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  1. That's an amazing gift to give someone I obviously entered too, the opportunity is too tempting! Good luck to all of you!
  2. So many pretties to choose from! I entered for more than I thought I would too, it was too tempting! Thank you to everyone who donated and good luck to all of you ❤ī¸
  3. The inner lover of Genetics in me is screaming NOP. For this exact same reason. Breeding cannot even produce the same breed as a grandparent if it's not one of the parents (which could actually made sense), so this seems too out there for me, sorry. "Magic" can only go so far. 😕
  4. I entered the raffle ^^ Thank you for setting up this! I'll make roasted broccoli in your honor tonight for di
  5. Voted! You all do awesome things, it's amazing!
  6. Well shoot, I'm totally unprepared for this! I mass-bred basically all my dragons a couple of days ago. I'll try to find something to donate though >.<'' Edit: managed to donate some shinies, hopefully they'll be enough ^^
  7. I remember seeing something about an Orc code in the Codes thread so I went to look back. I think it's @Yhme. (sorry if it's not you and I mentioned you for nothing ❤ī¸)
  8. It's 20°C outside today so no snow for me 😂 To be fair I never have snow where I live and I prefer it that way. Snow is pretty and all but it's wet, cold and altogether uncomfortable. No thank you!
  9. Not necessary, viewing the tombs counts as views! You still have to click on the individual dragons to see the "view page" This spreadsheet also has plenty of links to all the different kind of zombies. That's how I unlocked all the Encyclopedia entries!
  10. Tbh I don't think the requirements will ever be that specific! I don't even think they'd ask us to raise 3 adults of a particular breed (even if totally common like Water dragons). The new requirements have only been implemented for a few months, but until now they haven't been that restrictive. I expect things like "Raise 3 Wyverns"; "Raise 3 bred/CB dragons". I don't expect to ever see something like "Raise 3 Pinks from Jungle". That would go well 😂
  11. I have a group for my Aether wyverns: There.I'm planing to hoard them a lot. (Edit: seems you don't need them in the end?) I don't have a lot of zombies but there, if it helps: let there be zombies.
  12. What I meant was that when filtering by a tag, you'd have to manually put the tag. A page to manage all your tags would be a given, though. The point of the tags is to avoid having to use 1000 different groups to manage our dragons. I have like 20 twenty groups and already it feels super cluttered. If a I had tags, I could add and remove as I pleased, and when filtering I wouldn't have an infinite amount of tags to choose from (like on a dropdown list), I could just write the tags I'm interested in. I don't know, maybe it's clearer in my head. I think tags would be nice, but that's like, a bonus. For me, like for both of you, the main issue is filtering, ad if we can find a good solution to keep the groups as is while implementing a good filtering system, then by all means! ^^But honestly, having to go through a long list of groups is becoming rather painful. For example, I have a group for Holiday dragons (all 3 holidays) for forum purposes. But for my own personal use, I also need to sometimes only display Halloweens or Christmas or Valentines. That results in 4 different groups, which make my dropdown seem way too long. If I could, under the "Holidays" group, add a filtering system to only display dragons tagged as "Halloween" (so, not a new group, just tags that I gave to the dragons), that would simplify things.
  13. So, better filtering is something that would help MANY users. I think the main issue is while breeding: showing all the dragons is a pain. When you are looking for a particular mate, ctrl+f is useful, sure, but when you're mass-breeding and just looking to pair random CB's (or 2g's or 3g's, etc) together, either you remember which of your dragons are CBs or then you have to put something in your dragons' name to know they are CB. Which I know plenty of users don't like. Right now we only have the grouping system. It's better than what we had before (ie nothing) but it could be improved. Grouping dragons is useful when planning lineages, to display some dragons you are proud of, etc. When they have something in common, you put them together. Yay! But having a large amount of groups is counterproductive. Having a group for CB, for 2G, for 3G (but then, one for even gens, one for staircases); for lineages (but some will be CBs, some 2g... and wait, which one is already paired?). We cannot make a group for every single things we need to separate our dragons. That's why a tag system would be delightful. Then every dragon could be tagged according to its individual features. If we could add filters in the breeding list to only display dragons having a particular tag, that would solve most of our problems. I made some mockups to explain the idea better. - When you go to a dragon's page, you could have the option to add tags, just like you can add it to a group: - You could manage each individual dragon's tags. This is not a systematic / group thing. Each dragon has to be manually tagged. Yeah, it's a lot of work, but that's the point of tagging! - Then when you want to breed your dragons, you have the possibility to filter the displayed dragons either by groups or tags (or both! --> maybe you want to see the dragons from the "XX Lineage" tagged as "2g"). What's the difference between a group and a tag? You can display, on your scroll, only the eggs pertaining to a certain group. You wouldn't be able to only see the dragons with a particular tag, on your scroll. Tags would serve the sole purpose of easing breeding (maybe other features, idk, right now my idea is breeding). (Scraping that idea because it would actually be helpful to display only the dragons with a certain tag, be it on all the scroll or within a group. The dropdown thing is what really makes the difference) There's no dropdown showing all the tags. You have to write them manually, therefore know what you want, specifically. You can have an infinite number of tags, as long as you remember how they're written (we could maybe implement a pop-up when there are 3 or 4 letters corresponding to an existing tag, like when you tag someone on the forum, but that's a bonus). If the whole tag thing is too complicated or deemed unnecessary by most users, then at least filtering by groups on the breeding page is a must. Pretty please.
