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  1. My Projects 


    Scroll link/forum name:



    Completed projects:




    Active projects:

    Moon of Flames (Falconiform Wyverns & Moonstone Dragons)

    Queen of Light (Lumina Dragons & Kingcrowne Dragons)

    The AU (Black Dragons / Alt Blacks & Dark Green Dragons / Alt Dark Green)



    Lineage name: Moon of Flames (yeah, cheesy, I know)

    Breeds of dragons involved: Falconiform Wyverns & Moonstone Dragons

    Type of lineage project: Even gen checker



    What are your goals for this project?: Breed two of my favourite breeds into a beautiful 6G baby (go big or go home for my first personal project hehe).  The preview is only 3g to keep it small. 



    To hit my 6G goal, I'll need (if I'm not mistaken):

    • 16 CB male falconiforms --> I have 6. 10 CB NEEDED.
    • 16 CB female moonstones --> I have 7.  9 CB NEEDED.

    2g I've bred:

    2g male falconiform: one - two

    2g female moonstone: one - two - 


    3g I've bred:

    3g male falconiform: one

    3g female moonstone: 


    4g I've bred:

    xx xx xx


    How can others help? As they are pretty common breeds, I think I will manage on my own! It will be time consuming, but I'm not in a hurry.





    Lineage name: Queen of Light (yeah, ALSO cheesy)

    Breeds of dragons involved: Lumina Dragons & Kingcrowne Dragons

    Type of lineage project: Even gen checker



    What are your goals for this project?: I llllove the colors of theses 2 breeds together so I gave it a try. Right now I'm aiming for 4G, but if I have time in the future, I'll try for more.



    To hit my 4G goal, I'll need:

    • 4 CB male Lumina --> I have 3. 1 CB NEEDED.
    • 4 CB female Kingcrowne --> I have 5. CB NO LONGER REQUIRED.


    2g I've bred:

    2g Kingcrowne  & 2g Lumina


    How can others help? Those breeds are not rare per se but I have a hard time finding them on the cave, so if anyone's willing to help with a 2g (male lumina * female kingcrowne), I'll be grateful. 





    Lineage name: The AU 

    Breeds of dragons involved: Black Dragons / Alt Blacks and Dark Green Dragons / Alt Dark Green

    Type of lineage project: Even gen checker



    What are your goals for this project?: I had the very, very good luck of being able to trade for an black alt HN kin that resulted in an alt dark green (lineage here) and I think it would be cool to have a short lineage with as many alts as possible! It's kind of a side project, as it could be rather time consuming if I don't manage to hatch alt babies :P I thought about doing a staircase instead but I'm a sucker for symmetry *shrugs

    I'm not aiming for a long lineage, a 3g would be enough. :) 


    How can others help? I have everything needed, I'm just waiting for my Black * Dark Green CB couple to give me a Black Alt. 






    Are you willing to help others with their projects and how?

    Of course! When I have time I'll check other people's projects and offer my help if it's welcomed. Otherwise, feel free to PM me :) 


    Notes about your projects:

    • Previews made with heart of blue 
    • When finished with a project, I'll probably be gifting the results to anyone who is interested :)

  2. I haven't tried outside of Halloween for years now, but hey, I gave it a go and:

    • 0 dodges
    • 5 kills: 5 disintegrates - 0 revivals

    So absolutely no luck for me. Honestly I don't think I'll try outside Halloween very often. I like zombies alright, but they are definitely not my favs and I can wait a couple of years to have them all 🙈

  3. 8 hours ago, TacticianLyra said:

    Woke up to find that we now have two guinea pigs instead of one this morning, and also just summoned my second GoN.


    I really laughed 😂😂Hope the new baby is ok!


    I rarely have time to hunt the cave, but this morning was good for me. Caught, on the same drop, a Thalassa Xeno and a pink Zyumorph! Saw both, caught one, thought for sure the other was gone already but tried anyway... and there it was! Bless my European ass for having different hours than most people here 😛The cave was practically empty.


    Now I'm egglocked... time to wait!

  4. I'm actually excited to see the different requirements in the months to follow.


    I was kind of worried when I saw the whole "raise 3 wyrms" as I wasn't sure if pygmyes counted and thought it was unfair to require growing breeds that are still pretty uncommon. Still manageable in a month's time, though, so ok. Hope next month will be different and cool, but not too hard. I wouldn't mind having to catch CB from a specific biome (as long as it's any breed), but I'd hate to see something like "raise 3 CB insert specific breed", that would be way too hard for most people who cannot play long hours. 


    Still trying my luck without result on the raffles, but I'm actually okay with not winning still. Sure, it can be frustrating sometimes, but as I'm more a "casual player" (I don't have the time to be more involved even if I wanted), I don't set myself "impossible" goals :P I'd love one nonetheless, obviously! 

  5. I'm all for slender looking dragons so the Boreal falls right into my alley! I really like the colors too.

    The Ash dragons is really cool too, I like all the spikes and the description is just super cute (I'm totally picturing it with tiny little dragons on its back, aww).

    Thanks to the spriters for two lovely dragons!


    And TJ for all the news, love the new pagination in the market.


    Anyway I'm pretty happy cause I hit the platinum trophy a couple of weeks ago and I've been able to get two pairs of each this time, yay! \o/

  6. Hello! 

    I haven't been very active on the trading side of DC for quite a long time so I'm still adjusting to the values of the different breeds.


    I've managed to put my hands on 2 lovely 3G Shimmerscales (both staircase, one Silver Shimmer x Royal Blue, one Gold Shimmer * Gold Herald) and I'm wondering what their kin would be worth? So 4G Shimmer, staircase, with common breeds. I know breeding Shimmers is quite difficult so it's an hypothetical question, obviously.  


    Regarding other metallic breeds: could I ask for similar gen gold/silver/copper? or even a tad lower? (3G in exchange for my 4G Shimmer)

    Would they be worth CB uncommon (aeon? zyumoprh?)?


    I know it's a vast question, but I'm not quite sure of what I have. I generally only see 2G/3G prize dragons on the trading hub so I don't really know 🤔


    Thank you 😘

  7. Ooo, sounds fun! Will enter, though I don't think I'll have a chance. tongue.gif Good luck to all the entrants!


    Edit: Question: Will the trees entered in the contest be anonymous? As in, we don't know who decorated 'em?

    Yeah, I think it will be anonymous!

  8. I'm sure this question has been posted before, but...

    If we can vote as long as we want, maybe some trees will be voted more than others? I mean... For example:

    Person X votes tree 1, tree 2, tree 9

    Person Y votes tree 4, tree 2, tree 7, tree 6, tree 1

    Person W votes tree 2

    Tree 2 has been voted 3 times...

    Sorry if you don't understand, I can't speak very well 'cause I'm not English :S