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  1. Requester Forum Name: Twilight_Moon_Racer What I Want: Holly any linage What I Can Offer: any dragon breed on my scroll PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=04&MID=67994 Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/Twilight_Moon_Racer
  2. question will these holiday dragons be breed able again this year i honestly cant remember if they can
  3. question will these holiday dragons be breed able again this year i honestly cant remember if they can
  4. wow i really love this idea because the biomes dont really move i tend to not even check them out anymore since i can spend a short time in the cave and get some really awesome eggs verses spending an hour or more only to get the same eggs. point being this would really would help to send people to the biomes more often
  5. oh sweet new egg man im glad i didnt lock myself earlier
  6. lol i just cracked up when i read your post and i have to say thank you for the wonderful inspiration for naming them lol i now have if you combine their names they are a marshmallow kitty stocker
  7. you know if i didnt know any better i would say these are cat dragons i mean cats do have that creepy stare at times and the first stage hatchlings do look like cats so ya thats my best guess
  8. im a little confused who is this slenderman i keep hearing about on here
  9. i so hear you lol i can never seem to get enough halloween dragons lol i so totally i hope there is still some left when i am no longer egg blocked
  10. wow i love how easy this release was and i totally cant wait to see what these wonderful little eggs are going to become im so excited
  11. oh i cant wait to see what this years halloween eggs and dragons are going to be and i so hope they are going to be werewolves lol my fingers are crossed so tightly they are starting to smart
  12. oh man i so wish i wasnt locked that is a total egg paradise in there right now
  13. wow i really love my fortune today "Beware the Jabberwock, my child. The claws that bite and teeth that catch!"
  14. well i must say this is a very helpful fortune "Hide your eggs in the coming days-there may be many clicks but few views."
  15. question has anyone finished the corn maze and if so is there anything waiting to be found
  16. sweet this sounds like its going to be tons of fun thank you
  17. thank you so much for letting us know ive been wondering how it was going to work this year thank you
  18. wow i love the colors on the yellow crowned dragons very pretty and the tidals have a very nice exotic look to them thank you so much spriters for these wonderful dragons thank you
  19. now that would be pretty sweet oh i so so hope they give us werewolves
  20. wow i love how sweet and easy this event was nice not having to stress out about whether or not you can get a good breeding pair i so hope all future events will be like this one i really do and a little side note i am so hoping that this year for halloween we will get some werewolf dragons you know to go along with the vampire dragons after all you really cant have one without the other right
  21. yes at the hour the drops last much longer so good luck and happy hunting
  22. woot oh yea i so cant wait to see these guys all grown up so cant wait they look so cool
  23. thank you so much for letting us know and i am so so very happy that this is going to diffidently going to be a regular thing man im so happy i could just sing
  24. so um are the drops still going on because i saw only 1 opal in the forest during the last drop
  25. thank you so much that really helps thank you