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  1. Probably super late, but thanks to Commander Wymsy for the surprise gift! <3
  2. It was a pretty long time ago when I got my first trio, I'm pretty sure it was on EATW sometime in 2010. I was pretty ecstatic about it because at that time I didn't care about lineages at all and trios were on the CB metallic tier to me, while actual metallics were a far cry lol.
  3. It didn't rain today... ugh.. D: The pollution really spiked today, the AQI is around 290. Hopefully we'll get some wind or rain in the next few days to blow this all away.
  4. I've never used makeup before. I was never too confident with how I looked but the idea of using makeup makes me a bit uncomfortable, maybe I'll get into it when I'm older. ^^
  5. Hatched a 2gen PB curled alt Black. Now if it would just gender female...
  6. It's been cloudy and stuffy for a few days now. There's a storm forecasted tomorrow, hopefully it'll happen.
  7. Caught a CB Green Copper and bred these three: http://dragcave.net/lineage/itgZ8 http://dragcave.net/lineage/V33lI http://dragcave.net/lineage/Oqqdw
  8. I'm feeling tired, had a pretty unlucky day in real life today.
  9. It rained last night. Today was cool and sunny.
  10. BRUH NO. http://dragcave.net/lineage/wWlWh
  11. Exhausted, physically and emotionally. x_x
  12. I have a 2gen prize, a 2gen thuwed, and a 2gen from a Spriter's Alt growing up on my scroll at the same time. I'm happy. <3
  13. I personally don't consider CB Metallics to be the same value as 2gen ones (unless from special parentage like Spriter's Alt, CB hybrid, etc), regardless of the breed and mate, but unless you find someone who don't value CB Silvers that much and is looking for the specific pairing you have, then probably! I had a friend who traded a CB Silver away because she wanted a 2gen from a specific mate before. ^^ For your other question, it depends on what kind of 3gen prize you're looking for and the trader who's trading it. Factors to consider are the birth year of the original prize, the rarity of the pairing, number of offspring the original prize had etc. A 3gen from one of the original Tinsels or Shimmers from a commonly seen pairing isn't going to be as expensive as a 3gen from a 2014~2015 prize with a pairing that's seldom seen. I doubt you'll get a 3gen prize offered to you unless it's from someone who's seeking a 2gen Gold from Solstice specifically, since 3gen Prizes usually go for more valuable things on average. (: Maybe if you add some more things, like a CB Copper maybe, then you'll get some bites.
  14. Danny Phantom, probably. I still like it a lot. x_x
  15. Esdren

    Warrior Cats Books!

    Oh boy, ehehe, I use to be a pretty avid Warriors fan while I was still in my prime. >3< I'm a bit weaker now though. I started reading when I was in grade 4 and stayed with the series until the end, I still own every single book beginning to end including the mangas and super editions. I think when I caught up with the newest releases it was still the Power of Three arc.
  16. Most of the quizzes I took put me in Slytherin, I got put in Slytherin on Pottermore too. c:
  17. Boruto Uzumaki from awhile ago and some other ones that were introduced in Naruto Gaiden. Also got Sharkboy and Lavagirl, lol.
  18. I'm feel pretty good. I only have one more exam to get through and then it's a Me to We school trip my grade is participating in. c: But directly afterwards are my internal assessments for every subject before summer officially starts for us, and there's a lot of work to do during the summer too. ;;
  19. 7-eleven sushi and a carton of strawberry milk.
  20. Just bred 20 2gen purebred Gemshards into the AP. : D