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  1. Thanks for the event, mods!

    I had a really great time and it has been lovely to see the generosity of the community! 


    I'd like to thank my gifter, who decided to stay anonymous this year. If you read this, I'm really grateful for all the incredible gifts you gave me and I'm blown away by your incredible generosity! Most of the things I received were on my list because "well, a girl can hope" but I honestly didn't think I'd get them 😮 I think I would have been happy with pretty much anything but you blew my expectations away and I squealed of joy  a couple of times with your gifts. Thanks, gifter! ❤️ 


    I hope I made my giftee happy too. I wish I could have gift them more or better (didn't get the tier 1), but it's been delightful trying to find things they could like. They were really sweet too! It's been a pleasure :D 

  2. I must be selfish 😂 I definitely know that if I were to win a CB prize, I'd use it to complete my scroll goals first... Specially the breeds I'm just not able to get myself and that people only trade in exchange of, well, 2g prizes (which, obviously I don't have). After that, yeah, I would totally make raffles or gift them, or trade them for cheap, but at first... well, I'm only human. 🤷‍♀️

  3. How does it work when you have a multi-clutch and you don't keep one of the eggs right away? I've never done it, do you click back on an egg and have the option to say "I want this one"?

    On the same line of questions, if you keep all the eggs and manage to trade away all of them (except one) within the hour, can you keep the last ont? Or are the eggs not tradeable? 

    I always keep the one egg so I'm curious 🤔

  4. Win or lose, I'll eat celebratory cookies because 31st is my last test of the semester and I'll be free. I'm cooking those cookies alright!!


    (But yeah, I mean, I wouldn't say no to a Shimmerscale 😛 )

  5. 21 minutes ago, QVic said:

    Do we usually have a January release?  I've been watching and keeping my scroll relatively unlock (having 1 egg slot count right? :D)

    Not usually (I don't even know if there's a precedent) because we have the Valentine's event at the beginning of February :)

  6. 10 minutes ago, Dark_Angel12345 said:

    Though the last ones appear to be Lindwyrms


    When I try to do things before my morning coffee, that's what happens.

    I'll change that right away! 



  7. Hey, so I have a little question regarding reporting on the trading hub. Right now when you're going to report, there's a message that says that you should just report someone whose 'wants' doesn't help clarify what they want (I guess this is where all the direct communication and such would enter, that's another debate). But can't you report a trade where the trader is listing something false on their 'haves'? I saw a trade yesterday where someone was saying they had a CB gold and wanted xx on exchange... and it wasn't a CB gold at all. It was rather messy.

    Granted, if you offer on a trade it's up to you to make sure they are offering what they say, but newbies won't know about dishonest people, or sometimes you're in a hurry and don't look. These kinds of misleading and false statements are hust disgusting to me, and honestly I was going to report the trade. But when I clicked on the report button, it said I should just report if the 'wants' are against the rules.

    Is it okay to report when someone is lying though?

  8. I lost nearly 6 weeks of shards during the summer when I was away from home so I'm seeing my chances of getting that CB gold getting further and further away 😢

    I knew the prices would go up... I just hoped they wouldn't.

    Well, let's wait a couple of weeks and see how the prices behave. I hope it won't go up too much, that would put a damper on my excitement of getting close to the Gold.