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  1. Friend gifted me a CB Silver, thanks for helping me increase my hoard~ :3
  2. Ahh, I should start collecting fodder soon.. Last year I couldn't get any Zombies from the ones I prepared. I want to get an adult this year too. : D
  3. Oohhhh, thanks for this pretty, natli! <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/yJ45R
  4. I caught a CB Silver this morning. :3
  5. We had a special thanksgiving lunch at school yesterday, dinner was good too. :] Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Super windy!! I could barely shut the door when I went out. o3o
  7. Not really a congrats for me but congrats to the forums for hitting 70k users. :'D
  8. To add to the Almandine discussion, from my own experience from hunting in the past week I've seen next to no Almandines at all but several Golds dropping each day. I wouldn't advise trying to trade for an Almandine at this time because they're dropping so scarcely that they're pretty overvalued. It might be better in the future but that's the same thing I was told several months ago about the Almandine situation.
  9. Some shrimp, it wasn't a lot though. I had to hide from some unpleasant cousins today. ´-`
  10. Old video games.. 8D Not that I don't do that already.
  11. Soup! I usually don't drink soup at all but I like the one my mom makes.
  12. Missed breakfast today DX again. If I did eat breakfast though, it would be toast and eggs.
  13. I caught a few CB Silvers, at least for me they seem to be dropping a bit more than usual, or I just had too much free time. :b
  14. I got a bunch too! There was a lot of BSA eggs near incuhatchable state in the AP awhile ago, thanks to whoever was dropping them! : D
  15. AP filled with CB Halloween hatchlings?? Maybe there will be a few CB eggs but definitely not filled with hatchlings, if you meant bred halloween eggs and definitely. Judging from the previous years, there are always people missing the Halloween drop and the people who are there to catch the CBs generally don't AP the eggs unless they're code hunting. The few CB Halloween eggs that appear in the AP are grabbed almost instantly. CB Halloween up for trades after their initial drop is over is generally very pricy, at least from what I've seen. I definitely wouldn't compare Xenowyrms to CB Halloweens, Xenowyrms are a permanent release and available whenever, no matter how uncommon/rare they are at the moment or in the future. CB Halloweens are available only once and there are no restrictions for them unlike the other holidays, they have a lot of tradability. I've been trading for CB Halloween hatchy IOUs for awhile now (I have a total of 51 now) and I can say at least from my own experience it's going to be hard finding someone willing to trade IOUs in exchange for Xenowyrms/Coppers, though probably not impossible. The things I've seen success in trading for IOUs with are CB Silvers, 3rd gen Prizes, Neglecteds, etc. And for a little amount, maybe 2nd gen Metals from pairings people need specifically.
  16. I loooove the shadings on the Hollies..!! 8D
  17. I had a really bad day, particularly in the morning. If I had the ability I would want to rewind it.
  18. The weather is super bad today D: we have an API of 207!! I can barely see the buildings next to me because of the pollution.
  19. Shiny on the third try, not bad. :3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/XDdiV
  20. Yep, eggs from the AP gains views too. I AP'd a certain egg (with no views at all) right before the Christmas event last year and before it was going to die I entered it in some click sites that allow codes, it hatched in the AP.