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  1. It's been a headache trying to find one in stores haha, I regret not getting a preorder. xd.png


    Managed to snag one from London Drugs though, unexpected place for switches to be in stock at. I'm getting Zelda to play and is excited for both upcoming Fire Emblems, Monster Hunter, and potential Pokemon / Animal Crossing.

  2. It looks like a more complicated situation now that both sides of the story has come out.. I personally can't take sides with either parties.


    I can understand why TJ did what he did when the possibility of tracing came up, he probably didn't have all the time in the world to decide on the action to take since the hatchlings were due to grow up soon. If the original adults were revealed to the userbase there was a possibility of backlash (regarding the tracing, regardless of how small the chance may be) against the artists that would have resulted in drama either way. I don't know. While it was unfair to Tazzay and EEF when the sprites were replaced completely, I think what TJ did was justifiable enough in terms of keeping the drama down and not blemishing the artists' names.


    I don't think, at least to a growing artist who's only making art for themselves, that tracing/referencing or taking inspiration from something is a bad thing if they keep it to themselves or credit accordingly. (there is nothing shameful about crediting)

    While I don't know if tracing did actually occur or not and I'm not stating this towards this situation specifically; I don't agree with using traces, or partially traced things in "official" situations, submission, etc and whatever. Just out of respect for the thing you're submitting/using it for and out of respect for the original inspiration.


    This all turned to be quite a mess, I hope the heat settles down soon. ):

  3. The original sprites are gorgeous. Now that I know Tazzay and edwardelricfreak wasn't aware of the change and was kept in the dark as much as we were I'm not really sure how to feel about the release anymore.


    I do hope that at least the artists get an explanation even if the userbase doesn't.



  4. I finished Moon a few days ago and have Sun on a japanese 3DS right now (to soft reset for a shiny starter later), I enjoyed playing Moon more than I thought I would for sure!


    I'm at 96% complete for my pokedex, definitely have the GTS to thank for most of that. Feebas is GREAT trade fodder.

  5. *Edit* Would anyone happen to know (or at least what thread it's in), what transmutes into what? ^^; Like, what makes sludge, goo, etc. ^^; I had it written down somewhere but I can't remember where I wrote it ^^;

    Food = Goo

    Materials = Ooze

    Apparel = Slime

    Familliars = Muck

    Trinkets = Sludge

  6. Holy biscuits! xd.png hehe If you get a 4th next month, I'll eat my hat xd.png Seriously though, that's awesome! :3

    Thank you! <3 Haha, it would be funny if I got a fourth one! I'll eat a hat too. xd.png I'll try my luck again next month for Wavecrest Saturnalia. :3


    Happy Jamboree, by the way!

  7. I scattered one of my 5 digit gen ones today as per usual once every few weeks, and she scattered into a near XXY (just one colour off!). XD


    I love her colours regardless, gened her up and covered her with apparel. <3


    user posted image

  8. Thanks FluffyPillow for the congrats! Sorry about the late reply haha. >3<''


    The new crossroads system is cool! A lot more reliable and I especially like the messaging system, might take a little while to get used to though.. I handle a lot of transactions on a daily basis, my organisation will need some changing. :D

    I almost didn't realise it was released until someone sent me a payment using it, no one ever sends me CRs so it surprised me a bit haha.

  9. I love the new venue biggrin.gif the aesthetic of the monsters is just right! I'll be camping there from now on, no more Crystal Pools silk hunting for me lol.


    And, got a Honourable Mention in Trickmurk's skin contest, two HMs in a roll now. It's cool to know that HMs get a prize too, I was surprised with a single skin blueprint from Undel when I got a HM from the Gala last month. :b

    A few people has expressed interest in a copy of my submission if it didn't win so I can at least make a run or two from it!