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  1. Seems kind of random, but I just learnt that a singer I've always liked - a LOT - died today and I'm kinda sad. He was very old, but had such a beautiful voice... RIP Charles Aznavour, now I'm going to listen to his songs pretty much all day. 

    Plus today was kind of a mess in my city for reasons that are getting more and more annoying so I was already in a bad mood. Grumph.

  2. 7 minutes ago, BlueLatios said:

    Make it 25, 1 per day is actually achievable :v

    Let's not go ahead of ourselves 😂 That's way too much for most people who cannot play daily or are more limited (because lower trophies).


    If a number numbers is too much depends on the requirement anyway... Raise any 10 adults? No prob. Raise 10 wyrms/eastern/etc? That could mess some people's plans and gaming. 3 is low enough that even if the requirement asks you to do something you wouldn't normally do, it's not too much of an inconvenience. 


    Anyway, still disappointed about that "raise any 3 dragons" but maybe it's because Halloween is near and TJ didn't want to mess our planning too much? The last week will be exclusively Halloween dragons so there's that... I just hope we will see different things in the future. 😕

  3. It will be easier in a few hours I guess though I personally couldn't wait too long because, well, it's already 8pm here and I don't want to go to bed at 2am just to catch some eggs 😂

    I was lucky enough to grab 4 of the feathery ones and I just caught 2 gusties - I'm all set, yay!


    Anyway, as always, thanks to the spriters for all the hard work, I'm sure these will be amazing!!

    Good luck to everybody 😊

  4. Oooh and I really thought we wouldn't have a release this month !

    Good luck catching this fellas, just by the egg description I think I'm going to love this new pygmy!!


    I'm happy I have 6 egg slots free for this new release ❤️

    Though if TJ has 4 eggs for the pygmy, does this mean 2 variants of the breed? Questions, questions!!

  5. Well, as expected, nothing for me :P 


    Congrats to any happy winner :)


    It seems we came back to the good old "Raise 3 adult dragons" which is honestly disappointing! I was expecting more diversity before seeing this particular requirement again, but well... I guess for lineage-focused people who want to prepare for Halloween, the simple task doesn't interfere at all, so that's good. I know I have multiple hatchies nearly ready to hatch so I should meet the requirement tomorrow at the latest, yay!

  6. On 9/28/2018 at 11:02 AM, Ruby Eyes said:

    You could tie the success chances to the difference in Market prices at breeding time.


    E.g. I want to get a Magi from an Ash? Both are at 100 shards, so the BSA could raise the chance to get a Magi by 100/100 = 1 => 100%.

    I want to get a Mageia out of an Ash? Mageia is 400 shards, to the BSA could raise the chance at a Mageia by 100/400 = 0.25 = 25%.

    Silver out of Ash? Silver is 3000 shards right now. That adds 3% to the chance at getting a Silver.


    Like that, you wouldn't need to limit the BSA to certain arbitrarily chosen "common" breeds, as there is already a formula that dynamically calculates (and nowadays also displays) current rarity of dragons. You could still spend a BSA on your rares and hope for the best, for those measly 3%, but it shouldn't be gamebreaking.


    I love the idea and I think this is quite a clever way to balance the "rareness" of both breeds, so I'm 100% on board!

  7. Considering I joined nearly 9 years ago and I've had long pause periodes, I'm glad we can sort them by age to see which one are my oldest dragons because I definitely wouldn't remember otherwise 😂


    My first 4 ones are from Dec 04 and Dec 05:

    Purple Dorsal dragon

    Messy and inbred Water dragon

    A lovely Neo

    And a little Waterhorse


    I guess I didn't really know about CB vs bred dragons, rares vs commons... I think I took dragons from the cave when I saw them then from the AP otherwise. I started freezing a couple of weeks into the game.... Which I don't do anymore! At some point I joined a French DC community forum and started to learn about what was rare, what was "valuable"... So funny to remember my beginning here in DC!

