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  1. People are funny that way, I guess. Thanks so much!
  2. I wonder why people are talking about the new eggs over here? I thought this thread was for the other events? At any rate, are there only 24 items to find in the carnival? And how many treats are there?
  3. Once again, missed out on a release due to not having email notification of the news post despite being subscribed for that explicit purpose, and now it looks like they're going to be on the rare side so I doubt I'll be able to get even a set of each without a lot of difficulty and time (which takes away the fun of it for me). TJ, thank you for the release and for managing DC and everything, but I'm getting really frustrated and feel less and less like bothering as the months go by. And this is coming from someone who has kept myself almost constantly scroll-locked for years.
  4. That recent news second would be a godsend, since the way you do the New Release posts means I don't get emails about new releases that I specifically subscribed to the News forum to get. It still means I'll have to visit the website to find that out, but at least I visit every 3-4 days to get new cave-born eggs, so I'll be likely to see it pretty close to the release day...just not close enough for my liking. Still, thank you for this feature specifically! It's a move in the right direction.
  5. I would be extremely disappointed to see the Portal 2 (dark) skin disappear, and I've never used another skin since that one came out, though I think I tried the default one after a while and that lasted all of two seconds. It's possible you could rework the Portal 2 skin to something similar, like with the same color scheme with the dark background and blue and white coloring everywhere and all that, but remove the Portal 2 part and replace it with something more generic and related to dragons or a medieval fantasy setting. It might be a way to offer a 'dark' version of the cave and making it more appealing to people who don't know what Portal is or who don't like it and without completely ruining/removing my favorite skin.
  6. Oh thank god for that. It's a massive pain to rearrange my scroll one at a time when I have over a dozen of each gender and type. Now it'll be super easy! Thank you!
  7. I really wish he would give it a lot of thought, as it's very frustrating to not get notified of the things i subscribed to get notified of in the first place. I'm too busy to constantly monitor the forum (or to remember to do so) for new releases, so I will miss a lot of new releases going forward if he does indeed do away with the schedule.
  8. The problem is that notifications for News subscription aren't sent out for every News post. I only ever get emails regarding posts on stuff like downtime, but not posts on new releases or events or anything important that I actually want to know about. I have complained about this before and it has yet to be fixed. I can see myself missing many a release date because I'm just too busy to remember to check the forum every day.
  9. If the forum would actually notify me, as I've repeatedly requested, of new News posts, I wouldn't mind more random releases. As it is, I'm too busy as a full time college student to constantly monitor (or to remember to monitor) the forum in the hope of spotting posts regarding release of new dragons, events, and features. Knowing when to expect a release makes things easier on me and makes it more enjoyable for me since I'm one of those people who prefers to grab a set of new dragons on release day. Then again, I'm sure my opinion won't matter, as usual. Thank you for the new dragon. It's a pretty color and I'm excited to see what it could be.
  10. Having three new dragons this month almost makes up for having no release last month for what I feel now more than ever was a completely unnecessary release cancellation. Thank you for the new eggs. Can't wait to see them hatch.
  11. Alright then, so I was wrong. Is that really only as far back as the promised monthly releases go? I could swear more were cancelled than that.
  12. My main problem is that the 'monthly release' tends to be canceled more often than actually being done because of other things going on. Maybe that's not 100% accurate but it seems that way to me. Plus, the anniversary thing this year was a letdown after the awesome craziness of last year's huge celebration release. Breeding Avatars wasn't even anything most could participate in, and my one attempt that I was lucky enough to even have was met with no egg being produced whatsoever, and now it's followed by canceling the closest monthly release date this year? Disappointing. All that basically means I just go back to the tedium of collecting random eggs to fulfill my generous scroll goal of 16 CB adults of each gender of each dragon. I enjoy the craziness of a new release and trying to grab them and watching TJ's hatch and grow up while wondering if the adults will look anything like I imagine they will. I hate to be negative about it, but I was really excited when TJ rolled out the monthly release program. Like I said, it seems to be canceled more often than actually being done. This is just another instance of that happening, and I don't see the justification as most couldn't even breed Avatars. However, thanks for everything you do, TJ. We love DC and I don't think people would complain if it didn't mean anything to them, as odd as that sounds. Looking forward to the Encyclopedia!
  13. After not being able to participate in the birthday new dragon release, this is disappointing. Thank you, though, for the new features.
