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  1. okay another question which section in the cave are they found in during the drops or are they in all of them
  2. so anyone know how long they will be available
  3. woot just got my seven in record timing to. i just cant wait to see what they become
  4. thank you so much that really helps
  5. so i have a question what is this zombie dragon everyone is talking about im so confused
  6. thank you so much that really helps thank you
  7. im not sure which area to go to to get the new eggs can someone help me please and thank you
  8. does anyone know what times the valentine eggs are released in the cave because i cant remember oops never mind i figured it out
  9. top of the hour and every 5 better luck though at the top of the hour
  10. thank you everyone your info is really great thank you
  11. wow really so where do you go to get this info and thank you
  12. so does anyone know when the next drop will be since the cave is almost empty and domes dont have anything in them yet