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  1. 1 hour ago, silvara7 said:

    Is there a problem if my husband wants play dragcave at the same time as me on the same ISP on a different device? He's got his own scroll and is getting back into playing after several years. 



    If I've read the Terms and Conditions properly (and that was just a few days ago, just for kicks), it's perfectly okay :) As long as you both stay on your own scrolls and there's no irregular activity (such as one-side gifting a few too many times), there's no problem at all!


    I'll quote the FAQ:


    Q: Can two different people have scrolls on the same computer/IP?

    A: Yes, as long as they are different people. There are many cases of siblings, parents and children, etc, having scrolls on the same IP. The same person having multiple scrolls is not allowed. As long as each person sticks to their own scroll, everyone should be fine. You do not need to PM TJ or a mod to let them know.


  2. As usual, thanks @Terrafreaky for your beautiful lineages.

    Thanks @librarygremlin for this holiday checker that I might continue if I have a free spot!

    Thanks Unruffled (don't know forum name) for this Aether which gives me a good idea for a beautiful lineage! 

    Thanks 42 (idem) for this hilarious mint. I couldn't not keep it, it made my day 😂Plus it might someday be useful for this one lineage :P

    And thanks Bulbasnuff for this little one, honestly love the couple :P


    I don't know if it's the same anon or not, but I found these Mint and Gold on two separate days and was lucky enough to catch them both!!! Properly influenced, I'm happy to have a happy couple and cannot believe my luck honestly ❤️Thanks anon(s)!!

  3. 1. I love cats. That is currently the most important thing you need to know about me.

    2. I have a cat tattooed on my skin, on my ribs. See above point.

    3. I find the human body fascinating. That's why I started studying medicine (that and it breaks my heart to think about people dying or suffering for things we can cure). I continued because I'm apparently a masochist, lol.

    4. While I'm bilingual (French mom, Spanish dad), I can only recite the alphabet without thinking in French. It costs me effort in Spanish. Similarly, some counting, additions and subtractions are made in Spanish in my head, but more complicated operations (multiplying, dividing) are obligatory French. 

    5. I'm easily ignited and lose my temper way too fast, but I'm incapable of holding a grudge. I guess I'm kind of "Express your anger now so you don't carry it with you" kind of person. 

    6. I've always been self-conscious about my body image. Going to the gym regularly has done wonders for that, though. Not only because it changed my silhouette (denying it would be a lie) but because I feel more energetic, stronger, and I'm impressed with what my body is capable of doing. Studying medicine has also given me a new appreciation about my health. 

    7. I'm very opinionated.  Like, a lot. Sometimes too much, and it's something I'm trying to change. It's okay to have your opinion, but that doesn't mean other people are inherently wrong (except antivaxxers and flat-earth believers, those are definitely wrong, lol). Despite that, I actually love to debate with other people and hear other points of view. It's hard, but you might be able to change my mind sometimes :P

    8. I have a hard time projecting myself in a stable romantic relationship. I see myself with at least 3 cats in the future, though!  See point number 1. 

    9. I bought some clothes this summer during sales, and I realized 3/4 of the things I bought had stripes on them. Oh, well... what can you do *shrugs* 🙈

    10. I like shiny things. I might have been a magpie in another life. 


  4. Total yes to a gen marker (just putting 0-1-2-3-4+ or something). Doesn't need to specify stairstep, even gen, etc. Just what generation. That is a neutral indication, doesn't indicate what king of lineage it is (if this is a problem for some), just if it's CB, 2n gen, etc. Let's say you're interested in 3g checkers, then you can check out specifically the lineages of the eggs/hatchies marked "3". So still some steps involved, but less than if there's nothing.


    And yeah, PLEASE, make the egg links direct to lineage directly, please, please, please. 

  5. Yes, it is frustrating when someone accepts another offer and you don't know it until you think about checking your active trades. 

    I don't know how hard/simple it would be to code, but it would be nice if, when accepting a trade with multiple offers, all the non-accepted offers were considered "Declined" and thus the respective offerers would receive a notification. 


  6. 2 hours ago, StormWizard212 said:


    Yes, I think this is the issue. There might be a slight advantage, but I think the resulting problem would be people complaining that they can't save up for a CB Gold because they keep spending their tickets on raffle entries and never win. I think it would actually cause more frustration, to be honest. While there's frustration at the moment when people don't win, they don't have anything to regret. Choosing between gambling shards on raffle tickets with no certainty of winning, rather than waiting for the certainty of eventually be able to buy a CB Gold with those shards doesn't sound like fun to me and is bound to lead to frustration and resentment for those who invariably make the 'wrong' decision and end up regretting it. 

