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  1. Hey, so I have a little question regarding reporting on the trading hub. Right now when you're going to report, there's a message that says that you should just report someone whose 'wants' doesn't help clarify what they want (I guess this is where all the direct communication and such would enter, that's another debate). But can't you report a trade where the trader is listing something false on their 'haves'? I saw a trade yesterday where someone was saying they had a CB gold and wanted xx on exchange... and it wasn't a CB gold at all. It was rather messy.

    Granted, if you offer on a trade it's up to you to make sure they are offering what they say, but newbies won't know about dishonest people, or sometimes you're in a hurry and don't look. These kinds of misleading and false statements are hust disgusting to me, and honestly I was going to report the trade. But when I clicked on the report button, it said I should just report if the 'wants' are against the rules.

    Is it okay to report when someone is lying though?

  2. I lost nearly 6 weeks of shards during the summer when I was away from home so I'm seeing my chances of getting that CB gold getting further and further away 😢

    I knew the prices would go up... I just hoped they wouldn't.

    Well, let's wait a couple of weeks and see how the prices behave. I hope it won't go up too much, that would put a damper on my excitement of getting close to the Gold.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Din85 said:

    Is it just me, or is the wait to get a new present sent almost worse than the wait for an own present?


    got a nice hatchi for my Giftee, but I need it to gender right...so I'm poking in every five minutes to see if it gendered alright to set up the trade XD


    Someone else having those issues?

    Same! 😂


    Between the eggs I want to gift (but I'm waiting for them to hatch), the eggs I'll try to trade for more gifts and the few things I want for myself (because I can't resist), it feels like I'm always waiting an eternity 😂

    Like... I'm waiting for 6 things to hatch before I can gift them, why do I do this to myself? 



    Btw I just realized one of the gifts I was given is actually the first offspring of a prize from last month (Dec 2018). That is really, really humbling and awesome. Thank you so much, anonymous gifter ! ❤️ 

  4. 2 minutes ago, The Dragoness said:

    I swear that it used to be possible to give your own eggs 1 click, but I have an egg on my scroll that is stuck at 0 regardless of how many times I try. Am I just imagining that this self click thing ever existed?

    That happens to me a lot when I catch an egg and don't click immediately on it when I'm on the links screen (say I click to go to the cave instwad to keep on hunting, then if I go to my dragons later and click on my new egg, it doesn't count the click).

    Though if I click it before doing something else, it counts. Idk why that happens, and I'm now wondering if it's just CBs or also my own bred dragons. 🤔

  5. Hi! I have both a CB Seasonal Winter and a CB Thalassa on cooldown. If anyone needs one for their giftee, PM me and I'll send it your way when the CD comes off!



  6. 4 hours ago, Toyo said:

    If anyone feels very strongly about remaining anonymous for privacy/personal reasons, we will do everything we can to accommodate you! If anonymity just seems like a bit of holiday fun, well, I would personally beg you to consider sending your gifts directly. Santa needs an eggnog and a good night's sleep, folks.


    I offered my first gift as anonymous thinking it would be fun to keep the mystery until the end of the month, but I didn't think about how much work that would be for you... I should know better! Thank you for letting us know, sorry for the work load. All the mods are doing an amazing job! ❤️ Thank you for what you do! :D I'll speak to my giftee directly the next time I have a gift ready.



    I received some amazing gifts myself already (and so many of them, wow!), thanks to my anonymous gifter ❤️ They'll be all taken good care of!

  7. I'll wait until the end of the day to PM you guys, as I haven't received my list yet. I'd love to know who my giftee is and what their list is so I could start working on it now that today is Sunday and I have some time :P  Can't wait to know who I'll be trying to make happy! :D 

  8. Well, that ends an amazing event, which was super fun!

    Thanks to everyone involved: for the sprites, the music, the coding... I missed the game the first time around so I was super happy to be able to play this time. I liked that it wasn't super competitive and that you didn't need to come and play everyday to make a beautiful fort. It was pretty chill and I had fun making my own snowy forest. Thanks!!!