now, I thought it was cute. x)
  17. I meant to breed a 2gen Green Copper from male Gold but they produced a Gold. X) haha http://dragcave.net/lineage/WeNFi The code is pretty cool, though. And also caught a Spessartine today.
  18. Caught pARTs in the AP today, thanks Ytak for abandoning it! :3
  19. Bred this Gold. http://dragcave.net/lineage/mcmkC I've been wanting to make a checker like this for a long time now.
  20. Ah, you're right! That's interesting. I just gave it a try and it says "___ uses its knowledge of egg rearing to influence the egg to be male/female." Wonder if the incubate/fertility/etc descriptions changed as well.
  22. Hatched a 2gen PB alt Black, hopefully it genders female. >3<
  23. They probably set it to only show growing creatures.
  24. Locked myself with 7, now to wait for TJ's to hatch 8D... Good luck to everyone hunting!