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  1. Here you go! Careful, LOTS of pictures ahead Aether x Candelabra Aether x Almandine Aether x Sunset Aether x Gold Snow Angel Aether x Red Aether x Gold/Silver Herald Aether x Male Winter Aether x Female Golden Wyvern And because I messed up and thought you wanted it too, I went ahead and did Aether x Gold There are some lovely ideas in there! I love them best with Golds and Almandines, of these ones... too bad I can't do neither πŸ˜‚ I love Aethers so much... if anyone couldn't tell, lol.
  2. I never thought about how most of you could only see zombies at really weird hours! 😨 Totally support this, for the sake of people living on the other side of the big pond, and because, as mentioned, way too much went into the different sprites to see them only during 6 hours a day!
  3. @Shokomon, here you go: With Pyrovar - (male aether/fem pyrovar and vice-versa) With Moonstones - Moonstones are one of my favourite breeds but I feel there's not enough contrast there πŸ€” I was surprised with Pyrovars, they look better than I expected
  4. No problem, glad to help ❀️ First adults are here *squeals* Unfortunately, my male Aether / female Sunrise didn't produce an egg (I'm crying 😭) but my attempt at female Aether / male Undine was successful and I think it will look great πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
  5. Though I think we should always be careful to have a slot before breeding, there's always mistakes and inattention, these things happen. I personally don't massbreed because I don't have a lot to offer and that "which egg to discard" option could have save some "valuable" (for me) eggs, but I can see Herk's point. Maybe a warning? Not like a pop-up everytime you attempt to breed, but maybe a little line, in bold, visible in some kind of way, in the breeding page? Idk, I'd like a warning if I'm attempting to breed while locked, but I wouldn't want to make it harder for people to massbreed to the AP (as it is really useful for newbies!).
  6. I tried for you, it's lovely!! Here's with Mistletoe: I tried with Snow Dragons, and they look great too! Anyway, I know I already did this in Heart of Blue, but I wanted to check how it would translate to the DC background... and Aether x Sunrise is definitely one my favourite pairs EVER. I mean, look at that:
  7. I've been experiencing the generosity of this community first hand lately, so I'm really grateful for you all! Especially thanks to @Tetelestai who gave me a free Copper a while back when they saw I was trying to trade for one, without asking for anything. I forgot to thank you here, but I was (and still am) really grateful, as that was my first Copper ❀️ Thanks to @Herk who saw I loved one of their eggs from the AP and spontaneously decided to give me a pair for it just now! And to @BlueLatios that also gave me an awesome, awesome egg just because they saw I liked lineages (and thanks to @tjennifor abandoning that particular egg in the first place). It's just that I'm starting to realize how amazing and generous the DC community is, and it's amazing. I'm really happy I started spending more time on the forums and I hope to give back as much as I can, when I can. Thanks to all the random act of kindness, it makes this game so much special to play! ❀️
  8. I've been catching some great lineages in the AP lately, especially Halloween lineages. Some are 2G that give me ideas to pursue them. Thanks @Terrafreaky for both of these ❀️here & here. I feel like most of my rescued egg come from you! More Halloween kin: this gorgeous idea (thanks @Kiyoura) and this cute Falconiform that I may continue, even if I'm not a fan of Omen (thanks @Mnkn10). I found some lovely checkers too: This pretty, pretty Mint (thanks @FAstudent12), thisamazing Zyu (thanks to anonymous) and this AWESOME ridgewing (thanks @Herk). I'm starting to really like hunting the AP! Those beautiful lineage give me so many ideas!
  9. I'm not really interested in pygmy lineages but these new cuties would go really well with anything I think. Love them with Dark Myst!
  10. I'm currently reading "The Name of the Wind. The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One" by Patrick Rothfuss, that a friend lent me. It's apparently pretty popular though I hadn't heard about it (keep in mind I'm not from the USA), and I'm loving it! I started a week ago and I'm nearly done with it, I've been carrying it with me everywhere. I will definitely check the second and try to find some books similar in ambiance to this one!
  11. Sorry can't make lineages with the template for now (problems with my Photoshop), but using HoB, this is what I have, @Ruby Eyes With Mageias: With Scripts: IMO, they look lovely with Mageias!
