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  1. 9 hours ago, Dubious said:

    We can still make Zombies...right?

    On the 31st, yes! But before then, the odds are the same as always. 


    I'm soooo excited about the event! I've been pretty inconsistent in the last years and I'm missing some CB breeds, that I plan to catch. I still want to work on lineage projects, but I made plans so I should make some progress on both those aspects.

    I've had everything planed for a while now, so I just follow the instructions I set for myself :P Right now I've got 4CB eggs I needed + 4 eggs I bred for my lineages. Will repeat in 2 days! 

  2. 16 minutes ago, StormBirdRising said:


    TWENTY FOUR?  I only have 13, and no way to get back into the event. :(

    Same, I only got 14 objects... I wish we could do the whole event again. Should have waited until the evening when I have time to do it thoroughly...


    Still cannot catch anything so I bred some of.my projects to at least do something x)

  3. Ooooh, waking up to the Halloween event is definetly great! (Even though it was 7:15am). 

    I don't know if I want to try the story on my own or fall down the spoilers rabbit hole 😂


    I'm excited!!!Can't catch an egg for my life, though :(

  4. 1 hour ago, Soulsborne said:


    (the following might sound partially like an attack at individuals here in this thread - IT IS NOT - it just means that the general tone / opinion expressed towards prize owners could be more nuanced)


    Just to make it clear, I wasn't blaming prize owners for the prices they ask. I'm not one myself so I wouldn't know how hard it is to get a 2g out of a CB prize, and I don't know how it disrupts normal gameplay. And I totally understand wanting to trade for 2g to build nice lineages, I wouldn't begrudge them that.

    I'm sorry if it seemed I put the blame on the owners. My problem is with the system and how it messed up the trade market.


    And maybe you're right and I should be willing to put more effort if I really, really wanted a 2g. 



    But in the end I think most people are fed up about the whole system, not about individual prize owners. 

    Maybe some people want prizes because they are rare or valuable, but tbh I think people want pretty things on their scrolls and  building lineages... which would be so much easier if there were more CB prizes. That or making them easier to breed true. 


    (As an analogy, I'd say I "understand" why a diamond is expensive in a jewelry store, the problem is that Prizes shoud not be "diamonds".)


    As it is right now, it is quite toxic to the site. 

  5. On 10/22/2018 at 2:40 PM, The Dragoness said:

    Younger me didn't want a boring ol' job. Younger me wanted to be a princess. But that's not the easiest field to get into these days, so I've settled for medicine.

    Because that's way easier, obviously :P


    When I was little (like 5-6 yo) I wanted to be a painter. My parents had friends (a couple with kids our age) that were both artists, and I guess I was just fascinated. I loved drawing too.

    Then it got into my head that it was impractical, and because I loved animals so much, I should be a vet.


    Seeing animals suffering makes me way too sad, though, and they can't tell you what the problem is... So I decided to go the easier way, and settled on medicine too. :P

    (Na, in all honestly, I was fascinated by the human body, how it works and why it works the way it does. I'm also an idealist that still thinks helping people must be rewarding.)

  6. This isn't really the thread to discuss whether you have or don't have convoluted rules about your 2g offspring or even if those rules are justified or not.


    Here's the issue: the general feeling is that obtaining a 2g prizes is impossible for way too many users. We don't have CB prizes.  We don't catch Gold dragons, and certainly not multiple Silver eggs. We are not spriters and therefore don't breed 2g SA's progeny. Some of us don't have the time to raise 15+CB hatchies without it affecting our play style. If you can only play a couple of hours every day, you don't have time to hunt a lot. And for newer users, especially, it's take longer because they don't have as many eggslots. That can take weeks.

    And that's just for ONE 2g. If you're interested in building a lineage (and I have the feeling that EG checker is generally prefered in the forums), you'll have to repeat the process to possibly get a mate. So even longer.

    I'm not saying they are unreasonable demands, but they are not affordable for plenty of people. 


    And honestly, my issue is that it doesn't only affect 2g trading, but metallics as well. I couldn't care less about 2g tinsels, tbh (though I'd love 2g shimmers, because I love Shimmers). But Gold and Silvers? Love them. I'd be way more willing to raise 15 BSA for a Silver, honestly.  Problem: I've seen many times people asking 2g prizes/SA kin in exchange for their CB Gold and Silver egg(s). Some may say: "will consider other offers", but it's clear that the priority is 2g prize/SA kin. 

    I'd like a CB Gold, too. I'd love multiple Silvers. I'd love to build my own lineages. But I can't catch them because: a) I don't have time to hunt for hours; b) my connexion is crap. So ok, maybe I'll trade for one. But I can't, because I don't have 2g prize.

    It's a vicious cycle, IMO. It can be frustrating. I personally have learnt to not be too upset: I'll just breed the lineages I can have, try to catch some other pretty dragons on my own, and that's all. But it's not sustainable to have a majority of the players feel so frustrated over a breed (or a few breeds). 