  8. I actually don't mind that they're limited, I might even say I like it. I think it's the only breed that makes us all kind of equal ^^

    But I would like to see the limit raised, to an even number if possible. 4 would be minimum, 8 max. 


    So I support the idea of raising the limit but not drop it altogether. 

  9. I have such a hard time deciding what I want to do with my witchlights, now that I've taken an interest in lineages.

    At first I was thinking pairing them with dragons with similar colors, but I realized it was too dark for my tastes. I love some contrast! But there are so many options... 


    I love male witchlights the most, because they are badass af. I've narrowed my choices to two potential mates (I cannot do too many things because I also plan on breeding my desipis).


    With Fever wyvern - love the contrast, it's so pretty.



    Or with Freckle Dragons - I don't know why, I love the pair.



    For females I haven't even been able to narrow down to my 2 faves 😢I'm such a mess.


    With Albinos - *shocked gasp* I don't even like albinos, but I like this combination ???



    With Daydreams - pretty!!



    With Sunrise - gosh, the colors are amazing together 😍



    With Floral-crowned Dragons - I think it's my favourite pair but also the one that asks for more commitment because ... two holiday dragons 😱




    Why did I decide I want to make lineages ? Why did I put myself in this situation ???

  10. I cannot be sure, but there's a difference between the "accent mark" (don't know how it's called in English sorry; like the one you'd put in "fiancé") --> ´  

    And the apostrophe --> ' 

    Maybe you tried to put an accent instead of the apostrophe? That's what it seems to me. :)

  11. I'm saying a big fat YES to all of this.

    Yes to tags especially, and to be able to filter dragons by groups (and tags if implemented) when searching dragons in: a group (being able to search the "2g" tag in my "XX lineage" group would be great, I'm crying thinking about it), while breeding, while doing a BSA...


    So basically, please, please, tags and a filtering system. Pretty please.

  12. Hello!

    Sooo, I'm just starting to take an interest in lineages and I thought - hey! Why not make a pretty holiday lineage for this upcoming Halloween? And I freaking love Desipis 😍

    I'm all for even checkers, so after much combining (and soooo much choosing), here are my final ideas:


    here's a try



    i'm really feeling this one



    let's see how that goes


    I seriously thought about some of the ones I saw in the thread (glad I don't have weird tastes), but I don't think anyone mentioned these.


    Anyway, I have so many different projects (because I loooove Caligenes and Witchlights too 😢 ), I don't know how to keep track of everything.

  13. I stopped eating meat nearly two years ago. I always thought that vegetarians "had a point" but couldn't see myself giving up some of my favorite foods... But then I started reading some things, at first totally unrelated to vegetarianism/veganism, but they made me question some things and that led me to explore a little more, to ask myself some questions. Given my morals and what I normally stand for, it just didn't seem right to continue participating in the present system. So I just decided to stop. As of now, I'm an lacto-ovo vegetarian, but long term I do plan to become vegan. That transition may be harder than giving up meat and fish, not only because I am a crazy lover of cheese (which I actually only eat when I visit family in France), but because it can be hard to manage in some social situations (as in, you go to a "normal" restaurant and there's always at least one vegetarian option, but a vegan option is not so easy to find, at least not in my country - and there's always that one friend that doesn't even want to try a veggie or veggie-friendly restaurant,  even when there's plenty of things they would like 🙄) and as I still live with my father and my sister, and my dad cooks 50% of the time, I would feel bad asking to accommodate for me each time (right now we manage pretty well). Still, I try to use as little dairy (mostly yoghurts on my day to day) and eggs as possible, because I acknowledge the problems that come with consuming both. I think I'll make a full transition when I finally live on my own.


