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  1. Well, first year playing, got an upsite down mint. I didn't even know it was a "only one chance" kind of thing son I'm really glad 😂
  2. I love that Nebulas x Gemstone, @purplehaze, even if it's not a Lovely Common I like the last one, with the truffles, I love how the Storm and Zyu have kinda opposite positions! I finally completed another project! (well, it's growing) I admit I wasn't as thorough as I could have and didn't try every week, but this one took way longer than expected! Still, I'm glad I kept at it. Red x Bright-Breasted Wyvern x Anagallis : https://dragcave.net/lineage/NtcyE
  3. Oooooh a two-headed dragon! It feels like it's been a long time since a new one was released (or maybe I don't keep up with news that well). Both seem lovely and I can't wait to see the S2 and adults! Congrats LadyLyzar and TCA
  4. Well, it seems the CB Gold is getting farther and farther away from me. I'm kinda frustrated, actually. I understand that's how market prices work, but at this point it seems I'll never be able to catch up on those weeks I wasn't able to play (because, hey, I was busy!) and it seems a little unfair I have to pay 400+ shards more than other people for the same egg. 😕 I just hope I'll get there one day.
  5. That was unexpected! I'm so busy lately that I barely have time to check my DC account, but when I logged in this morning this was a great surprise! Both eggs look great but I do love my speckles ❤️ I'm excited to see what they will look like!
  6. I can't sprite for life, but I think this is a wonderful opportunity for people who do and want to start showing their work! Good luck to all of you ❤️
  7. Thanks @Shajana for the added information about this lovely breed ❤️ The concept art is gorgeous and I'm freaking in love about the little blossoms on the horns 😍 Also, it's really cool to see the original sprite! The progress is amazing. I really, really love them! Their short little snout is just so cute!! I totally plan on collecting them next year, and I know for sure they will look great in lineages! Honestly I'm picturing a cave littered with flowers and shiny gems, and these cuties sleeping in a bed of cherry blossoms! It's a lovely image in my head
  8. Oh, such lovely dragons ❤️I absolutely LOVE the buds and little flowers on their horns. And their cute little face! ❤️ I'm sure they will look great with many different breeds, I'm excited to plan lineages with them! Does anyone know if Sakuhana means something? I like the sound of it anyway. Congrats Shajana, these are great! ❤️
  9. I've been so busy these last few days, I've only been able to complete one of the storylines! I hope I'll have time to play a couple more tomorrow. It was really fun, I played the Tsoko's route because duh, best friends HS fanfic everyone? I thought the banter was really fun! Thanks to everyone who participated ! ❤️
  10. Aaaaah I nearly forgot there was an event starting today! I just started now, I feel I'm literally in every single High School fanfic ever 😂 It's great! And the new eggs are SO pretty. Flowers! Yes!!!!! I love flowers, I love flowery dragons, I can't wait to see these guys 😍
  11. Congrats y'all! Enjoy your shinies!
  12. Where has my life gone? I don't find it! I'm there looking at my eggs (that should hatch in 2 hours but don't even have a crack, why the world so cruel?)
  13. Yay!!! Breeding time, breeding time! I'm hunting for CB right now, I'm missing only 1* (got the other ones pretty easily too). Then I'll be able to breed my projects and hunt the AP (which is my favourite part!!). Thanks TJ! *Forget that, got the last one! Yay!
  14. I'm so excited about Valentine' breeding 😍 Some of the plans I have I can't execute because I'm lacking some CBs, but I'm more excited about seeing what I can find in the AP. The one thing I know for sure I have to do is Floral Crowned x Witchlight. Nobody else doing a cross holiday with Witchlight? I already have a Witchlight mate waiting! I love Floral Crowneds. I'd like to pair them with Gold Florets too. Though I have to admit I like the Floral Crowned x Garland pairing I've seen here 😮 As for Heartstealings, I agree with the general sentiment: they look lovely with Gemshards (any color, but my preference goes to red). I agree with @RubyEyes also, they go very, very well with Mageias! The idea of pairing them with Striped Rivers is interesting though! I like it. And with Chronos! I love Mutamore with Blue Nebulas! I like the contrast! @missy_ I like Mutamore x Spinel Wyvern! I hadn't thought about it! They look great with Soulstones too! Speaking of Soulstones, my breeding this year definitely will include: Soulstone x Kingcrowne Soulstone x Candelabra As for Arsani, I'm thinking pink Zyu: @Fuzzbucket I love that Heartseeker x Pillow pairing! Such lovely popping colors! @Lantean_Pegasus I also like some of your combos, specialle Heartseeker x Harvest, Fever Wyvern and Autumn. And Soulstone x Terrae! @catstaff I love your Green Nebula x Soulstone! Some of you gave me sooo many ideas... but with only 2 CB (some of which I'm missing) and such limited time... we can't do everything 😢
