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  1. @HeatherMarie Yeah, when I saw them as hatchlings together on my scroll I knew I had to try!  They were too cute!



    @StarSea They look lovely together! 😍


    @SamuelMaybird I don't know if you meant Ribbon Dancer or not? But I did a mockup of the ones you said ^^






    Winter Magi:




    Ribbon Dancer:




    Soooo, some more :P I'll basically try with everything I think might have a slight chance of making a good mate hehe


    With Brutes! I like it.





    With Diamondwings. Not really liking the combinations but I made so I might as well show it!





    With Embers. Why the heck not, right? :P






    With Fever Wyverns!!! To be fair, I think Fever Wyverns look great with most things!







  2. 1 hour ago, Malcorium said:

    In my personal stanky opinion, arcana + mageia = otp.


    Although gaias and tangars might also look pretty good with them. Hmm. Too lazy to splice them together atm though.

    You're absolutely right!!


    Arcane * Mageia  - the pairing is fantastic!







    They also look really good with Gaias!








    I love them with Green Fire Gems too! 😮 I'm not really a fan of Fire Gems, but the colors go really well together!



    Edit: I'll add more as I do them because I like procrastinating and I love these new babes!


    So they don't look half bad with my other favourite Halloween, Witchlights. I'd like more contrast, but what can you do!







    I thought maybe they'd look good with Wrapping Wings but I'm not sure about the results... I leave it there anyway, if anyone is curious!





    @Ripan Here, with Antarean. Not too bad! :D






    Oh, they look pretty good with Bright Breasted Wyverns too! 😍





  3. 11 minutes ago, bones17601 said:

    Has anyone seen/revealed the alts yet?

    I think we'll see them when users' dragons start to grow up too, as they'll also grow on spriters' scrolls. Right now only TJ's are adults!


    In any case, that's what I think 🤔

  4. Oh goodness, they're GORGEOUS!!

    I absolutely love the colors, oh my, they are so pretty!! I especially love the female!


    I can't wait to breed them and start making amazing lineages with them!


    Thanks to both spriters, they are really amazing!! And I love the idea of wizard dragons 😛

  5. I'll be at work when the hatchies grow 😫I think I'll still try to sneek a quick look, I' m so impatient!


    I think I still haven't congratulated everyone who participated in making this event possible! Thanks to all the spriters and especially congratsbto TCA ^^

  6. I caught a dino! 😍

    I've been hatching and abandoning eggs to the AP all morning and I casually decided to look at the biomes for a 5-min drop. Decided to stay on the Jungle and the first egg of the 5-min drop had a loooong description. I clicked like a mad person without thinking x') But I caught it, yay!

  7. I have... conflicting thoughts, regarding religion. 


    I personally am what could be called agnostic atheist, as in I don't actually know if there's a higher power or not (and therefore won't confirm it or deny it) but it is my personal believe that there's not. And I think if there was proof that God existed, I could believe in his existence, but not in him.  I'm not comfortable with the possibility of destiny, of our paths being chosen for us, of a higher power able to mess with our life. When I was younger (like 8-9 yo) I attended catechesis. I think I never really believed, even if I asked to be baptized. I thought everyone was like me: that we chose to tell the stories so we'd have something to guide us but that we all knew they were not true. Turns out nop. Some people really believe it happened. I'm okay with that, obviously, but I just... don't believe it happened.

    I'm sure many things have an historical basis, but the major things like Moises receiving the word of God, Jesus, etc? That sounds like fantasy to me. I'm just not able to believe these things.

    And to be totally honest, I can feel uncomfortable when people speak about it with certainty, because they truly believe it happened. I'm torn between the part of me that says "Everyone believes what they want and you cannot prove anything" and the part that doesn't understand how you can possibly believe these things... Because I don't believe the more "fantasy" bits, I'm unable to see how some people can. I don't know if I explain myself...


    That's just me. 

    There's no proof there's nothing out there neither, and I understand why people find comfort in believing and being part of a community (though you can be part of a community without it having to be religious, tbh). But I have to admit that, as much as I respect personal belief, I have a problem with institutionalized religion. I have no problem with Catholicism, for example, but I don't like the Church (capital C) at all. And I don't mean individual churches with the priests and everything, I mean the Big Church, the Vatican, the whole head of the organization. For me, religion is an personal and deeply intimate thing. You can share it with others if that brings you joy, obviously, and I won't deny convents, monasteries (etc) have done good deeds, but the Institution... yeah, no, I won't say what I think exactly because I fear I might offend some people. But that? I have a big problem with, yes.

