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  1. Hello! 

    I haven't been very active on the trading side of DC for quite a long time so I'm still adjusting to the values of the different breeds.


    I've managed to put my hands on 2 lovely 3G Shimmerscales (both staircase, one Silver Shimmer x Royal Blue, one Gold Shimmer * Gold Herald) and I'm wondering what their kin would be worth? So 4G Shimmer, staircase, with common breeds. I know breeding Shimmers is quite difficult so it's an hypothetical question, obviously.  


    Regarding other metallic breeds: could I ask for similar gen gold/silver/copper? or even a tad lower? (3G in exchange for my 4G Shimmer)

    Would they be worth CB uncommon (aeon? zyumoprh?)?


    I know it's a vast question, but I'm not quite sure of what I have. I generally only see 2G/3G prize dragons on the trading hub so I don't really know 🤔


    Thank you 😘

  2. Ooo, sounds fun! Will enter, though I don't think I'll have a chance. tongue.gif Good luck to all the entrants!


    Edit: Question: Will the trees entered in the contest be anonymous? As in, we don't know who decorated 'em?

    Yeah, I think it will be anonymous!

  3. I'm sure this question has been posted before, but...

    If we can vote as long as we want, maybe some trees will be voted more than others? I mean... For example:

    Person X votes tree 1, tree 2, tree 9

    Person Y votes tree 4, tree 2, tree 7, tree 6, tree 1

    Person W votes tree 2

    Tree 2 has been voted 3 times...

    Sorry if you don't understand, I can't speak very well 'cause I'm not English :S