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  1. 37 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    I bought more broccoli. (No really, I did. I used the last lot in a fabulous garlic and broccoli quiche. It was AWESOME. I have to buy more garlic, too.)

    I need that recipe in my life, like ... yesterday. That sounds delicious.


    I don't have any broccoli at home, but I entered the raffle anyway. I hope the broccoli gods forgive me 😛

  2. 4 minutes ago, hamsterwoman said:

    Unless it's glitchily counting the deep sea that grew up on Nov 30? 

    The Raffle restarts every last day of the month, not the first one, so I think that Deep Sea counted. :)


    Congrats to all the winners, by the way! ❤️ 

  3. 20 hours ago, Starscream said:

    Vitamin B12 cannot be obtained from vegetation, and must be taken from animal products or shots (derived from such)

    Just going to quote this because I think there's a little misunderstanding regarding vitamin B12 in general. It is indeed true that we, as human, can only find B12 in animal products. But the production itself? Not animals. Bacteria. The only living organism capable of synthesizing vit B12 are bacteria.  When vegan products are fortified with B12, it's from bacterial cultures, not from animal products. Just wanted to clarify this.  ^^

  4. Releases are usually on Sunday. Given that the last Sunday of November has come and pass, I'm pretty sure we won't have a release this year. Obviously only TJ knows, but at this point I would keep going with my projects, if I were you ^^

  5. As it is, every English song is in a foreign language for me 😝 But I won't count them because that's not the point of this thread.


    It made me think and I realised I actually don't listen to a lot of music if it's not in English, Spanish or French (neither of which are foreign to me). 


    Still, if you ever want to listen to some songs in French, I recommend Jacques Brel (who was Belgian! not French, do not make the mistake), Francis Cabrel, France Gall, Charles Aznavour, Renaud, Rose, ZAZ (in a more modern note)... Their music is usually mellow and easy to follow. They're lovely.

    I know more Spanish singers/groups. Pablo Alboran, Fito y Fitipaldis, Estopa, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Rosana... So many 😂


    As in songs in foreign languages for me...

    Some Italian songs! Umberto Tozzi is a classic :) 

    This one is beautiful too:

    Il cielo ha una porta sola, by Biagio Antonacci


    I'm not a huge anime fan,  but some openings are super cool!

    This one from SnK:

    Shinzou wo Sasageyo, by Linked Horizon


    And this one from Naruto Shippuden:

    Blue Bird, by Ikimono Gakari

  6. Because I don't have enough projects already (liar liar, pants on fire), I decided I wanted to join this adventure with all of you :P 

    I made some plans and I'm pretty excited to get started!


    Commons are lovely!

    Forum name:  relaks

    Scroll link: https://dragcave.net/user/relaks

    Can people PM you and request eggs? Yes!

    If yes, any requirements? Don't bite, kill or abandon them if you asked for one ❤️ I also love when people name my dragons' offspring, but that's up to you. 

    My lineage plans:  Right now I have 5 different ideas I want to complete (because I couldn't stick to only one).


    • Aria x Blacktip x Albino.  Completed!
    • Fever Wyvern x Red Gemshard x Spinel Wyvern (mockup).
    • Ember x Black Tea x Flamingo Wyvern (mockup). I have the bottom half already (3g Ember from Flamingo x Ember). I'll work on the top half when I have eggslots.
    • Kyanite x Magelight x Misfit (mockup), to show the pygmies some appreciation (I never do anything with them, poor boys).
    • Red x Bright-Beasted Wyvern x Anagallis (mockup). This one comes with the advantage of giving me some more Reds, which I always seem to be short of! I only have the 2g Anagallis right now (here). I'll be working actively on this one because I always want more Reds.

    I'm impatient to finish a first project, this is a lovely idea I've been eyeing for quite some time! ^_^


    Completed lineages:


    - Aria x Blacktip x Albino. Lineage: www.


  7. Relaks' Wishlist

    Last update: Tuesday, March 26th.


    My goal right now is to have at least two CB pairs (2 females & 2 males) of each breed/alt. I currently don't care about freezing. Once that is achieved, we'll go towards other goals. 

    I'm also a lineage collector and builder.


    I LIST WHAT I NEED, not what I have.


    Top Priority

    To have at least one of each unique breeds, regardless of lineage.



    [Image description:  Alt Undine; Blue Dino]


    Scroll Completion 

    To have at least 2 CB pairs of each dragon (with color variation).