    Adding a new breed to the equation wouldn't solve the problems. Even if tinsels and shimmers became obtainable via the market (and thus more "common"), the trading market would still have a problem with the new breed, making the rarer dragons unattainable for many people, because then everyone would want a 2g of the new exclusive breed.  

  7. I use Legacy Breed Name, because I never bothered to change it and now I don't want to change it (because "Cannot be reselected after switching", that's too permanent for me 😂).

    I admire people who have  custom sort, that seems way too much work for me.


    I personally like the Legacy Breed; otherwise I would chose BReed Sort. I like order.

  8. If the problem is fear of repercussions (because people can be petty and vindictive, and that's just sad), then ok, no need to be specific. Just something along the lines of : "Your offer on XXXXX is no longer valid/active".

    Just something to let you know that your egg/hatch you offered is no longer in a trade, whatever the reason.




    And while we're at it, it would be great to receive a notification when someone claims a One way transfer. No need to tell who gets it. Just "Someone claimed your egg/hatch!". 

  9. 38 minutes ago, KrazyKarp said:

    But from the discussions I've had with people it seems unanimous that Shimmerscales aren't very... prize-like.

    Where was the poll to say it is unanimous? Because I definitely don't agree. 


    I actually don't like tinsels that much, personally. I much prefer Shimmerscale and find their overall design distinguished, so to me they actually feel more prize-like. But that's not the issue at stake in this thread I guess. I just feel that putting one in the biomes and not the other is NOT a good idea. For the people who won Shimmers on the raffle it would be like telling them: "hey, that dragon you felt was so special? yeah, not so much, bye, lol". After so many months/years of waiting for some of them? Definitely not cool. 

  10. If you traded for them, I'd say you can do whatever you like with them, honestly. :) You already paid, the product's yours now! ^^

    If someone gifted you something, that's another story, but if you obtained it with a trade... then I say go ahead and do what you want with them. I don't think that's rude, I think that's how the market works (in general, IRL too).



    Edit: what is rude though is to make someone wait for more than 48h and not even bothering to decline when you accept something else so the other person gets a notif after more than two full days. That or the frigging egg grew up, but if you're not gonna be around then why do you open a trade? 


    That's happened to me twice now, it's maddening.

    Sorry, needed to vent.

  11. I'm not a big fan of Omens myself and don't plan to do anything with them, so if anyone's looking for the Omen offspring of a particular couple come breeding time (or any other time of the year, tbh), you can PM me. :) (totally free, obviously). I have 3 pairs (male + female). I know it's a little late already, but I thought I'd put the offer out there anyway ^^


    I'm sorry if it's not the place where I should post this, but I thought this is where more people could be potentially interested ^^ 

  12. 17 hours ago, Lurhstaap said:

    I think it's an overpopulation thing. Didn't TJ say that would have a bearing? Maybe Fleshcrownes are overcommon. 

    TJ gave an answer for the spike in price:


    Hope that solves your doubts!


  13. 15 hours ago, animatedrose said:

    I would be okay with Market holidays if they were cheap, but only if the biome came back too. I'd like a choice of where I can get my holidays (chance the biome against thousands of others or use shards for guaranteed) rather being forced into a situation where "oh no, do I keep saving for Gold? or try to get the holidays I missed last year?" That would be very frustrating.


    You just voiced my concerns with that idea.

    Of course, having them on the market would be lovely, especially for people who won't have time to hunt them and/or don't know what to do with their shards. But if they were ONLY on the market? Yeah, no. Even for 100 shards, for people who have to get up to date for like, 4 Holidays and want at least a male and a female (for Halloween dragons), that's 800 shards. That's nearly 2 months of saving. Repeat that for the two upcoming holidays, you barely have time to save up for the next one. How can you save for Gold/Silver/any other goal if you keep spending them to have CB Holidays?


    I get that it would be better than before the special biome was introduced, because back then there was ZERO possibilities to catch a CB holiday you missed. But now that the special biome happened once, and we know how it worked... taking it away from us would be cruel. And making us pay for Halloween breeds without the possibility to catch them on the cave... yeah, no. As people say, the Market's not  a replacement for the cave!  

  14. On 10/18/2018 at 4:14 AM, Looti said:

    Got up to 42 Fodder raised specifically for this Halloween. Killed 5 Adults this morning, but accidentally killed 2 of the same type 😱 Hopefully it doesn't bite me in the butt. Currently waiting on almost 20 hatchlings to die in the fog because they take up so many damn slots. I've been working on this since September and this will be my first DragCave Halloween. I'm pretty pumped.


    Quick question: does 'Halloween night' mean the transfer from October 30 to October 31 and/or October 31 to November 1? I really hope it's both because I killed my first batch at 7 EST instead of 12 EST.


    That's definitely a lot of work!


