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  1. 2 minutes ago, Saami said:

    Is there any way to unlock the higher tier building items without actually attacking anyone? I really just want to build a fort.

    Well, if I understood right, you get XP every time you repair things (or only weapons? i don't know). So you could wait to be attacked and then repair things, but I'd say that would be reaaaally long!

  2. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that keeps getting ressources each hour and doesn't have bugs... Good luck to everyone who is having problems with the event! I hope it can get solved soon ❤️


    My goal is to get to level 50 asap and then I can start decorating and building my reserves. I try to avoid attacking weapons 'cause that sucks for the other people... Anyway, I'm having fun!! :D I wasn't around last time, so I'm happy I get to play this. Thanks to all the spriters involved, this must have been a lot of work; also thanks to everyone who's managing the event, I know it may feel overwhelming with all these reported bugs, but I'm sure everyone appreciates the hard work! ❤️ 


    Merry Christmas everybody 

  3. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with my fort now 😂

    I guess I'll figure it out with time... But I'm afraid I won't level up a lot because playing on mobile devices is a nightmare (the arrow doesn't go where I put my finger, dammit) and I won't be home a lot. I'll try anyway :P 

  4. The game is nearly impossible to play on the cellphone, I'm impatient to try it on my computer tonight! 😛 I didn't play last year so I don't know anything about the game ! 


    I love the new egg and the hatchies lool great ❤️ I love the tuffy tail! I can't wait to see the adult!

  5. 5 hours ago, StormWizard212 said:

    Don't forget that the dragon will drop for three days, so you don't need to have egg slots available immediately! If there's something you want to grab now, I'd say just go for it and worry about the new dragon in a few days. :) 


    I keep going between grabind the eggs as soon as I can (so I have adults asap) or waiting so I can breed more babies. Why is it so hard to choose? 😭

  6. I actually think it is intuitive and logical that all eggs present in your scroll count for the egg limit, regardless of how much time they'll stay here.

    I'm not opposed to the suggestion per se as it won't affect my playstyle but I'm not overly fond of the idea. I do think it's kind of an easy way out for a problem that can be easily avoided with a little bit of planning. ^^' The only situation I can see it being useful is for the holiday x holiday pairings mentioned above; but again with some planning it's avoidable.


    I do think there should be some warning about the eggs taking slots if you don't pick one right away. That could help people about forgetting this detail, maybe?

  7. Being scroll-locked sucks 😢 There's just so many eggs I'd like to take in the AP! 

    Oh well... I'll have 8 slots tomorrow morning at least!



    I'm pretty excited to see the new breed too! All the Christmas dragons of the most recent years have been amazing, I'm sure this year won't fall short on that! :D

  8. I believe I'm listed two times in the participants list: one for my "I want to sign up" and one for "I want to change my list". I thin instead of being edited, my new list was added. Just wanted to let you know so it doesn't create too much confusion! (The "good" one is the "I want to change my wishlist"). 

  9. I love waking up when the event is starting! (Though I hate waking up at 6am lol).

    I caught some CB I was missing and got started on some breeding. It's crazy on the biome right now so I'm hoping it will slow down in a couple of days. I'll also have more time to hunt... right now I have way too many things to do for uni before the holidays!


    Good luck everyone !

  10. I think the answer is yes, but can someone confirm if a Solstice egg caught at roughly 12:30am (cave time) will indeed have multi-colored wings? I'm pretty sure it will, but I want to be extra sure!

  11. I've had such busy days I was barely able to breed something and then enter the raffle. I was convinced I entered an egg to give but when I entered the raffle I didn't see it? But I was on my cell, maybe I missed it.

    I also gave it with my cell so maybe there was a problem? Maybe it didn't register as it should have. I haven't won anything either, so I don't know if it's because I just wasn't lucky (which is okay, such is life :p) or it didn't register me entering. 🤔


    Could someone tell me if they remember seeing this on the raffle?



    I'm pretty sure I saw the 3g pb carina was another one... if it's this one, I'll give it to the winner. If it somehow wasn't entered, I'll give it away to anyone who wants it!

  12. How did I wait so long before looking for mates for my dragons? x__x


    Requester's Form

    Forum name: relaks

    PM link: click

    Egg wanted and special wishes: 2g Pink from Snow Angel (unrelated to her). Preference for full-gold Snow Angel but that's just a bonus. 

    Secret field: No holiday requests!



    Requester's Form

    Forum name: relaks

    PM link: click

    Egg wanted and special wishes: 2g Royal Crimson from Wrapping Wing (unrelated to him). 

    Secret field: No holiday requests!

  13. 2 hours ago, HeatherMarie said:

     actually I'm not sure that's fail-proof either, I can't find it now but I did see a post recently about getting the opposite gender Sino despite having all but one Zyu the same gender

    Maybe that was me? I posted about it on the Congrats thread. But yeah, I recently summoned my first Sino. All the Zyus were male, except the pink (which was female) and I got a female Sino. 

    As it was my first Sino I didn't actually mind, but I guess if you're really trying to get one particular gender, it can be frustrating to be unable to influence at all.


    I would actually love to know more about the current mechanics of summoning: is it totally random? Is there more chance of a gender if there's more Zyus of one gender and if yes, is it proportional? That'd be great to know for sure! ^^

  14. I Want to Change My Wishlist!

    Forum Name: relaks

    Scroll Name: relaks

    Group Name: Relaks' Secret Santa 2018


    1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2g Prize, 2g from SA

    2. CB Copper, 2G Metal 

    3. CB Blusang, CB Aeon, CB Xeno (Chrono and Mageia prefered), CB Magma, CB Thunder, Chicken, 2g Prizekin

    4. CB Zyu (yellow/grey prefered), CB Blue Baikala 

    5. CB Green Fire Gem, CB Kingcrowne, CB Lumina. 2G from any Holiday (with pretty mate of your choice, commons prefered), except: Omen, Pumpkin, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magis, Holly.

    6. 2G from M Falconiform * F Moonstone; any non-Aether 2g from one Aether parent;

    7.  Any perfect even checker or interesting lineages, no matter the breeds ! 


    Breeding abilities: I don't have much in terms of lineages I can breed yet, but I'll list what I have. I can breed/make:

    - Prizes --> all staircases: 3g Silver tinsel; 4g Gold Shimmers (1 from common mate, 1 from Desipis), 4G Silver Shimmer, 5G Bronze Shimmer, 5G Gold Tinsel, 6G Gold Tinsel

    - 2G Gold (from female gold); 2G Silver (from male silver)

    - 4G Thuwed (staircase)

    - 2G PBs of most commons; 3G to 6G checkers from common breeds

    - Holiday lineages: can do quite a few 3G checkers, a couple of 4G. 

    - 2G Hybrids

    Catching abilities: I've been able to catch Zyus and Xenos, with luck some Blusangs, in terms of rares/uncommons. Never a CB metallic. I won't be able to hunt as much as usual on January, so I cannot promise any uncommon CB's, sorry.

    Trading abilities: Not great at trading, not that I trade a lot.

    Teleport abilities: I'm set!