    Anyway, I personally don't see anything bad in eating meat per se, it's the whole production system that bothers me and I'd rather not participate if I can. 😊


    As others have commented before, I too have noticed that some people are just insufferable when they find out you're vegetarian. I don't mind explaining why I became vegetarian (moral and ecological reasons, mostly), but I don't feel like justifying myself each time. As I always tell people who insist: I'm not saying you should not eat meat (even if I'd love if you didn't, of course) or that you're a monster or immoral if you do; I just feel it doesn't sit right with my ethics. 

    I don't know why people try to find reasons why I should eat meat again? Or situations in which it would be alright for me to eat meat? Like, honestly, I don't bother anyone. If I have to go to someone's, I politely ask if I should bring my own food, specifying that they should not feel obligated to make something just for me (thought I greatly appreciate it when they think about it before I have to ask!).  And yeah, if I'm with friends and we are eating out, I do check if there's at least one or two veggie options, otherwise I ask them if we can go elsewhere and it doesn't bother them - as it wouldn't bother me to do the same if someone told me they don't see anything they like, meat-eater or not. 

    Anyway, the prodding questions and "gentle" ribbing were fine the first couple of months, but now they're just plain annoying. 


    6 hours ago, Herk said:

    On the other hand in the boarding house where I work and share lunch with the students there is no vegan option, and almost all of the students are such aggressive meat-eaters that they start a major ****-storm every time when the ONE vegetarian day each week comes around.

    That's just sad, honestly. I guess I'm pretty lucky, in our Uni there's always a vegan menu (and the normal menu has normally one or two vegetarian-friendly options) and everyone's happy.

    Some people don't realize that some dishes are originally already vegetarian or even vegan (or the change is easily made). In my country gazpacho, pisto, veggie rice and many others are classic dishes that don't even have dairy or egg! But some people are like that... Give them this dishes without saying anything, they'll be happy. Point out "and it's veggie friendly" and they'll make a fuss. 🙄Luckily, my experience is mostly positive, as most friends and family are happy to try veggie dishes, especially if I cooked them!


  14. Well, there goes my proof that you should neeeever make decisions when it's past 10pm. I thought I was trading a bunch of CB hatchies to obtain a copper egg (which seemed too good to be true), to realize this morning it was an ash egg. *RIP* Should have double checked. 

  15. 11 hours ago, olympe said:

    Also, your argument perpetuates a very common argument in here: It's okay to kill an embryo because it might not survive anyway. Applying the same logic, it would be okay to kill infants because they might not survive for long anyway (SIDS). It would also be more than acceptable to kill terminally ill people because they most assuredly won't last long anyway. That, in and of itself, is not a valid argument pro choice.

    Okay, so I admit, if you twist it like that, it's not a good argument.


    But it is kind of twisting words, for me personally, because I (and many pro-choicers) cannot compare the life of a feeling, conscious and alive person to the existence of an embryo/fetus. I'm not "killing" an embryo any more that I would be killing a tumor. My words may seem callous for some, but this is how I see things. 

    I know it's not cut and dry, when an embryo becomes a developing person,  but for the first months, it's a mass of cells that are sucking nutrients from the mother's body. The heart beats? Yeah, if you take myocardial cells and put them on a petri dish, they'll continue contracting rhythmically. That won't make them a sacred life that must be preserved. 


    9 hours ago, olympe said:

    Even a fetus has its own mind and opinion. While my daughter was still in my womb, somewhere around the end of the 2nd/start of the 3rd trimester, she already decided she didn't like that musical box

    If you talk about a pretty developed fetus, yes, of course. A 12 weeks embryo? No opinion, no likes or dislikes. No personality whatsoever. 


    As I said, the limits are not so easy to define. When do we decide that it is not a group of cells but an individual?  There lies the debate. For pro-lifers, I guess, an individual starts at fecundation. That is totally overwhelming for me, I cannot even comprehend it. As you cannot comprehend my views about this, I imagine. 