    Common Breeds

    Antarean: 1 male

    Baikala (blue): 1 male - 1 female

    Baikala (green):  1 female

    Balloon: 2 males - 1 female

    Bauta: 1 male

    Black Capped Teimarr: 1 male

    Bleeding Moon: 2 males

    Blue-Banded: 1 male

    Brute: 1 male

    Candelabra: 2 females

    Cassare: 1 male

    Common Pygmy: 1 male - 1 female

    Crimson Flare Pygmy:  1 female

    Dark Luminae: 1 male - 1 female

    Daydream: 1 male

    Dorsal (purple): 2 males - 1 female

    Dorsal (red): 1 male - 1 female

    Falconiform Wyvern: 1 female

    Fire Gem (Blue) : 1 female

    Fire Gem (Red) : 1 male - 1 female

    Floret Wyvern (Purple): 1 male - 1 female

    Frostbite: 1 female

    Gemshard (Green) : 1 male

    Gemshard (Blue) : 1 female

    Gilded Bloodscale : 1 female

    Green: 1 male - 1 female

    Guardian: 1 female

    Harvest: 1 female

    Honey Drake: 1 female

    Horse: 1 female

    Howler Drake: 2 females

    Imperial Fleshcrowne: 2 males

    Khusa: 1 female

    Lacula: 1 female

    Lumina: 1 female

    Lunar Herald (Gold) : 1 male

    Lunar Herald (Bronze) : 1 male

    Lunar Herald (Silver) : 1 male

    Magelight Pygmy: 1 female

    Melismor: 1 male

    Morphodrake: 1 female

    Nebula (green): 1 male

    Neotropical: 1 male - 1 female

    Nhiostrife Wyvern: 1 male - 1 female

    Night Glory Drake: 2 males

    Nilia Pygmy: 1 male - 1 female

    Nocturne: 1 female

    Orchedrake: 1 male 

    Pillow: 1 female

    Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy: 1 male - 1 female

    Ridgewing (Tan): 1 male

    Royal Crimson: 1 female

    Sapphire: 1 male - 1 female

    Script: 1 female

    Seasonal (Spring): 1 male

    Seawyrm Pygmy: 1 male

    Seragama Wyvern: 1 male

    Siyat (Purple) : 1 male - 1 female

    Siyat (Green): 1 male - 1 female

    Skywing: 1 male - 1 female

    Stone: 1 male - 1 female

    Storm: 2 males - 1 female

    Striped River: 1 male

    Sunset: 1 female

    Sunsong Amphiptere: 1 male

    Tarantula Hawk Drake: 1 male - 1 female

    Tatterdrake: 1 male - 1 female

    Tetra: 1 male

    Tri-Horn Wyvern: 1 male

    Turpentine: 1 females

    Two-headed Lindwyrm (blue) : 1 female

    Two-headed Lindwyrm (green) : 1 male - 1 female

    Water Walker: 1 male 

    Waterhorse: 1 male 

    Whiptail: 1 male - 1 female

    White Dragon: 1 male - 1 female


    Uncommon / Rare breeds

    Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon: 1 male 

    Copper_Dragon2_egg.png Copper (Rainbow) : 2 males - 1 female

    Copper_Dragon1_egg.png Copper (Liver of Sulfur) : 1 male - 1 female

    Copper_Dragon3_egg.png Copper (Verdigris) :2 males - 2 females

    Gold_egg.gif Gold: 2 males - 1 female

    Ice_egg.gif Ice: 1 male 

    Magma_egg.gif Magma: 2 males - 1 female

    Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png Pyralspite (Almandine) : 1 male - 1 female

    Silver_egg.gif Silver: 1 male - 1 female

    Thunder_egg.gif Thunder: 1 male - 1 female

    Astrapi_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xeno (Astrapi): 1 female

    Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xeno (Chrono): 1 male - 1 female

    Mageia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xeno (Mageia): 2 males - 1 female

    Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xeno (Thalassa): 1 male - 1 female

    Zyumorph_alpine_egg.png Zyumorph (Black) : 1 female

    Zyumorph_desert_egg.png Zyumorph (Blue) : 1 male - 1 female

    Zyumorph_forest_egg.png Zyumorph (Grey) : 1 male - 2 females

    Zyumorph_jungle_egg.png Zyumorph (Yellow) : 2 males - 2 females


    CB Holidays needed


    Pumpkin_egg.gif 2009 Pumpkin: 1 male - 1 female

    Black_Marrow_egg.gif 2010 Black Marrow: 1 male - 1 female


    Hybrids (unrelated 2g wanted)


    9wv90cX.gif Avatar of Change: 1 male - 2 females

    Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png Avatar of Creation: 1 male - 1 female

    Avatar_of_Destruction_egg.gif Avatar of Destruction: 1 female

    Carina_egg.gif Carina: 1 male

    Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif Dusk Pygmy: 1 male - 1 female

    Geode_egg.gif Geode: 1 male - 2 females

    Hellhorse_egg.png Hellhorse: 2 males - 2 females

    Risensong_egg.gif Risensong: 1 male - 2 females

    Setsong_egg.gif Setsong: 1 male - 1 female

    Shallow_Water_egg.gif Shallow Water: 2 males - 1 female

    Soulpeace_egg.gif Soulpeace: 1 male - 2 females

    Storm-Rider_egg.png Storm-Rider: 1 male - 2 females

    Two-Finned_Bluna_egg.gif Two-Finned Bluna: 2 males - 2 females

    Ultraviolet_egg.gif Ultraviolet: 1 male




    Goals: if ungendered, at least 4 of each. If gendered, 2 males and 2 females.