    Idk. I feel like on an individual level, monotheists religions can be a guide for morality and how to act towards others, to find solace and joy for some, to be a part of something greater than us. I respect that. But on an institutional level, it feels to me it's another tool to control the people and decide for them what's right and what's wrong. That's... not for me, at all. 


    I cannot speak about other religions/practices though (buddhism, wicca, any and all form of paganism...) because I don't know enough about them. I've always been more inclined towards polytheists religions because they feel more organic to me. I don't know if there's a god for the forests and another for the rivers, and another for the crops, but I do believe in some kind of... balance, on Earth. Mother Nature might not be a conscious being or a goddess, but it is a powerful force we should respect because it's the basis for our survival. I'm really interested in learning about those believes, the ones that bring us closer to the earth and to nature, from where we come from. 


    (Sorry for my ramble, and sorry if I offended anyone. It's really not my intention. )

  8. 32 minutes ago, Hazerino said:

    oh i also love the prematured pipio hatchling. The Littlest Man.



    Yes to this. I coo everytime I see them. They are SO cute. 😍


    It's really hard to decide, honestly! 

    Ok, so without giving it too much thought, the firsts that come to mind are:

    Aether adult (I mean, look at the colors!! and fluffly!)






    Witchlight (I love both, but if I had to chose, I'd say female wins) --> I think it's the winner. I always thought they were my fave Halloween but looking at it closely, I think they are my favorite sprite, point!



    Shimmers!! I think bronze is my fave.



    There are so many... Some sprites I love for their colors, some for their pose, some for the general feel of it. Some for all the above. So hard to choose 😢 


  9. I missed the egg stages on TJ's eggs, they are amazing! I love that green fire.


    7 of my new Halloweens hatched tonight, I'm gonna be able to save some of those poor AP eggs! I'm on it.

    The S1 are really gorgeous, btw.

    And wow, can we please make lineages with hatchies? Because this looks incredible:


    Thank you scroll for that fortunate pretty pairing!

  10. 2 minutes ago, Lurhstaap said:

    Interesting, they're non-dimorphic (at least as hatchies.) I wonder if they'll stay that way?

    They'll probably be dimorphic as adults. That's why TJ has 3: one to freeze as S2 hatch and one for both adults ^^

  11. I Want to Sign Up! 


    Forum Name: relaks

    Scroll Name: relaks

    Group Name: Relaks' Secret Santa 2018



    1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2g Prize


    2. CB Copper, 2G Metal (if at all possible, not from Holidays)


    3. CB Blusang, CB Aeon, CB Xeno, CB Magma, CB Thunder


    4. CB Zyu (yellow/grey prefered), CB Blue Baikala 


    5. CB Green Fire Gem, CB Kingcrowne, CB Lumina. 2G from any Holiday (with pretty mate of your choice, commons prefered), except: Omen, Pumpkin, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magis, Holly.


    6. 2G from M Falconiform * F Moonstone; 2G Undine from M Undine * F Aether; 2G Sunrise from M Aether * F Sunrise; pretty 2G Aethers


    7.  Any perfect even checker, no matter the breeds ! 



    Breeding abilities:  I don't have much in terms of lineages I can breed yet, but I'll list what I have. I can breed/make:

    - Prizes --> all staircases: 4g Gold Shimmers (1 from common mate, 1 from Desipis), 4G Silver Shimmer, 5G Bronze Shimmer, 5G Gold Tinsel, 6G Gold Tinsel

    - 2G Silver from M Silver

    - 3G Gold (staircase)

    - 4G Thuwed (staircase)

    - 2G PBs of most commons

    - 3G to 6G checkers from common breeds

    - Holiday lineages: can do quite a few 3G checkers, a couple of 4G. 

    - 2G Hybrids


    Catching abilities: I've been able to catch Zyus and Xenos, in terms of rares/uncommons. I won't be able to hunt a lot on January, so I cannot promise any uncommon CB's, sorry.


    Trading abilities: I never manage to get what I really want with my trades, so I must be bad at trading for things I don't have...


