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  1. I couldn't breed as much as I would have liked this week, I didn't complete each day... but I did what I could, considering the very busy week I had! I love seeing the AP with all the colors! I managed to grab a few Terraes yesterday and I cannot wait to see the Aethers come through 😍

  2. I tried my best yesterday but it was late and maybe forgot a couple of red or oink breeds. I'll try and breed through the day instead of in one sitting today! 

    But it's fun! 

    @Feral71 if you're not sure about the colors of the breed, the lists on the first post could maybe help you! Otherwise we can make a more exhaustive list of breeds for each day! :)

  3. 3 hours ago, Shokomon said:


    It looks so dangerous...but all I want to do is pet it.



    Is that weird? 

    Humans will pet anything so... 😂


    I come late to the party but honestly I love this release overall!

    Seeing all of them together on the first page, they look so great! 😍 All these pretty colors, I love it!


    I love the pose on the Vremya Drakes, I feel they're trying to seduce me 😂They're like "Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack" lol

    But they look great, love the horns and this amazing green!


    My faves are definitely the Lihnseyres and  Aeria Gloris, but that's because they hit all buttons! I love everything about the Lihnseyres (from the horns to the stone in the tail and the colors) and the Aeria are just so unique!! 

    And that additional art...!!! @TCA, these are so, so great! They feel alien, totally what I'd expect to find in a remote planet!


    Now if you'll excuse me, I have some dragons to hoard 😝


  4. Where I live we always celebrate "Sant Joan", the night of the 23rd and it's one of my favorite nights of the year! It's usually celebrated with friends on the street, where there's party everywhere and people are allowed to light firecracker. There are big (and controlled) bonfires on the street where people burn their old, unused things  as a symbol that marks new beginnings. It's great! So yay, I'm all for celebrating here in DC too!


    Mark me up for a reminder at the start of the massbreed though, please, because I'll be deep in my last week of final exams and will probably forget!

  5. Happy Birthday DC!

    Wow, 13 years, that's a long time! I'm glad to see the community still thriving though, it's amazing!


    Managed to get one of each new egg! Damn egg limits, how should I choose which one to get two ?? 


    Btw, hatchies look lovely ❤️Congrats to all the spriters involved !! Especially SkyWolf, congrats!

  6. On 4/30/2019 at 10:00 PM, Dalek Raptor said:

    Can someone do kingcrown and antarean for me? I'm at work and unable to do it atm


    They look lovely with Kingcrownes, IMO



    Not so convinced about Antarean but it's okay!




    I'm in love with them x Sapphire though 



    And with Aqualis!




    Not bad with Red-finned Tidals!


  7. 1 hour ago, Gluria said:

    The Mariners are cool too, they remind me of albtrosses

    I had the same thought! The colors are definitely there! But the pose kind of reminds me of a dinosaur too 😝They are interesting! I'm sure these colors will look great in lineages!


    Skysilk dragons are lovely!! I had a hard time with the face because it's a little bit lost between the mane, but oh my, what beautiful colors!! I'm in love with them! And gosh, the description is so cute! 😍


    On 4/25/2019 at 3:58 PM, Suzumiya said:

    Question about Guardians of Nature...if this is answered elsewhere, please point me! 


    I have 3 GoNs. 1 female and 2 males. If I released a male, would I be able to try again for a second female? Or do we just get 3 summons, total, no matter what?


    On 4/25/2019 at 4:02 PM, Ruby Eyes said:


    I know it's been a few days already, but it's my understanding that once you summon your 3 GoNs, you cannot summon one anymore, even if you release or kill one of them. Did I get that wrong? 🤔

  9. I can't wait to see the adults! I'm sure they will both be great. The colorful ones are right up my alley, I can feel I will love it; and Infinis always does a great job so I'm sure the pygmy one will be lovely too! 


    I caught two pygmies earlier this afternoon. If anyone is still having trouble finding them, send me a PM. They're on CD for 3 more hours, but I already have my 2 pairs so I'd be glad to give them away to someone who doesn't have time to hunt or wasn't lucky!

