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  1. well i think im done with my house also is the holiday breeding done already
  2. wow got my 2 that was really fast then again for some strange reason it said there was no one viewing that page but hey im happy thank you dragon cave for the new eggs i cant wait to see what they become
  3. my many thanks to the gifter who granted my dragon cave christmas wish of a holly egg thank you so much thank you and good luck to everyone else who is questing their first holly good luck and merry christmas to you
  4. heres the link to the recipe spread sheet cooking event sheet
  5. man i wish my clicking skills were better those hollies are slippery i should know been trying to catch one for 2 years now well my fingers are still crossed perhaps ill get luck one of these days please oh please
  6. this is the site that i used its really helpful and has everything good luck Cooking Event
  7. well i just completed the baking challenge now i just have to get a holly dragon i just hope i can find one wish me luck everyone
  8. wow thank you guys for doing this i cant wait to see this years new dragons
  9. thank you for letting me know shame i dont have more only have 4 from this year i guess my search continues good luck everyone
  10. hi i just saw your holly contest and i was wondering what is a bbw
  11. wow these Wyverns are really quite nice i hope they breed pretty well
  12. wow this is crazy you would think after 3 days most people would be scroll locked i know i would normally be but ive only managed 2 eggs and still there are almost 200 people in there at the hour drop this is really cazy
  13. well i wasnt before but i am now thanks a heap well i guess i should get back to collecting some more boyfriend eggs lol
  14. so anyone know how much longer the mass drops will be going on for i so hope its for a while yet
  15. in the desert section of the cave every 5 minutes "little drops" and once an hour "bit drops" i hope this helps and good luck
  16. okay another question which section in the cave are they found in during the drops or are they in all of them
  17. so anyone know how long they will be available
  18. woot just got my seven in record timing to. i just cant wait to see what they become
  19. thank you so much that really helps
  20. so i have a question what is this zombie dragon everyone is talking about im so confused
  21. thank you so much that really helps thank you