    Teleport abilities: I have 13 Magis, it should be enough (I think?).

  12. 3 hours ago, Rexsaurus said:

    Well I almost got a 2nd heart attack because I got another prize.


    Good luck to everyone for next time!

    What's your secret? 😬

    Congrats, be sure to buy some lottery, it's your lucky day it seems!



    And congrats to all the other winners :)

  13. 12 minutes ago, Lady Dragoon said:

    But thanks to the fact I spammed click myself into getting five of the new Halloween dragons from the Coast I'm set for the next raffle. :P

     Same 😂 I panicked-clicked. Well, that's taken care of!



    No win for me neither! I'll take those cookies. It's still Halloween, yeah? So gimme sugar!!



    Thanks @Natayah for the encouraging words! We do have to remind ourselves this is just a fun game, in the end ^^

  14. Happy Halloween everyone!


    I love the new eggs!! They make me think of candy tbh, maybe we'll have a more funny-themed breed this year? I would be okay with anything to be honest, I just want to see what they look like :P

    Got 7 already (on my cell at that), I'm egglocked for a few more hours. I refuse to abandon that Witchlight egg, it will hatch in time for me to grab a last egg from the new breed :P 


    I wish a successful hunt to everyone! ❤️

  15. I wasn't nearly as prepared as you guys, just had 7 dead adults and 8 dead hatchies, all S2. 😅

    Out of those, I had:

    • Adults: 1 zombie (1 wyvern), 2 revives, 4 disintegrates. 
    • Hatchies: 5 zombies (1 western, 1 drake, 1 pygmy, 1 wyvern, 1 wingless), 0 revive, 3 disintegrates

    Kinda bumped... really wanted more adult zombies. 😭But I'm happy I have some zombie hatchlings now at least, and some variety :) I'll take care of my one adult zombie lol.

    I'll be better prepared next year though :P I've learned some lessons!

  16. Just realized I just have 2 slots right now and none of my hatchies will grow before the end of tomorrow... Which means I have to abandon 6 hatchies if I want to hoard the new breed as much as I can. It will be a hard choice. I miscalculated how long they'd take to grow up 😢

  17. I mean, I know the sensible thing would be to grab as many Halloween eggs as possible. But imagine winning the Raffle and having to force yourself to wait days before taking the egg. The torture 😂

    Good luck to all of you ❤️

  18. With all the excitement about Halloween, I nearly forgot tomorrow's raffle. I know it's useless to get my hopes up but... well, I'm only human.


    Question is: if I win (and it's a big if), should I take the egg immediately or wait a couple of days so I can hoard the new Halloween breed? 😝

  19. I'm so excited for tomorrow ! I wanna see the new breed so badly, I wonder what it will look like! I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Right now my fave of all are Witchlights, I'm hoping for some competition for that title :P 


    And yay!! My first dragons grew up into beautiful adults. Gosh, Witchlights are so pretty. What a shame we cannot breed them again until next year 😢 

    I don't want to be scroll-locked tomorrow so I'm carefully picking some last few eggs from the AP. Plus, I don't want to use my last 8 reds so I can use them with the new breed (when did I run out of Reds??? I need more!!), I have to refrain myself from incubating the AP eggs, lol. 


    Anyway. I still have work to do, hehe!

  20. Oh gosh, ready for my second batch to hatch!

    I managed my goals for this Halloween, now I'm kinda free to grab some more CB's or try and look for something pretty in the AP.


    I replayed the story and managed to get all 24 of the items! Yay! 🎉


    And honestly, this is the cutest thing:



    For some reason, it made me go "aaawwww!".

  21. On 10/12/2018 at 4:43 PM, Twimm said:

    My favorite color is deep green with hints of blue. If you remember the Crayola crayon called Jungle Green, that's about right. It's also a shade of green tourmaline

    That's a lovely color that I like a lot too!


    I think my favorite color is the green you can see when you look up in a forest. It's not a unique color, mind you, there are different kind of trees and therefor greens. There's the light coming through the leaves, so the edges are light, with a transparent quality to them. I guess it's more an ambiance than a colour? But, yeah, I love green.


    I do love thet green/blue color Twimm mentioned though, it's a close second. Basically, anything that reminds me of some of the beaches I've had the pleasure to see on holidays.