  10. That colorful mane on the big one is wonderful. I can't wait to see the adult! 😍 I get the idea they'll be big and beautiful!

    The pygmy hatch reminded me of the Aqualis hatchie, for some reason.  Though they seem more silvery, I hope they keep this light color! 


    Congrats Process and Infinis! 

    I hoped for a release tomorrow, even if I wasn't holding my breath, what with the Easter event and all, but I'm pleasantly surprised and grateful. Thanks for the release!

  11. Well, I wasn't expecting a release on a Saturday... I hoped we'd have a release tomorrow so I planned my slots to be free for tomorrow. Shoot. 

    Well, none of them were irreplaceable 😛

    And who knows how long these will be dropping for before they start mixing with other eggs! I'm going to hunt now ✌


    I loooove the colora on the big egg! 


    edit: the dragon eggs were easy enough, two from each biome, but the pygmy eggs are going fast 😱

  12. 14 hours ago, Fortune86 said:
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    Oh wow. Was anyone else squeeing like mad when Jaime knighted Brienne? OMG my heart. 


    I was literally crying, yes. 😭❤️



    That episode was great, I really really liked it. It sets the mood for the episode to come and I love that we got to see how everyone spends their "last day on earth". Totally would have join the company for some wine, fire and songs btw.


  13. I love that Nebulas x Gemstone, @purplehaze, even if it's not a Lovely Common :P  I like the last one, with the truffles, I love how the Storm and Zyu have kinda opposite positions!


    I finally completed another project! (well, it's growing) I admit I wasn't as thorough as I could have and didn't try every week, but this one took way longer than expected! 

    Still, I'm glad I kept at it. :) Red x Bright-Breasted Wyvern x Anagallis https://dragcave.net/lineage/NtcyE

  14. Oooooh a two-headed dragon! It feels like it's been a long time since a new one was released (or maybe I don't keep up with news that well).

    Both seem lovely and I can't wait to see the S2 and adults!

    Congrats LadyLyzar and TCA :) 

  15. 1306815608_Capturadepantalla2019-03-10alas11_10_14.png.db65869307e47f5641a8ab4562c87935.png

    Well, it seems the CB Gold is getting farther and farther away from me. I'm kinda frustrated, actually. I understand that's how market prices work, but at this point it seems I'll never be able to catch up on those weeks I wasn't able to play (because, hey, I was busy!) and it seems a little unfair I have to pay 400+ shards more than other people for the same egg. 😕 I just hope I'll get there one day. 


  16. That was unexpected! I'm so busy lately that I barely have time to check my DC account, but when I logged in this morning this was a great surprise! Both eggs look great but I do love my speckles ❤️

    I'm excited to see what they will look like! 

  17. Thanks @Shajana for the added information about this lovely breed ❤️ The concept art is gorgeous and I'm freaking in love about the little blossoms on the horns 😍

    Also, it's really cool to see the original sprite! The progress is amazing.

    I really, really love them! Their short little snout is just so cute!! I totally plan on collecting them next year, and I know for sure they will look great in lineages! 


    Honestly I'm picturing a cave littered with flowers and shiny gems, and these cuties sleeping in a bed of cherry blossoms! It's a lovely image in my head :P 

  18. Oh, such lovely dragons ❤️I absolutely LOVE the buds and little flowers on their horns. And their cute little face! ❤️

    I'm sure they will look great with many different breeds, I'm excited to plan lineages with them! 

    Does anyone know if Sakuhana means something? I like the sound of it anyway.


    Congrats Shajana, these are great! ❤️

  19. I've been so busy these last few days, I've only been able to complete one of the storylines! I hope I'll have time to play a couple more tomorrow. It was really fun, I played the Tsoko's route because duh, best friends HS fanfic everyone? I thought the banter was really fun! Thanks to everyone who participated ! ❤️

  20. Aaaaah I nearly forgot there was an event starting today! I just started now, I feel I'm literally in every single High School fanfic ever 😂 It's great!


    And the new eggs are SO pretty. Flowers! Yes!!!!! I love flowers, I love flowery dragons, I can't wait to see these guys 😍