    This exactly.

    Sorry but I don't support this idea neither!

  7. Woke up and went out early so I wouldn't have to rush through my morning routine and work... obviously, this is the day the subway doesn't work on time and I'll probably end up arriving just on time, maybe late.

    I hate starting the day like this because I'm tired and it puts me in a bad mood for the whole day and I'm irritable and all around unpleasant. 🙄

  8. I just saw a Silver in the cave. For real. For the first time in... yeah, more than a year.

    The worst thing is that I was just opening DC, casually when the timer was as xx:34:57 and I clicked on a biome like "hurry, hurry, 5 minutes drop". An lo and behold, a freaking silver. 2 people (only 2!!!) in the biome. Obviously, didn't caught it. Congrats to the lucky new owner, though!

  9. Congrats on the CB gold! 


    Nothing quite like that (I mean, catching a CB gold, what a dream lol), but I've had two good nights in a row hunting the cave! Yesterday, I caught an Almandine (which I needed to complete my CB pair) and a pink Zyu (I might trade that one, not sure). Tonight it was a Thalassa (also needed to form a CB pair) and an Ice dragon! 

    So 4 dragons considered rare or at least very uncommon, I'm pretty happy with that! ❤️

  10. At first I was kind of "meh" about having prizes in the Market (thinking that the raffle was what made them special), but the more I read this topic and think about it, the more I agree with the sentiment that, yes, they should be available to buy with shards.

    So I fully support the idea.


    Honestly, all the arguments in favor have already been given, so I won't repeat them. Just wanted to voice my support.

  11. When I first joined (back in 2009), I did see some golds and silvers in the cave (that was before the biomes), though I never managed to catch one.

    My activity has been pretty inconsistent for some years, but I have to say that since biomes have been in DC, I've seen... what? 2 Silvers? 1 gold? And that was at least a year ago. I've been junting a little more actively this lasts months and I haven't seen one. At all. Bluesangs neither, and I've been in the Coast biome very specifically. And I play with the advantage that I hunt in the mornings of my time zone - which  is normally around 3-6am EDT so the cave is normally not that busy!

    It is disheartening, quite frankly, because I'd LOVE to make my own lineages with a CB Silver... Or just be able to say "YAY! I managed to catch one!". I don't understand how people catch multiple CB gold/silver eggs... where do they hunt? 😂It must not be the same cave I hunt!

    Or maybe I'm doing it wrong? Who knows. Would love me some baby silvers though, they're so beautiful 😢

  12. On 10/10/2018 at 7:54 PM, aqub said:

    My dad is really into exercising ever since he found out he was at risk for diabetes, and he's really gotten into shape. I do a lot of running with him in order to spend time with him, but I'm not as into it as he is, lol. (He's always wanting to take pulses and stuff like that)  He told me earlier this year he did 2000 push-ups in one day, so I've been practicing in order to one day match that. ^_^

    Wow, your father seems to be really into it! That's great! :D


    I hit the gym 5-6 days a week, personally. 3 days are for weight training (though I also try to incorporate some body-weight, I mostly lift) and 3 days for cardio (and no, I don't run because that's seem evil to me lol I do Zumba, Body Combat, Hip Hop, and such...). To me, group classes are necessary to keep with my cardio. Otherwise I would just drop it. Stairmill, elliptical... That bores me to death and I envy people who are consistent with that! I just can't, ugh. But I found that with classes, I actually like doing cardio (there's also the choreography component I guess). 


    I used to do spinning 2 or 3 times a week, like... 3 years ago. Because of a new schedule, I might have to change one of my Zumba classes for a Spinning one (to keep my number of cardio days intact). Let's see if I still like it like I used to!

  13. Just stared for 10 seconds (no kidding) at a Baikala egg in the Coast biome (so a blue one at that) because I didn't remember the egg description and wasn't sure it actually was a Baikala (and didn't want to egglock myself). Of course it was gone by the time I actually remembered that - yes! that was the description. 😭

  14. I love the idea and was actually thinking about making a BSA donation thread or something similar. There's never too many BSA (especially Purples, Reds and Pinks!). 


    October 17th seems a little "just in time" if we want to have them all grown up for the 24th (which is when past Halloween will be obtainable, if I'm not mistaken), but still doable (is that a word?). 

    I don't have a lot more to say, I would gladly help other players build up their BSA stock! (And I wouldn't mind catching a couple of reds and purples myself).