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  1. 2scary4me? I also got 3scary5me. Maybe I'm just dumb and spelled it wrong or something, but I was pretty surprised it wasn't taken!
  2. Bred all my CB Halloweens just then and dumped 84 eggs into the AP, hopefully it'll help fuel the flood to last a little longer.
  3. I made the same mistake again. with two 2nd gens from spriter's alts this time lol.
  4. Out of 19 total I got 6 zombies. 2 hatchlings and 4 adults, too bad all the adults are female, though I did get one gendered Zombie hatchling and one ungendered one. 8D 3 of those adult Zombies were from the 5 kill slots I got today, lol. Not bad!
  5. In the first 2~4 hours of release everyone will be scrambling to catch eggs so biomes being emptied out will be a frequent occurrence, but after most people locks their scrolls it won't be hard at all. c:
  6. It's been a really long time since I got to eat breakfast, I had a bowl of vegetable porridge, some toast, and some sunny side up eggs with soy sauce. :3
  7. I told myself over and over not to catch anything before the new Halloweenies drop, but the moment I go into the AP for a peek I catch these two: SOMEBODY CONTAIN ME
  8. Yep! The collection of treats stay forever and you can view them at any time.
  9. Ahh it's been a long time since I've went trick or treating, the last time was probably grade 3 lol... The things I liked the least was a toothbrush and an apple (not candied).
  10. Thanks Stellaluna! <3 Also yay, my Halloweens are starting to grow. :'D My first adult baby.
  11. http://dragcave.net/lineage/cCnqS I SCREAMED SO LOUD BOI
  12. Do eggs get a day added to them when they enter the queue, when they show up in the AP, or when someone picks them up?
  13. Was another set of treats released? o: I just woke up. Loving the pepe one. <3
  14. I'm pretty sure it's from Hannibal. x3
  15. My first egg hatched. :3 *runs back into the AP*
  16. Esdren

    Flight Rising

    Thanks CatCreature and ObsessedWithCats! I'm sure you'll win one if you keep trying Slaskia, good luck! Hope everyone is having fun, happy RoR. :3
  17. Esdren

    Flight Rising

    Whoa..!! The skin I submitted for RoR was one of the winning entries..!! Edit: ahh it's cool to have a vista, I never imagined I'd ever get to have a vista on fr haha
  18. Bred holiday eggs are set to appear immediately, it won't take long after breeding starts that the normal eggs get pushed back completely. : D