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  1. Honestly, after seeing so many users having a hard time catching CB Omens (with many saying they weren't able to catch any at all), I am, for a totally selfish reason, glad that there's a limit to Christmas and Valentines CBs. I'm missing most of Christmas CBs for old breeds, for example (because I'm not really around for that particular holiday), and I'm glad I won't have that much competition. For newer users, that's even more breeds to catch up with.


    On the other hand, it's hard to build checkers or other lineages when you only have 2 CBs, so once I catch up I'll probably want more, lol.


    With the new Holiday biome, I personally like the compromise of  2 new CBs per year. If you caught 2 CB garlands in Christmas 2017, then you could grab 2 more CB garlands in 2018 in the biome. No more CB garlands until 2019, where you could grab 2 more. 

    Sure, it makes planning for lineages longer than with Halloweens, but it's a good compromise and, because every user would be limited, the competition on older breeds wouldn't be make new users so disadvantaged. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, purplehaze said:

    My raffle status page for November doesn't seem to be right. I got two Arcana from the coast, but my page still shows Raise 2/3 adult dragons from the Coast

    I don't see the problem? If you got 2 Arcanae from the Coast, then that's 2 dragons out of 3, yes?


    Edit: Ninja'd! 

  3. I can't believe the wall is still going strong. I'm totally scroll-locked (I feel this statement has been true continuously for the past 2 weeks lol). I managed to snatch 10 pretty Omens yesterday (well, 2 are PB and I don't know if I'll keep them yet because I'm not really interested in PB). I hadn't planned to add to my collection of Omens this Halloween, but there you go :P 

    I wish the hatchies would gender faster so I could know if I keep them or not. Sadly, I only have 3 Aeons (I actually didn't really see the point of their BSA until this holiday, lol) and they are all loooong used. So here I am, wondering impatiently x) So far I've been pretty lucky in that regard and most eggs I've snatched ended up gendering correctly!


    Anyway, I think we are getting to the end... Maybe tomorrow we won't see any more Halloween on the AP?


    Edit: On another note I started the event with 61 Halloweens in total and now have 131. I now have at least one CB pair of each breed, and I also doubled my Witchlight collection (which, in case I haven't said it enough, is my favorite breed :P ) . 

    I need to up my game for Christmas, hehe!

  4. 1 hour ago, osmarks said:

    We are, however, not using Latin, we are using English, so English pluralization (stick an S on and hope it sounds okay) should be used.

    Some words in English are actually latin and therefor use latin plural. Cactus --> cacti. Larva --> larvae. Impromptu is correct in English and is still a latin word. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, random_dragon_collector said:

    TJ said since it only affected some time zones, he had to roll it back.  But I have a solution--let it run a full 24 hours!  :P


    Yeah, like he cares that much about different time zones when new releases only drop for a few hours before they start to mix with older breeds 🙄

  6. Well, I had hope for a few hours ... 😢

    Now to save shards again until I can buy a Silver.

    I'm kinda irritated because I sent a Spessartine to the AP to have an eggslot for this, but I guess I have myself to blame alone. 😕

  7. Halloween is the holiday that can mess up ratios because there's no limit to how many CBs we can catch + we already had the holiday biome last year so the number of CB incremented... and with people breeding their CB (+ all the lineages), that's potentially thousands of new eggs in DC in a few days...


  8. Ok now you're scaring me. I thought it was because of some change in the ratios or something due to the increase in Halloween (it's the first holiday since the beginningof the market), I honestly didn't think of a glitch... 😅 I don't want to lose the eggs I bought or the shards, but I mostly don't want to be accused of cheating or something... 😕

  9. 7 of my Arcane grow up in 1h.... So impatient! I'll have eggslots to grab some more AP babes and I'll have beautiful adults on my scroll 😍Unfortunately, I'll be on my way to work, on the subway... let's see how I manage x)

    Can't believe I just woke up and it's only 12:45am cave time 😂

  10. So I focused on catching up on old CB's I didn't have and my own lineages but I still caught some pretties in the AP... and obviously I took advantage of the wall :P 


    I love me some Graves and I caught quite a few of them 😻

    Thank you anons for this lovely 3g checker and this 3g PB.

    And thanks @Laura-Lana to for this one!

    Thanks @Aie for this lovely pair, I'm waiting for next year to keep it going!

    And thank you very much to @twol8sue for this amazing lineage! It's lovely!


    I also caught some lovely SW!

    Thanks anon for this 2g, I really like how the parents look!

    Thanks Lyncerta and anon for these 3g checkers: here & here.