  14. I hate to chime in with those complaining, especially as I've been able to summon two GoNs (the second just this past week, though I froze it at stage 2 not thinking they would ever be used for anything). My one adult GoN denied me any sort of egg. I hope that more birthday stuff will come in the following days, because this was a slightly disappointing 'event' as compared to last year's (even though it was a little hectic, everyone could participate). I feel really bad for those who have spent years attempting to summon a GoN to no avail. I'm hoping that with the new bump in the success rate, this will help those people. However, I really feel bad for those who are unable to participate in the birthday celebration along with everyone else lucky enough to have a GoN. I feel a bit cheated myself, even though I had one shot. All I can really say is good luck everyone, as well as thank you TJ for DC and for the new dragons.
  15. These eggs are so pretty! I'm REALLY excited to see them hatch! Thank you TJ! Also....so much for sleeping in on the weekend.. Not really digging the new release time.
  16. Not really any one post to quote, but thanks for responding about the deleted posts. I do understand why my post and the others had to be deleted, and I do think the art credit posts should be up top, but I'll admit that it bummed me out a little bit when I saw it was gone without anyone telling me why. Also, I didn't just say something like "whoop!"..I had a longer message prepared to copy/paste in when the news post went live saying thank you, wishing everyone a happy holiday and some other things. I always do that when I think to stalk the news post and get a front page reply. Either way, thanks for explaining when I asked. And Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I LOVE the egg and the hatchling is gorgeous! Really looking forward to seeing it grow up. I'm hoping it looks as pretty and delicate as the egg design does. Thanks for the new dragon and the flowers!
  17. I didn't think that was needed...I was sure your similar posts had been moved up in the past without requiring deletion of our posts... I'm not hugely upset over it but I'm still kind of disappointed..
  18. I don't understand...I had the 3rd reply on this news post and now my post and everyone else's are gone. =/ We didn't say anything bad, so why..
  19. As usual, didn't win. I'm not going to throw a temper tantrum over it, but it is annoying to know I can pretty much never get CBs of some dragons, and that my chances of getting even a 2nd gen are pretty much nil. It's frustrating enough to know I can't get retired dragons and CBs of holiday dragons that were released before I started, but it's worse being here and being excluded from owning a dragon. Sure, it's 'fair' because everyone who met the requirements had the same chance to be drawn as a winner, but it's still frustrating to never be able to complete a scroll to my liking. Relying on the rare generosity of others gets you nowhere fast, and if you're not involved in the community and best friends with everyone then you have no chance at all; it's also much more difficult to make friends even anonymously because inevitably a winner believes you know they're a winner and are only friendly because you want something from them. I feel like the exclusive prize dragons cause more harm and trouble than good, but that's my two cents. Still, I am glad to see that there are quite a few winners this year. Congrats to everyone who won. Here's hoping for next year.
  20. Haha yeah I love him where he ended up. I got the suggestion from someone in the IRC, though I had initially thought of it and dismissed it without even trying it before that. I love the little snow-kitties so much I didn't want to give him up.
  21. WHAT?! When was the kitty sculpture added?! OMG I would have been so upset if I had missed adding one to my fort. D: I'm so glad I randomly decided to come back and check out some people's forts, as I've had mine done since the 27th. D: Also thank you for the kitty sculpture, lol <3 EDIT: Of course, figuring out WHERE to put the kitty sculpture is another problem entirely...
  22. Haha thank you. I'm worried it looks a little busy but I still love having multiple forts on my map instead of just 'mine'. I have my own little war going on. I...may have overdone it on the kitties, though.
  23. I think your fort is my favorite ever, and it almost makes me sad to look back at mine... T^T Still, I did update my fort from what I had before. All the new items let me update each individual fort on my little map so they were more individually impressive/cute/fun than before. We've got the unholy alliance between the snowmen and the chicken lords to the north. To the west we have the roosters and their humble igloo with a healthy supply of snowballs. To the east we have team purple defending a log cabin. And to the south we have team red dragon being overconfident in the forest with their gingerbread house and one or two snowballs...then again, they do have a dragon, so there's that. I...think I may have gone overboard with the kitties...
  24. Oh yeah, for sure. As it turns out there were some pretty awesome new things and I was able to massively improve what I had before. It's a little more busy looking, but with my multiple forts/teams thing going on, each one looks more awesome and different than before. :3