    [On that note, I actually think the time limits established in my country are reasonably good (until week 14, total liberty; from week 14 to 22 if there's a risk for the mother or the fetus' lifes; from week 22 to term, only if the fetus suffers anomalies incompatible with life outside the uterus, always with the approval of an ethical committee). ]


    9 hours ago, olympe said:

    Just wondering, is it really acceptable to argue that pregnancy in and of itself is dangerous because of unsafe abortion methods? I think I'll still need to wrap my head around this one.

    My point wasn't to say that unsafe abortion methods make pregnancy dangerous. I literally said that it was to point how prohibiting access to safe methods (which only can be achieved with legality) only leads to deaths. Be it in a rich or in a poor environment, if you set your mind on an abortion and cannot legally go somewhere safe, you'll get it done with unsafe methods. 


    I totally agree that some customs (as marrying young girls) can lead to more unwanted pregnancies, especially in young girls who are not physically prepared to carry a pregnancy, but that's a different problem ???



    As Alrexwolf said:

    10 hours ago, Alrexwolf said:

    Anyone who is danger of health issues should be allowed to take steps to avoid them. However small the chance is, it is their decision how much risk/discomfort/etc they are willing to accept - no one else's. 

    Obviously the risks of dying because of a pregnancy are not that high. Thanks goodness for that. But a woman has the right to decide if she wants to expose herself to that risk, especially if the cause of that risk is something she doesn't even want. 

  16. This may seem dumb, but I just thought about it and I want to be sure. 

    Do the collecting events (like Halloween with the Trick-or-Treat, Easter with the Egg Basket) work on mobile devices? I've never tried catching the collectibles on my cell before and was curious if they also appear when you're on your phone. 


  17. Some eggs share descriptions though (or have alts), and the point is that you won't know which one you have until you click on it (though sometimes they don't share a biome so you can try to minimize mistakes). Even with the best reflexes ever, that's a factor you cannot change, which gives a little bit more "balanced" luck for everyone.

    It is pretty frustrating sometimes, but I actually think the "unkown" factor is pretty neat. 🙂

  18. As stated, childbirth is a dangerous process for the body. If you're in a high income country, you're more likely to be okay (but as Infinis pointed, death rate during childbirth is ridiculously high in the USA for such a high-income country). But if you are not lucky enough to live in the "elite" world? Then your chances of surviving childbirth literally drop.


    AND! Because sometimes pro-lifers seem more concerned with the embryo/fetus' rights than with the mother's (this is not pointing anyone in particular, just a thought), I'll also say that childbirth is dangerous for the baby itself.  Those are facts from the WHO (take a look).

    In lower-middle countries, preterm birth complications are the 8th cause of death (this means that babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to die due to illness and disabilities).

    In low-income countries, preterm birth complications are the 8th cause of death too. And birth asphyxia/birth trauma is the 9th cause of death.

    What this means is that plenty of babies that are carried to term won't ever make it past a couple of days. 


    Now, before anyone misinterprets my words, I'm not saying abortion is the solution for this death rates.

    I'm just joining others pointing that pregnancy is not trivial. While it can be wonderful, for those who actually want to be pregnant, it causes discomfort, pathologies and even death, not only for the carrier, but also for the baby itself. Why should we force women to expose themselves to these risks ? We cannot debate this strictly from our point of view, which is privileged and biased with our access to a well developed health system (well, I can't speak for the US, but I know Spain's is pretty good all things considered). If a pregnancy is already dangerous for us, it can be lethal in plenty of countries ("99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries", still the WHO ). Btw, one of the reasons women in developing countries die during pregnancy is because of unsafe abortion methods. A woman who really doesn't want to carry a fetus will probably try to have a n abortion, be it legal or not. The difference is that clandestinity makes it x times more dangerous. Legality comes with regulation and more safety. And forcing a woman to give birth to a baby that has such high chances of not surviving ? That's just cruel for everyone involved.



    As parting words, just to reinforce everything that's been said, and still taking info from the WHO:



    About 830 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day.


    Every. Single. Day.