    Thanks anon for this lovely, lovely 4g checker from SA Desipis! (Btw, premonition much? Look at all the "Arcana" names on the CB side :P )  

    Thanks @tjenni for this beautiful 3g Caligene checker! That pairing is really pretty!


    And I caught some lovely 2g Witchlights, which are my fave breed ever! I had already so many lineage ideas, and now I have even more thanks to these. What am I gonna do next year? 😂

    First of all, thanks anons for both of these Aether * Witchlight (one and two) which combine two breeds I'm absolutely in love with. I LOVE IT.

    And lastly, thanks @ElizabethDrake for this 2g from red which looks surprisingly good and @Kith for this 2g from Black Tea (I hadn't thought about that pairing but, boy, do I like it!).



    Thanks to all the people who bred their dragons, be it for their own projects or just to spread the love. I found some amazing gems (and some I had to let go because space... damn limited eggslots!! 😢 ).

  11. 15 minutes ago, Tetelestai said:

    Is anyone else besides me kinda sad Halloween is over? I mean I really love the event here and the anticipation of zombies and the new Halloween egg. Now to wait another year. Little sad on the inside :(

    I'm actually kind of relieved? I loved the event, and grabing as many eggs as possible, and continuing my lineages, and of course the new release!! But it's so hectic... I'm happy to go back to normal for a few weeks before Christmas time 😛


    Halloween is pretty "tiring" because there's no CB limit and the breeds have both genders so you have to be way more careful with your planning!! I loved these two weeks of craziness but some calm might do some good 😂

  12. 16 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    Hm, okay ... and Golden Wyvern?

    (quick page search in this thread didn't come up with these)


    Not too shabby!




    They look good with Terrae too! Basically, green and orange to the power! \o/





    And because I liked the idea of Green Spinel with them and they look good with Green too, I think some variation of this might be nice:


  13. So I missed the fun with the messy SA omens apparently 😂 I would have loved to see this. Reading back the last few pages is a blast though ! Regardless of pretty lineage or not, they made tonight fun for lots of user, so that's always a bonus! :D

  14. 1 hour ago, StarSea said:

    You guys can check out my Lineage Previewer, it makes it a lot easier to make lineage mock ups and I try to get new adults added in as soon as I can. Hopefully it helps you guys make previews of your ideas! 😄

    @Kaiserf11 There you have the link, in the previous page ^^


    Otherwise you can take the template and create you mockup with an image editor (I use photoshop). But Heart of Blue is tremendously useful!! 

  15. On 11/2/2018 at 11:33 AM, relaks said:

    I caught a dino! 😍

    I've been hatching and abandoning eggs to the AP all morning and I casually decided to look at the biomes for a 5-min drop. Decided to stay on the Jungle and the first egg of the 5-min drop had a loooong description. I clicked like a mad person without thinking x') But I caught it, yay!

    Are you kidding me, I just caught another one 😂

    Both are colors I already have... I just have one of each, none of other colors. I don't know if I should try to trade them for other colors or keep them both. 🤔

  16. 28 minutes ago, HeatherMarie said:

    The more I look at them the more I love these. I think there is a difference between 'busy' in a distracting way that takes away from the beauty, and 'busy' in just the right amount that adds to the beauty. These sprites are definitely 'busy', but imo it's in the best way. I'm so excited to have a more colorful Halloween, heck a more colorful dragon period. 

    Same! The more I look at them, the more I like them!

    I thought they couldn't take down Witchlight as my favorite Halloween breed but I'm really torn between them right now! They are both gorgeous for different reasons, but same as you, I'm totally in love with the colors. They scream Halloween to me (hello? their wings are totally corn candy!!! and the green is the kind of slime you'd expect to see from a witch's cauldron :P) and every detail just adds to the feeling! They are not mysterious like the Shadow Walkers or evil like other breeds, but they fit perfectly for Halloween, imho! 

  17. 27 minutes ago, Yhme said:

    The Male Witchlight x Female Arcana pairing looks almost like the Witchlight went up a level and powered-up  XD


    Lol I can't unsee that now 😂Someone said something about Arcana resembling Pokemon? Well, there's the evolution :P


    Some more! I may have repeated some from the posts above, but with the whole template ^^


    Black Truffle - Meh... Not my fave





    Purple Floret





    Green Siyat





    Purple Siyat





    Green Spinel Wyvern Okay I just realized that this is not doable because greens are Alt. Silly me.  😂 What a shame, the Male Spinel * Female Arcana looked promising.





    Gold-Horned Tangar - They do look good!