    I was late to the party + didn't know what to do so I'm not that prepared, but I've made a zombie folder too so I know which dragons I can sacrifice without messing other people's lineages. And I've let some hatchies die too. Should have made more, but I didn't think of it and ... priorities. Oh well, I hope at least on of them transforms and that some of my adults too :P 

    I'll be prepared next year.

    I have to be careful with the time slot, too, because I'm 6 hours ahead of the cave time. 🤔

  15. Bringing this back because it gets to be really aggravating when you have to think about checking if a trade is still pending or not... when people take more than a full day (24h+ counting) to do anything at all, you don't always think about ut. At first I could wait for a couple days without knowing that the trade I had offered something for was not active anymore... so yes, PLEASE, notify any change in a trade.

  16. 1 hour ago, silvara7 said:

    Is there a problem if my husband wants play dragcave at the same time as me on the same ISP on a different device? He's got his own scroll and is getting back into playing after several years. 



    If I've read the Terms and Conditions properly (and that was just a few days ago, just for kicks), it's perfectly okay :) As long as you both stay on your own scrolls and there's no irregular activity (such as one-side gifting a few too many times), there's no problem at all!


    I'll quote the FAQ:


    Q: Can two different people have scrolls on the same computer/IP?

    A: Yes, as long as they are different people. There are many cases of siblings, parents and children, etc, having scrolls on the same IP. The same person having multiple scrolls is not allowed. As long as each person sticks to their own scroll, everyone should be fine. You do not need to PM TJ or a mod to let them know.


  17. I want to request a gift!
    Forum Name: Relaks
    Scroll Name: relaks
    Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/relaks
    Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=68027
    Today's Date:  October 18th, 2018
    Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No
    Will you accept a messy lineage?: No
    Dragon Breed List to be placed on:  Silver Dragon
    (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?:  2g from male Silver and female Mint (unrelated to this and this).


    Thank you in advance :) 

  18. As usual, thanks @Terrafreaky for your beautiful lineages.

    Thanks @librarygremlin for this holiday checker that I might continue if I have a free spot!

    Thanks Unruffled (don't know forum name) for this Aether which gives me a good idea for a beautiful lineage! 

    Thanks 42 (idem) for this hilarious mint. I couldn't not keep it, it made my day 😂Plus it might someday be useful for this one lineage :P

    And thanks Bulbasnuff for this little one, honestly love the couple :P


    I don't know if it's the same anon or not, but I found these Mint and Gold on two separate days and was lucky enough to catch them both!!! Properly influenced, I'm happy to have a happy couple and cannot believe my luck honestly ❤️Thanks anon(s)!!

  19. 1. I love cats. That is currently the most important thing you need to know about me.

    2. I have a cat tattooed on my skin, on my ribs. See above point.

    3. I find the human body fascinating. That's why I started studying medicine (that and it breaks my heart to think about people dying or suffering for things we can cure). I continued because I'm apparently a masochist, lol.

    4. While I'm bilingual (French mom, Spanish dad), I can only recite the alphabet without thinking in French. It costs me effort in Spanish. Similarly, some counting, additions and subtractions are made in Spanish in my head, but more complicated operations (multiplying, dividing) are obligatory French. 

    5. I'm easily ignited and lose my temper way too fast, but I'm incapable of holding a grudge. I guess I'm kind of "Express your anger now so you don't carry it with you" kind of person. 

    6. I've always been self-conscious about my body image. Going to the gym regularly has done wonders for that, though. Not only because it changed my silhouette (denying it would be a lie) but because I feel more energetic, stronger, and I'm impressed with what my body is capable of doing. Studying medicine has also given me a new appreciation about my health. 

    7. I'm very opinionated.  Like, a lot. Sometimes too much, and it's something I'm trying to change. It's okay to have your opinion, but that doesn't mean other people are inherently wrong (except antivaxxers and flat-earth believers, those are definitely wrong, lol). Despite that, I actually love to debate with other people and hear other points of view. It's hard, but you might be able to change my mind sometimes :P

    8. I have a hard time projecting myself in a stable romantic relationship. I see myself with at least 3 cats in the future, though!  See point number 1. 

    9. I bought some clothes this summer during sales, and I realized 3/4 of the things I bought had stripes on them. Oh, well... what can you do *shrugs* 🙈

    10. I like shiny things. I might have been a magpie in another life. 


  20. Total yes to a gen marker (just putting 0-1-2-3-4+ or something). Doesn't need to specify stairstep, even gen, etc. Just what generation. That is a neutral indication, doesn't indicate what king of lineage it is (if this is a problem for some), just if it's CB, 2n gen, etc. Let's say you're interested in 3g checkers, then you can check out specifically the lineages of the eggs/hatchies marked "3". So still some steps involved, but less than if there's nothing.


    And yeah, PLEASE, make the egg links direct to lineage directly, please, please, please.