  14. I personally use an Excel. I keep an inventory of all my dragons (as in how many of each breed and hoy many of them are male/female and CB) in the same Excel. I make different sheats for every lineage project (I have, like, a thousand lol). This is how I plan them: I make a mockup of the lineage (with the images, the Heart of Blue tool is really useful now!) to have a visual of what I'm planning. Then I build the "tree" with the names of all the dragons I already have and spaces where the ones to come should go. This is how it looks like: It works pretty well for me! I have to admit it's easy to lose sight of the whole thing if I plan longer lineages... But because I'm focusing on 4G lineages for now, it's enough. And it's pretty easy to add generations: I just copy and past! ^^ I might try that draw.io to see if it's easier 🤔
  15. So, as stated on the previous page, being a selfish person, I felt like keeping the limit would help me (and other people missing old breeds, either because they are newbies or because they missed the releases) catch up with everyone. I also stated that I understood the need for more CBs and that I would probably change my mind once I had all the CBs I'm missing. But honestly, after reading some of your arguments I think I feel more inclined towards removing the limits too. 🤔 It is true that if there's no one to pick them (because they can't), unwanted eggs will sit forever in the cave... even more than this Halloween. Which doesn't really help to pick up the breeds we are actually missing. And ADP makes a good point: I won't deny there's some extremely generous people out there, but it is true that when you have very limited resources and have plans for your CB, you can't be as generous as you'd like. Obviously, it's a choice. Either work on your lineages, or give some people what they need. But with such a limited breeding time and the fake breeding cooldown, working on Christmas/Valentine lineages is painful. You're less inclined to breeding for others during holiday breeding time because you have to fulfill your own plans. While during Halloween, I had so many CBs for some breeds that I don't need all of them, even with all the different lineage plans I have! All the CBs I didn't use were bred to give away to the AP or specific people. So I was actually way more generous than I plan to be this Christmas 😅 Finally, I have to admit that I didn't have that hard a time to pick up the few Halloween CBs I needed. Granted, I don't know how it would be if we lifted limits for Christmas and I can't guess from last year because I totally missed breeding week (it's a miracle I remembered to get my eggs on the 25th tbh). So I don't know how hard Hollies were to get, if other breeds sat for a long time or not... But thinking about it, yeah, people still would end up scroll-locked, if not breed-locked, so after the first day madness things would calm down. So yeah... I guess I'm in favor of lifting the limit now. But I totally support the idea of having continuous drop during the holidays so we'd never have an empty biome.
  16. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks The Dragoness for organizing the raffle! And thank you again @Aleoleo for that lovely Shimmer ❤ī¸ I'm looking forward to donate again and see what shinies the future raffles will bring ^^
  17. THIS, so much! If you make mistakes, don't be ashamed. NEVER. If someone points out a mistake, thank them if they were polite and try to learn from it. If you make it again, that's okay. You'll learn, eventually. But never be ashamed for not speaking perfectly a language that is not native to you. You learn new languages because you like to, because you are curious! You put effort into it, that alone is good enough And I've learned that people are pretty patient. They won't make fun and they won't be mad if you make mistakes (and if they do, they're idiots, so you're better off without them lol). If you ever need to PM me or speak to me, do so in French then, I promise I'll be patient 😁
  18. Duolingo seems to be a great tool to start learning. I believe some good bases are very helpful, but as stated before me: practice is key! Take some courses if you find them (Duolingo seems great and I think they have cellphone apps). Watch movies and TV shows in original version (with English subtitles at first, then in German/Spanish/etc.): that helped me A LOT with English. Listen to music, podcasts. Learn songs and sing them, trying to understand what you're saying. Oh, and it may seem silly, but reading fanfic in a language is SO useful. Most of the times, it's easily understandable and you can learn expressions used on a daily basis (way more than in "classic works"). It's a combination of everything. It's how much effort you put ^^ I also know that it's "easier" to learn English because there's just so many resources available, of all kinds... I don't know if you'll find so many things for German, but I bet it won't be too hard. PS: If you ever need great songs, movies, tv shows, books and other things in Spanish, I might know some.
  19. Just to clarify, are we talking about the ones with chocolates? If yes, how do you resist the temptation until December? 😮I can't buy chocolate: I end up eating all in 2 days 😂
  20. @Aqub I can only answer for myself, but I personally don't mind at all! I'm quite happy when people quote or tag me, because that means they react to something I've said (which is always nice, even if the response is "negative"). I do hate unread notifications so I have to take care of it as soon as I see them, though
  21. I wish that every user could see different dragons on the cave so they good always pick up the things they want if they see it. And to make things even better, continuous drops where eggs chnage at every resfresh. Hey, this is unreasonable demands, right? 😛 Anyway, I offer free hugs to anyone who feels down, sad or frustrated. 🤗😛
  22. First time for me in any kind of player-based raffle ^^ I sent some shinies your way
  23. It's lovely to see it for real! They actually have mostly the same colors , they complement each other fantastically! Let's see if I'm able to snatch one of those AP'ed eggs
  24. Aaaaaand my lucky strike ran out and two of my omen hatchies misgendered! Not only that, but they are siblings and neither of them collaborated 😕 They have the same lineage: male omen hatchies from male gemshard x female omen. Both gone now! Thanks! I already froze 2 Omens this year, don't need more.
  25. I don't have that problem 😕 Did you try clearing you cache/cookies/etc? That sometimes can help!