  12. Just wanted to thank you for your work. Your lineage builder is amazing and time-saving, so thank you!!
  13. I knew they would be gorgeous. And lo and behold, they are. @scalesofgrey Solstice yes, yes and yes!!! @BrokenGems I hadn't thought about Frostbites, gosh they go well together. And Nhiostrife. And Kingcrowne. Oh my, they are pretty. So I tried some of my earlier assumptions and some were meh but some were totally hits with me 😍 With Female Moonstone (they look good with male too, but I prefer this pair, personally); with Black Truffle (❀️); with Male Silver; with Silver Shimmerscale; with Lumina (not so sure about this one); with Sunrise (MY FAVE); with Undine (normal and alt look good); with Falconiform (yass) and with Azure (maybe they lack contrast though): Thank you for the template @Crowned_Ladybug, I think I'll try some of my ideas on them to see how they'd look on DC !
  14. Oh my, Pipios are gorgeous. Especially females, I love love love their pose. They're like "Yeah, I'm pretty and I know it". The shading is amazing IMO (I don't know anything about spriting so to me it's absolutely mesmerizing how you can put so much detail in such a tiny little square of pixels). And I love Aethers! They kept their amazing blue (I like blue!) and they're so elegant?? Their mane makes me think of friesian horses, idk why, but I'm totally on board. Definitely material for lineage building 😍I'm so excited to see mine grow so I can start breeding them!! All in all I love this release ❀️ Thank you to the spriters for such an amazing work! And thank you TJ (you made us wait for that September release but it was well worth it!).
  15. If they keep their pretty blue, we'll have so many cool options ❀️Depending on their adult form, of course. I do like some contrast in my lineages but some already existing breeds have blue colors that could go well !! Potential mates I see (for now, considering we only have the hatchies): - Moonstone - Ash (yes, agree!!!) - Black Truffle - Silvers - Silver shimmerscale - Witchlight (well I love Witchlight with pretty much anything) - Lumina/Dark Lumina ? - Sapphire? - Spirit Ward because I love a good black&blue combo - Sunrise - Nhiostrife - Undine - Falconiform!!!!!! - Azure Glacewing I'm sooo impatient to see the adults, can't believe I'll be sleeping 😒
  16. I never freeze. NEVER. But those baby s1 pygmies are so cute they are making me reconsider that statement. And their description...!!! They're soooo cute 😍 And gusties are looking good too!! Love that pose, feels like it's tempting you to fight them ❀
  17. Thank you! That's really good to know
  18. Another question about Holidays breeding... Can dragons refuse each other during the week that Halloween/Christmas/etc dragons are available for breeding? Specifically, new pairs? I'm planning a lineage for Halloween and I was wondering if using "Fertilize" would be a waste during that week ^^
  19. Seems kind of random, but I just learnt that a singer I've always liked - a LOT - died today and I'm kinda sad. He was very old, but had such a beautiful voice... RIP Charles Aznavour, now I'm going to listen to his songs pretty much all day. Plus today was kind of a mess in my city for reasons that are getting more and more annoying so I was already in a bad mood. Grumph.
  20. Let's not go ahead of ourselves πŸ˜‚ That's way too much for most people who cannot play daily or are more limited (because lower trophies). If a number numbers is too much depends on the requirement anyway... Raise any 10 adults? No prob. Raise 10 wyrms/eastern/etc? That could mess some people's plans and gaming. 3 is low enough that even if the requirement asks you to do something you wouldn't normally do, it's not too much of an inconvenience. Anyway, still disappointed about that "raise any 3 dragons" but maybe it's because Halloween is near and TJ didn't want to mess our planning too much? The last week will be exclusively Halloween dragons so there's that... I just hope we will see different things in the future. πŸ˜•
  21. It will be easier in a few hours I guess though I personally couldn't wait too long because, well, it's already 8pm here and I don't want to go to bed at 2am just to catch some eggs πŸ˜‚ I was lucky enough to grab 4 of the feathery ones and I just caught 2 gusties - I'm all set, yay! Anyway, as always, thanks to the spriters for all the hard work, I'm sure these will be amazing!! Good luck to everybody 😊
  22. Oooh and I really thought we wouldn't have a release this month ! Good luck catching this fellas, just by the egg description I think I'm going to love this new pygmy!! I'm happy I have 6 egg slots free for this new release ❀️ Though if TJ has 4 eggs for the pygmy, does this mean 2 variants of the breed? Questions, questions!!
  23. Well, as expected, nothing for me Congrats to any happy winner It seems we came back to the good old "Raise 3 adult dragons" which is honestly disappointing! I was expecting more diversity before seeing this particular requirement again, but well... I guess for lineage-focused people who want to prepare for Halloween, the simple task doesn't interfere at all, so that's good. I know I have multiple hatchies nearly ready to hatch so I should meet the requirement tomorrow at the latest, yay!
  24. I was gonna post the exact same screenshot, I saw this 2 minutes ago and was like "woaah"
  25. I love the idea and I think this is quite a clever way to balance the "rareness" of both breeds, so I'm 100% on board!