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  1. 11 hours ago, HeatherMarie said:


    Same here! I think it's kinda funny, looking at this from a non-DCer point of view, tons of people sitting around just staring at static pictures of eggs, refreshing constantly to see if the picture has changed... lol.

    Where has my life gone? I don't find it! I'm there looking at my eggs (that should hatch in 2 hours but don't even have a crack, why the world so cruel?)

  2. Yay!!! Breeding time, breeding time!

    I'm hunting for CB right now, I'm missing only 1* (got the other ones pretty easily too). Then I'll be able to breed my projects and hunt the AP (which is my favourite part!!).


    Thanks TJ! :D


    *Forget that, got the last one! Yay!

  3. I'm so excited about Valentine' breeding 😍

    Some of the plans I have I can't execute because I'm lacking some CBs, but I'm more excited about seeing what I can find in the AP.


    The one thing I know for sure I have to do is Floral Crowned x Witchlight. Nobody else doing a cross holiday with Witchlight? 



    I already have a Witchlight mate waiting!


    I love Floral Crowneds. I'd like to pair them with Gold Florets too.




    Though I have to admit I like the Floral Crowned x Garland pairing I've seen here 😮 


    As for Heartstealings, I agree with the general sentiment: they look lovely with Gemshards (any color, but my preference goes to red).




    I agree with @RubyEyes also, they go very, very well with Mageias!




    The idea of pairing them with Striped Rivers is interesting though! I like it. And with Chronos!


    I love Mutamore with Blue Nebulas! I like the contrast!




    @missy_ I like Mutamore x Spinel Wyvern! I hadn't thought about it!


    They look great with Soulstones too! 





    Speaking of Soulstones, my breeding this year definitely will include:

    Soulstone x Kingcrowne




    Soulstone x Candelabra




    As for Arsani, I'm thinking pink Zyu:





    @Fuzzbucket I love that Heartseeker x Pillow pairing! Such lovely popping colors! 


    @Lantean_Pegasus I also like some of your combos, specialle Heartseeker x Harvest, Fever Wyvern and Autumn. And Soulstone x Terrae!


    @catstaff I love your Green Nebula x Soulstone! 


    Some of you gave me sooo many ideas... but with only 2 CB (some of which I'm missing) and such limited time... we can't do everything 😢 

  4. I don't think it's a matter of IP, as I've been logged in both my computer and my cell with different IP.

    I'm normally logged in both devices, no problem, and I use Chrome with both (logged in with my gmail account) but I found out that if I logged in with a different browser on my computer, I'm logged out from my phone. If I keep using Chrome on my computer, I'm not logged out on my phone. So, for me, that's the answer. Don't know about anyone else.

  5. Right now my scroll goal is to have 2 CB pairs of each breed (catchable in the cave) / 2g for hybrids and alts. For unbreedables, 4 of each. 

    For zombies, I'll try to have 1 for each stage first (which is still 3 or 5 per body type!). 

    It's not really ambitious but it's kind of a "base goal". That would allow me to make any 3g checkers without any help! But it's not my final goal. It's just a little stone on the road before I can move on to bigger things! Though I won't wait to have 4 CB of all the super rares before getting a new goal (like, I don't know, 10 CB of each). I really like when you go to a scroll and there's plenty of each breed. I think it's prettier than when there's only a few :P But that's just my personal opinion!  


    I've got like a mental list of priorities, things I should do once Valentine's event is over:

    - For a month, have at least 5 or 6 eggs of Reds (don't care if they're messy, CB, etc). I always run short on them and want to build me a good stock.

    - Then focus on the commons I'm missing for that scroll goal. Idem, at least 5 or 6 slots should be dedicated to that, so I can move on quickly. Try and catch some nice rares, too. 

    - Collect. All. The. Aethers. In. The. World. 

    - Make a massive Aether wall *insert diabolic laughter here* 

    - Work on all the lineages I'm working on (my spreadsheet is getting longer and longer and I just add more to it before even finishing one. Bad!) 

    - Collect more Purples and Aeons (preferably non-messy, but meh, I'm not picky). 

    And there's probably more things to do. It will take time, but I'm in no hurry, honestly. I like having goals, otherwise I would just abandon the game... Actually, for years I wasn't a really active player. I came back for a few weeks and then forgot about the game, because my main goal was to "Catch CB rares" and when I didn't succeed I just moved on to another game. But now that I have a goal that's achievable (and that I don't put pressure on myself), I'm enjoying DC much more and I am more active than ever. So, yeah, not in a hurry! :D 


  6. Support.

    I think this is only a temporary solution, because the best think would be to also be able to filter by group or a tagging system. That would be a time-saver. But that's another suggestion.


    In the meanwhile, bringing the breeding page up to the standards of the fertility page is a must, for me. I don't understand why the change wasn't made simultaneously, but if it's already coded and done, I don't think it would be that much of a hassle to apply to the breeding page, right? 

    And it would be sooo more user-friendly, specially on a cellphone where the searching option is a pain!

  7. I've had a pretty goos day so far. I had my last final of the semester this morning and then went to get brunch with my friends. We are now free for the next 3 days (yay, so maaaany holidays) and I sooo plan to spend them sleeping as much as I can! 

    I hate studying months with a passion and I'm happy to be done with January!

  8. Thanks for the event, mods!

    I had a really great time and it has been lovely to see the generosity of the community! 


    I'd like to thank my gifter, who decided to stay anonymous this year. If you read this, I'm really grateful for all the incredible gifts you gave me and I'm blown away by your incredible generosity! Most of the things I received were on my list because "well, a girl can hope" but I honestly didn't think I'd get them 😮 I think I would have been happy with pretty much anything but you blew my expectations away and I squealed of joy  a couple of times with your gifts. Thanks, gifter! ❤️ 


    I hope I made my giftee happy too. I wish I could have gift them more or better (didn't get the tier 1), but it's been delightful trying to find things they could like. They were really sweet too! It's been a pleasure :D 

  9. I must be selfish 😂 I definitely know that if I were to win a CB prize, I'd use it to complete my scroll goals first... Specially the breeds I'm just not able to get myself and that people only trade in exchange of, well, 2g prizes (which, obviously I don't have). After that, yeah, I would totally make raffles or gift them, or trade them for cheap, but at first... well, I'm only human. 🤷‍♀️

  10. How does it work when you have a multi-clutch and you don't keep one of the eggs right away? I've never done it, do you click back on an egg and have the option to say "I want this one"?

    On the same line of questions, if you keep all the eggs and manage to trade away all of them (except one) within the hour, can you keep the last ont? Or are the eggs not tradeable? 

    I always keep the one egg so I'm curious 🤔

  11. Win or lose, I'll eat celebratory cookies because 31st is my last test of the semester and I'll be free. I'm cooking those cookies alright!!


    (But yeah, I mean, I wouldn't say no to a Shimmerscale 😛 )

  12. 21 minutes ago, QVic said:

    Do we usually have a January release?  I've been watching and keeping my scroll relatively unlock (having 1 egg slot count right? :D)

    Not usually (I don't even know if there's a precedent) because we have the Valentine's event at the beginning of February :)

  13. 10 minutes ago, Dark_Angel12345 said:

    Though the last ones appear to be Lindwyrms


    When I try to do things before my morning coffee, that's what happens.

    I'll change that right away!