    Chicken_Egg.gif Chicken : 1 needed

    Blue_Dino_egg.gif Blue Dino: 4 needed

    Green_Dino_egg.gif Green Dino: 3 needed

    Purple_Dino_egg.gif Purple Dino: 2 needed

    Red_Dino_egg.gif Red Dino: 2 needed

    Yellow_Dino_egg.gif Yellow Dino: 3 needed

    Neglected_egg.gif Neglected: 1 male - 2 females - 2 ungendered

    Paper_egg.gif Paper: 2 needed



    Goals: for each type - 1 female adult, 1 male adult, 1 female hatchling, 1 male hatchling, 1 ungendered hatchling.


    latest?cb=20160523092125 Amphiptere: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161026100409 Drake: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20160523080500 Eastern: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20160522095440 Sea Serpent: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20160811115943 Lindwurm: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161026041127 Pygmy: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161106051202 Eastern Pygmy: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161029050843 Pygmy Lindwurm: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20181104020128 Pygmy Wyrm: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161026041038 Pygmy Wyvern: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161029050842 Two-Headed: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20161106051201Two-Headed Lindwurm: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20170904072124 Two-Headed Sea-Serpent: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20160522094622 Wingless: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch -  1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20160522090801 Western: 1 female hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

     latest?cb=20160811115944 Wyrm: 1 female adult - 1 male adult - 1 female hatch - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch

    latest?cb=20160522090802 Wyvern: 1 male adult - 1 male hatch - 1 ungendered hatch


    Actively Seeking

    If you have one of those or are able to produce it, I'm interested in trading.


    Gold_egg.gif 2g Gold from Gold (m) x Black (f) [intended mate

    Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2g Gold Shimmerscale from Gold Floret Wyvern (m) x Gold Shimmer (f) [intended mate

    Winter_egg.png 2g Seasonal (Winter) from Winter (m) x Silver Tinsel (f) [intended mate]

    Silver_egg.gif 2g Silver from Silver (m) x Black (f) [intended mate] ; 2g Silver from Silver (m) x Mint (f) [intended mate]


    + Any non-Aether 2g egg from Aether parent (m or f) x other.

    + Mates for dragons listed here


    Always Looking For

    Some breeds I love or am actively building lineages with.


    Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyvern: any lineage.

    Aether_Wyvern_egg.png Aether Wyvern: CBs, 2g, pretty lineages, hatchies of any lineage.

    Pink_egg.gif Pink: CBs, 2g, pretty lineages, hatchies of any lineage.

    Purple_egg.gif Purple: CBs, 2g, pretty lineages, hatchies of any lineage.

    latest?cb=20100326231225 Red: CBs, 2g, pretty lineages, hatchies of any lineage.

    Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif Shimmerscale: any lineage, any color.

    Witchlight_egg.png Witchlight: CBs, 2g, pretty lineages, hatchies of any lineage.


  8. Uuuuugh so once again I left home early so I could have time to prep the shop calmly and once freaking again the subway is messing up with my schedule. 😥 Now I'll have to rush and knowing how many rude clients I'll have (I feel it's one of these daya) isn't improving my mood.

  9. I've been hunting the AP a lot this month (while totally procrastinating on my own lineage building oopsie) and caught a few goodies!


    Not really lineages but two great 2g I found within a few hours are these two 2g Aethers from male Black Truffle: here and there. I love finding things independently like this, I'm impatient to start a lineage! But Aethers are sooo dominant while breeding right now, it might be just short of impossible. Nonetheless, thanks @dooblepurple and anon :P 


    And speaking about finding similar non-related lineages ... Three purples found within a couple of days, all of them with Witchlight mates (which I love unconditionally) : a 3g femaleanother 3g female and a 4g male. I know which lineages I'm building next Halloween :P Thanks @Terrafreaky and anons!


    Now that Christmas is approaching, I caught a couple of great holiday kin: this lovely Terrae from Mistletoe and this beautiful Solstice * Indigo Lunar Herald (this must have been a pain!). Thanks @lovecats99 and @Ramani!


    Some other lovelies I caught:

    This great 3g Imperial * Gold. Thanks anon!

    This beautiful Hellhorse with hybrid lineage! I really like it, thank you @Claudii.

    This Nebula * Terrae (gosh, I love Terrae). Here's hoping it will color accordingly! Thanks anon!

    This cutie: Mageia with Striped-River. Wouldn't have thought about the pairing but I like it! Thanks anon :)

    As always (and once again), thanks @Terrafreaky for both this 3g blue Zyu from Water dragons and this cool Red * Ember babe (I love the colors together!!).

    And lastly, this lovely Pyralspite with SA Shadow Walker in the base. That is one of my favorite SAs ❤️ Thanks a lot, @littleangelamy22

  10. I can't answer with a 100% certainty, @HeatherMarie, but I once was mod then admin in a forum powered by Invision and when we did cleanup we didn't actually delete the posts, we just divided the threads, as olympe said. You can chose which posts remain in the original thread and which one are moved to a new thread (that is created in a forum only seen by mods). I'm pretty sure this is common practice in most forums.

  11. That took me a food ten minute sto memorize, so I'm rather prode og muselg. I promised I had my eyes closed, or I wouldn't have tupeed !annoilingly".


    Ah! I guess I didn't do so bad, considering I'm used to typing in another language and, believe it or not, that makes a big difference!