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  1. i so cant wait i actually caught myself counting down the days earlier
  2. cant wait to see what they will be
  3. oh i cant wait for them i just hope i can get them all
  4. YEA i cant wait thank you guys for doing this
  5. WOW i just love these soulpeace dragons definitely my new favorite breed i cant wait to breed more of them
  6. will that was a surprise i finally managed to snag 1 im so happy so very happy
  7. wow its been what 3 days now and nada nilch for the volcano dragons anyone else having any better luck then me
  8. ya i know but the adults with be similar to the hatchlings so if the adults are as cute as the hatchlings they will be adorable so needless to say i cant wait until they are all grown up
  9. wow if the new blue dragons are as cute as adults as they are as hatchlings i think ive found my new favorite breed they are way to cute
  10. thank you for letting me know that helps i was so worried that the event would end tonight you know a count down clock in the first post would be very helpful because try and i might i just cant figure out the timezone thing here besides it would be very cool to have
  11. so how much time is remaining for the hunt i only have a few left but its getting extremely late will the event be up tomorrow does anyone know
  12. thank you for letting me know now i just need to keep my fingers crossed that i can get them all in time
  13. um so how many eggs are there now im at 41
  14. or even egg hunts that we missed before we joined so ya it would be a nice addition to the egg hunt
  15. thank you everyone for the timings now at least i know when to start looking because i was thinking it was around 20 min or longer maybe now i can get caught up thank you
  16. so can someone please tell me what is the release rate for the easter eggs because not knowing is really slowing me down because right now i only have 24 thank you
  17. thank you that helps i guess i really need to get a move on then ive only got 9 so far oops
  18. so anyone know yet how many eggs there are and how often they drop thank you
  19. this is great ive been check everyday for this event to start i wonder how many eggs there are
  20. man and here i am scroll locked i just hope my reds are recharged i cant wait to get these new cuties
  21. wow these new valentine dragons are so pretty and inspirational i so wish we could have more of them like the halloween dragons unlimited but oh well they are still so cute
  22. i hope tomorrow more clues will be revieled because after 2 hours or so of reading this tread my eyes feel like they are doing this i think i need to go to bed before my brain completely follows suite night all
  23. im confused whats this randomness with the flower event that people keep hinting at
  24. heres mine not much but its got a little bit of color my vase