  15. Last year's event started on the 8th (12am), so my guess is tomorrow night rather than tonight.
  16. I don't think it's a matter of IP, as I've been logged in both my computer and my cell with different IP. I'm normally logged in both devices, no problem, and I use Chrome with both (logged in with my gmail account) but I found out that if I logged in with a different browser on my computer, I'm logged out from my phone. If I keep using Chrome on my computer, I'm not logged out on my phone. So, for me, that's the answer. Don't know about anyone else.
  17. I like them, personally And khusas are lovely! I randomly clicked on one and found this beauty (with a fun code too), so I'm not complaining at all. Thanks @MaeTM! 👍
  18. Took the Shallow Water, thank you! I have an IOUthat's been waiting for ages because my own stupid dragons refuse to give that hybrid *looks at all the magis I got instead* Hope you don't mind if I use to pay my IOU!
  19. Right now my scroll goal is to have 2 CB pairs of each breed (catchable in the cave) / 2g for hybrids and alts. For unbreedables, 4 of each. For zombies, I'll try to have 1 for each stage first (which is still 3 or 5 per body type!). It's not really ambitious but it's kind of a "base goal". That would allow me to make any 3g checkers without any help! But it's not my final goal. It's just a little stone on the road before I can move on to bigger things! Though I won't wait to have 4 CB of all the super rares before getting a new goal (like, I don't know, 10 CB of each). I really like when you go to a scroll and there's plenty of each breed. I think it's prettier than when there's only a few But that's just my personal opinion! I've got like a mental list of priorities, things I should do once Valentine's event is over: - For a month, have at least 5 or 6 eggs of Reds (don't care if they're messy, CB, etc). I always run short on them and want to build me a good stock. - Then focus on the commons I'm missing for that scroll goal. Idem, at least 5 or 6 slots should be dedicated to that, so I can move on quickly. Try and catch some nice rares, too. - Collect. All. The. Aethers. In. The. World. - Make a massive Aether wall *insert diabolic laughter here* - Work on all the lineages I'm working on (my spreadsheet is getting longer and longer and I just add more to it before even finishing one. Bad!) - Collect more Purples and Aeons (preferably non-messy, but meh, I'm not picky). And there's probably more things to do. It will take time, but I'm in no hurry, honestly. I like having goals, otherwise I would just abandon the game... Actually, for years I wasn't a really active player. I came back for a few weeks and then forgot about the game, because my main goal was to "Catch CB rares" and when I didn't succeed I just moved on to another game. But now that I have a goal that's achievable (and that I don't put pressure on myself), I'm enjoying DC much more and I am more active than ever. So, yeah, not in a hurry!
  20. I breed my Aethers regularly! So far the only breeds that have given me anything but an Aether are Ash, Black Truffle (once each) and Boreal (a few times). I also appreciate the effort! I bred my very few tetras ^^
  21. Support. I think this is only a temporary solution, because the best think would be to also be able to filter by group or a tagging system. That would be a time-saver. But that's another suggestion. In the meanwhile, bringing the breeding page up to the standards of the fertility page is a must, for me. I don't understand why the change wasn't made simultaneously, but if it's already coded and done, I don't think it would be that much of a hassle to apply to the breeding page, right? And it would be sooo more user-friendly, specially on a cellphone where the searching option is a pain!
  22. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks to those who donated, too! This was an amazing event overall, I'm already excited to participate again next year! ^^
  23. I've had a pretty goos day so far. I had my last final of the semester this morning and then went to get brunch with my friends. We are now free for the next 3 days (yay, so maaaany holidays) and I sooo plan to spend them sleeping as much as I can! I hate studying months with a passion and I'm happy to be done with January!