  19. 15 hours ago, JavaTigress said:

    That, actually sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to deal with it, to be honest.


    I am not sure why that ISN'T how it is handled , already, to be honest.

    Honestly I just think Doctors are afraid of the permanency of the procedure. I think most people who think "I don't want children" won't ever change their mind about it, but I also think some will, at one point. And I guess the fear is of someone making this decision so young (because, gosh, I'm 23 and I personally would be afraid of making this kind of "forever" choice, but that's just me) and then regret it. 

    And as you said, the US is particularly known for all the suing they do against doctors. I don't think doctors other countries are so afraid of that (though it's always a possibility, mind you), I think their mind is on the permanent repercussions on the body. 

    Is it ok? Is it ok to be so afraid of the "what if" that you deny a consenting adult this choice? Probably not. Alas, that's the state of the medical field today: so afraid of being sued and accused that they cannot do their work properly. 


    @Alrexwolf Do you know the name of the medical procedure you were talking about? It is pure scientific curiosity. No judging, just want to take a look at it as I don't know any procedure that would keep the ovaries intact in the long term (which is the main problem when sterilising). Feel free to PM me if you remember, as it's not exactly the subject of this thread. :)


    Edit: Someone was kind enough to provide me some answers via PM! Apparently I was severely misinformed about some things, oups! 


    8 hours ago, AugKitty said:

    A lot of people figure when the baby is less than three months old it isn't bad to take it's life because it isn't an advanced life form, but think about who that baby could be. You're taking the life of a defenseless human being. I, personally, vow never to get an abortion, but I think every woman should always have the choice. Lina Marcela was a five year old who gave birth. Obviously, she wasn't ready to have a child. She couldn't have had an abortion, she was seventh months pregnant when she found out, but if she had found out earlier she surely should have. A girl of that age should never have to go under the physical stress of having a child, and neither should many other young women. But if they're physically ready for a child, I would advise them to have it and give it up for adoption or to a family member because it would be very hard to live with knowing that you killed a person before they were born.


    I started to think about abortion when my dad told me that he'd had countless abortions. I was, of course, horrified, and an hour later I began to think more about it. It made me think about how I could have been the child that was killed. I mean, I couldn't really have been, because my mom never would have said yes to abortion, but what if I was one of the other babies? I was very sad that I'd had so many half sisters and brothers that I would never get to meet and guide through their lives.


    I appreciate that you say that everyone should have a choice, but for me, the problem with this kind of argument is that you are basically guilt-tripping a pregnant person to keep the baby. If you keep hearing "it's murder, think about the 'possible' baby, etc", that's just so, so, so messed up for your state of mind. Like "yeah, do what you want,you have a choice, but just so you know, you are killing a person". That's just... no. That's a horrible thing to say to someone, I'm sorry. It is voluntarily playing with someone's mind and, to me, that's not ok. If you really, really think that it's everyone's choice (as you just claimed)... Then just say "I wouldn't do it, because I don't like it", that's all. No need to accuse someone of murder.


    And it's not as simple as giving the baby for adoption. For one, a pregnancy is not just about the outcome, it's about the "journey". 9 months of being pregnant? That's not a walk in the park. Some people live it spectacularly, and that's super yay! But for most, there's a moment when it becomes uncomfortable. The hormonal, physical & emotional changes are serious. Going through a pregnancy if you're not going to keep the baby is not something everyone wants... or even can support. It is not selfish to keep your health in mind, to be your own priority. Secondly, there's already so, so many children in the system. Why force someone to "keep a life" if you're going to disregard that life once it's out of the uterus? 


    Btw, how could your father have an abortion? I'm confused. Cis men cannot have abortions. 🤔 

  20. Oh man, I'd love to be able to breed other people's dragons. Like... Idc, keep your dragons, but I will decide what they breed with and I will keep the babies. 😁😁Though honestly, sometimes I also wish we could trade adult dragons *sighs*