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  1. A sandstorm brewed up yesterday and stayed for the entire afternoon, and days before that the pollution was really bad. But today is clear and windy, it's not even that hot, I can see the sky and clouds today. : D
  2. I caught a few Spessartines, it seems like they're dropping a lot more now, but it might be just me.
  3. Esdren


    We have a purebred British Shorthair, he's 5 years old. We bought him from a breeder and raised him since he was a kitten. I love him. <3
  4. I'm allergic to most fruits, but luckily I'm not allergic to my favourite fruit. I like durian the best, a lot of people turn it down because of it's smell but I don't find it stinky at all, it's delicious. <3
  5. I did this test a few years ago after seeing it on tumblr and got a relatively bad score, but a few weeks ago when my TOK teacher asked us to do it in class I got 4.
  6. I woke up kinda late today, and didn't want to trouble my mom, so I just went through the fridge to find whatever was edible on the spot. Had a piece of bread and a few pickles. :b
  7. jljklsjfs I'm doing everything wrong today. ): Just bred a 3gen prize to the wrong mate.
  8. I've collected 7 pairs of CB Green Gemshards, 7 pairs of CB Red Gemshards, and 9 pairs of CB Blue Gemshards since their release day. Altogether, including the mateless ones, I've got 51 CB Gemshards. I'm not too sure if that's a lot or not. Since I'm sure there are people with more, but no matter, I must keep hoarding. B] Never stop.
  9. Personally I would be more than happy to trade a 2gen Metal from a common mate for 4 lineaged Reds or 2 CB Reds, but it's highly subjective.
  10. My school had a multicultural food festival yesterday. : D The whole soccer field was packed with people. There were maybe 12~15 countries present and at least two families that brought food for each. Lucky I just stayed at school with my friend until the festival started, cause awhile after I got in the line was already to the lobby (to get into the the fair, they're giving everyone stamps and stuff since last year people were wasting food left and right). I liked Korea and Norway the best. <3
  11. Bred around four 3gen prizes that I intended on gifting to someone, but I totally forgot to influence them. D:
  12. My second all numbers code from the cave: http://dragcave.net/lineage/23256
  13. Not sure what system you're using, but if you're on mac then you can just press Command Shift 4 and click and drag your cursor across whatever you want to take a screenshot of. It'll make a PNG file of the image on your desktop instantly. :b Or Command shift 3 to take a screenshot of the entire screen.
  14. I'm really tired. Yesterday I lent my TI-84 to a classmate because they needed a calculator for a problem, but they said they forgot it in the biology classroom when I asked for it back after school. My bio teacher is currently on a trip away so we have a substitute right now, so the door isn’t always open unless it’s during school hours. I was anxious and stressed the entire afternoon because I was scared someone would snatch it, I wouldn't have been so pent-up if bio was last period or something and it just got locked up until the next morning, but it was actually second period and a bunch of different classes came and went throughout the day while my TI-84 was just sitting there. With the exams coming up next week, two presentations due tomorrow, an essay due the week during exams and a major project that’s required for my curriculum due next week after the exams, added with the fact that TI-84s are expansive as heck, I couldn’t really get much sleep. X~X Maybe I'm just overreacting.
  15. I did a test breed and it doesn't look bad! : D http://dragcave.net/lineage/rwJZm
  16. I've done a few Nuzlockes before. One on Ruby, Leafgreen, Pearl, White 2, and a Voltwhite race with my friend. :b I don't do them much anymore though, but I still reread the comic when I remember to.
  17. It's not much, but I bred these two: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zY2wy http://dragcave.net/lineage/NgGQQ ^^ Will probably gift them both to a friend.
  18. Pretty much. Some players like to custom sort their scrolls and add different "benchmark dragons" as I call it in various places to give information or show where certain dragons are located. For example someone could have a dragon named "my forum name is ___" at the top of their scroll, or a dragon named "CB metals" and then have their CB metals placed underneath that dragon. [: I for one organise my scroll like that and I have 25 Avatars being used as benchmarks right now, I can think of a bunch of other people who do this too, but they don't necessarily use Avatars like I do.
  19. I doubt you'll be able to get a 2gen from Spriter's Alt with that unless the Spriter is specifically looking for one. Awhile ago I remember a Spriter posting two 2gens from their alts and wanted a 2gen Avatar from metals for either one. In cases like that you'll probably be able to get a 2gen from a Spriter's Alt, but if you ask for 2gens yourself then it's unlikely Spriter's will bite. You can always try your luck though! (: The value of 2gen Golds/Silvers vary a lot from person to person, for me whenever I managed to breed 2gen metal I just throw it in the departures, but I see loads of people trying to trade them as well.
  20. I live a few minutes away from my city's west train station, which is also the biggest of the four major stations here. I don't really ever travel by train unless it's for a school trip though. :b It's always really busy here with taxis and cars coming and going constantly, dropping people off and picking people up. Sometimes after school when I'm trying to get a taxi home the drivers refuse me because the traffic is such a nightmare. Takes about an hour for me to get home by car when there isn't much traffic, but other times 2~3 hours on really bad days.
  21. Awhile ago I had someone offer a CB Silver for a 2gen PB curled Black alt I had. I'm not sure if curled or sitting hatchlings is still a thing now since I haven't really invested much specifically in the alt market in the recent years, but back then curled alts were a lot more desirable.
  22. Tea eggs. (maybe? i'm not sure what it's called in english)