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  1. So I wiped out my fort and redid it again! I plan to incorporate the 'presents' drops in my design so I need to gain XP... feel free to come destroy my fort folks (especially things made with snow and ice). Scroll name is same as forum. All the weapons will be gone when I'm satisfied. Edit: thank you all!
  2. I don't know if this encore + new additions are a blessing or a curse because I was pretty happy with my fort and now I went and changed everything 😂 This was my fort an hour ago: And now: I made a little skating ring for my penguins I don't know how to finish yet, I have some free space. I don't want it to feel too cluttered but there's so many things I want to put :C
  3. Happy New Year everyone! It's nearly 8 am here and I'm still awake... so after a few hours of sleep I'll look into all this new items! Thanks for the extra days!
  4. Oh I totally forgot the raffle was today. I thought it was tomorrow 😂 Well I'll take some of those 'no-win' cookies once more! Congrats to all the winners. The raffle requirement will be a breeze, considering the hatchlings I already have in my scroll. 😛 I'm a bit disappointed though, I wanted wyverns x)
  5. I completed my first ever LC lineage! This one was painless and quick: say hello to my cute Aria. It truly is a lovely pattern 😻
  6. 'Ooooh too bad, another reason to collect Aethers'. 😝
  7. Oooh, me like it. They really look nice with Celestials!
  8. Yay! Thanks for the update, TJ! I caught it just before going to sleep, fortunately, because I doubt I'll have much time to do anything tomorrow. I like the upgrades ❤️ I kept mine at a log cabin. Final (hopefully) look, then! Some bugs with how things are displayed, but I quite like it ❤️
  9. Tomorrow night! 31st, 11:59PM Did a final recount. I went from 18 Christmas dragons in total to 76 this year (thats 58 more). Not bad! I did better for Halloween (I think I managed to grab around 70 or so dragons). Maybe next year, when I won't need to hunt for CB eggs and will be able to hunt the AP like I wanted, I'll do better.
  10. Yay, both my Starsingers gre up ❤️ They look even better on my scroll than here
  11. Have: 3g checker pacified Aegis x Bolt (lineage) 3g checker pacified Aegis x Amerald (lineage) Want: For each of them, a 2g or 3g checker Aegis from enraged Aegis, please. For the Aegis x Bolt: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! For the Aegis x Amerald: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. Also, some people grab CBs and release them so that people who missed the release are able to grab them later in the AP. The CB wall doesn't last long enough to be annoying, imo.
  13. The problem with that is, as TJ mentioned a couple of times, that all this lingo is user-created and not official yet. I believe he said something about first finding a consensus for what everything means (does a "checker" mean the same for everyone? an "arrow"? etc) so before implementing this on a dropdown menu, it would need to be official. I wouldn't mind being able to make a wishlist in-cave, honestly, I think it would be great. But I don't see the point if it's with pre-made options in dropdown boxes, as I think it wouldn't fit everyone's need. It would be better if we could just write exactly what we're looking for. Even if we had a longer box in the trading hub, sometimes we don't want just 1 specific egg/hatchling but would be happy with any egg of our wishlist... and that would be impossible to list on a want box, even if it was unlimited.
  14. Okay, I just cooed out loud. That's just so cute! Thanks @hazeh for the lovely art and the additional lore. I love me some gentle dragons and these are steadily heading to become one of my favorite. I want a pile of puppy hatchling dragons to cuddle with! Mine will be able to grow up in 2 hours, I'm so excited to have the adults and start lineage combinations! Can't wait! Also, I think I'll put the finishing touches of my fort tonight, take out all the unwanted weapons and just make a beautiful scenery, so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow (so many things to cook tomorrow!). Overall this has been a delightful holiday event for me! I caught all the CBs I needed, I bred the dragons I wanted to breed, I caught some lovelies in the AP (though not enough because there's never enough slots :P) and the Snow War game was working great for me! I've had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the spriters, for both the lovely dragons and the amazing elements of the game. And thanks to TJ and anyone involved in making the event happening, spriter or not!
