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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON CAVE and I must say I'm loving these new eggs and hatchlings oh I just can't wait to see that they are going to look like full grown
  2. Wow yes I finally got all 55 eggs wow that was a lot of work but I'm so happy
  3. Sweet got my first egg and thank you so much to all you wonderful artist for making these awesome eggs
  4. sweet thank you guys for these new critters thank you
  5. will theres one in progress in the second post of this thread i hope that helps
  6. WOW your doing LOTR based flowers i would so would love one if possible please
  7. wow i am so loving this event but i was wondering if somewhere someone has made a master list of all the different flowers and what they are called because i really really would like one of those
  8. so has anyone heard if this years new valentines will have the 2 breed limit like last years new christmas ones had or if will be unlimited ?
  9. YES YES YES the cave has released the V eggs
  10. WOW at this rate there is going to be a mega wall of valentines i so can't wait
  11. wow this is going to be awesome i cant wait to start breeding and to see what this new valentine is going to look like thank you guys for
  12. wow these are simply gorgeous wow i so adding these to my favorite breeds list
  13. WOW im so glad now that ive been saving all my extra snowballs this is so AWESOME
  14. question how much longer do we have to be able to breed our christmas adult dragons from previous years any one know
  15. okay i have a silly question why are people throwing back hollies i keep clicking on the same ones over and over again btw awesome event i absolutely love the snow snowball fort part
  16. Requester Forum Name: Twilight_Moon_Racer What I Want: Holly any linage What I Can Offer: any dragon breed on my scroll PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=04&MID=67994 Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/Twilight_Moon_Racer
  17. question will these holiday dragons be breed able again this year i honestly cant remember if they can
  18. question will these holiday dragons be breed able again this year i honestly cant remember if they can
  19. wow i really love this idea because the biomes dont really move i tend to not even check them out anymore since i can spend a short time in the cave and get some really awesome eggs verses spending an hour or more only to get the same eggs. point being this would really would help to send people to the biomes more often
  20. oh sweet new egg man im glad i didnt lock myself earlier
  21. lol i just cracked up when i read your post and i have to say thank you for the wonderful inspiration for naming them lol i now have if you combine their names they are a marshmallow kitty stocker
  22. you know if i didnt know any better i would say these are cat dragons i mean cats do have that creepy stare at times and the first stage hatchlings do look like cats so ya thats my best guess