  15. I wish we could take more than 2. They look so tempting on the AP 😢
  16. I wouldn't know how to define mine, I just made things that I liked (and took some inspirations from what I saw here, tbh) I just repaired everything so I could show you: I'll take the weapons out on the last day to put some decorations, but right now I'm still playing the war game. As you can see, I have a lot of everything except wood. I need more wood è__é Edit: So, I took down all my weapons and finished my deco. I don't think I'll have time to do anything more, and honestly I wouldn't know what to do. I've seen so many lovely forts! I wish I had more space to do a little bit of everything, but I quite like how mine turned out in the end
  17. Caught a sibling! I've been hunting for checkers but this one caught my attention! I had lots of CBs to catch this year (I managed to grab everything I needed though, so yay) so I couldn't hunt the AP as much as I would've liked, but here are some of my lucky hits! This beautiful 4g Holly. Look at the base! I first I only saw the SA but then I thought... "Hey! CB Holly are not supposed to be female!". Thanks @Natayah! This lovely 4g Yulebuck x Ember with SA on the base! Thanks @Stafyre. This Snow Angel x Bronze Tinsel. Not mine anyome! ❤️ This cute 2g RD x Red Gemshard. I quite love the pair, I might work on it next year! Thanks @SheridanCharon! This awesome 4g Wrapping Wings x Green dragon. If I'm able to find a mate for this one, I might continue this in 2019 Thanks anon! This 2g Solstice x Aether. Anything with an Aether is a win in my book! Thanks @Mespritluvr! This 2g Solstice x Purple Floret. Love the pair! Thanks anon! This 3g Mistletoe x Kingcrowne. I bred a 2g before breeding season ended just so I could continue this lovely, lovely color combination! Thanks anon! This 2g Mistletoe x Silver. I hope my own CB Silver will give me mate before next year! Thanks @cbussiere! These beautiful 2g Aegis x Aether and bis. I'm in love. I'm soooo gonna make a checker out of them. Thanks anon and @Shvengal! This 2g Aegis x Silver. It's gonna be hard to find a mate but I'll try! Thanks anon! This 2g Aegis x GoN. Thanks anon! This lovely 3g Aegis x Frostbite. I love the pairing! Thanks anon! This 2g Snow x Bronze Lunar Herald, which is a pair I wanted to breed myself! Thanks @Kigyptnee! This 2g Snow x Royal Crimson. Thnks anon! This 2g Snow x Boreal. They look great together, thanks anon! And so many lovely 2g Garlands! With a Frilled dragon: lovely! Thanks @AngelsPunishment! Garland x Gold dragon. Thanks @arula! Garland x Sunsong. For some reason I really like it. Thanks @umbreonstarlight! Garland x Antarean; I thought the contrast was cool. Thanks @Happy-Smiley! Garland x Thalassa: I liked the near mirroring positions! Thanks @PrincessLucy! Garland x Silver. Thanks @May-Lynn! Garland x Floral-Crowned: one of my favorite Christmas breeds with my favorite Valentine? Count me in!! I already have a Halloween x Floral-Crowned going on, so that's two lineages that will require patience Thanks anon! Thanks to everyone who bred their dragons ❤️ I hope I'll be in time to catch some more!
  18. I looooove the new dragons! And they have such pretty colors, warm and neutral, that can go with so many different breeds! So many choices... So little time 😢 But yeah, def gonna pair them with Aether 😍
  19. Oh goodness I love the new adults ❤️ I love the colors, which are neutral yet warm and festive; the pose is lovely; their flame ia beautiful; the wings are awesome (love the colors!); but above all I love the fluffy, fluffy tail. The light shine on it is gorgeous! Also love the name and the lore. It is really heartwarming and the idea that Christmas carols might come from their songs is great! Congrats to both spriters, you did an amazing job ❤️
  20. Each update is fantastic and keeps the game interesting! I was kinda bummed that we couldn't level up after 50, but at least now we still get our presents I'm still unsure what I want exactly for my fort... There's just so many ideas, and so little space! Some of the forts I've seen on the threads are gorgeous! I guess I still have a few days to really chose a decoration... Meanwhile I'll just keep stocking on ressources. Thanks TJ for the updates, and obviously all the spriters for their hard work ❤️ Also, we'll get to see the new adults today and I couldn't be more excited! The hatchlings are super cute ❤️
  21. Are you kidding me? 😩 A few hours ago his father was an enraged Aegis. I know it's just a 2nd gen so no big deal, but it took a slot for 5 days and an Incubate 😣 Why would you breed your dragon just to kill it a few days later? 😡
  22. Well, if I understood right, you get XP every time you repair things (or only weapons? i don't know). So you could wait to be attacked and then repair things, but I'd say that would be reaaaally long!
  23. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that keeps getting ressources each hour and doesn't have bugs... Good luck to everyone who is having problems with the event! I hope it can get solved soon ❤️ My goal is to get to level 50 asap and then I can start decorating and building my reserves. I try to avoid attacking weapons 'cause that sucks for the other people... Anyway, I'm having fun!! I wasn't around last time, so I'm happy I get to play this. Thanks to all the spriters involved, this must have been a lot of work; also thanks to everyone who's managing the event, I know it may feel overwhelming with all these reported bugs, but I'm sure everyone appreciates the hard work! ❤️ Merry Christmas everybody ✨