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  1. I have 195 treats total and my bucket is emptier than the one your showing and I believe I only misted the first year otherwise I do believe I have every treat since then
  2. These don't work together Leech + Ice Thyme = Do not work together
  3. Thank you ever so so much for the times now I can hopefully complete my Spirit Wards tomorrow thank you !!!
  4. Question does anyone know at what game times the Spirit Ward dragons change their colors because so far I've only managed to fully unlock 2 of the nighttime ones and of course the daytime one so any information would be wonderful!
  5. Ah sweet new little dragons thank you so much dragon cave I can't wait to see how they turn out
  6. I just found a dead neglected egg in one of the hatcheries is it alright to post it here for people to use the scroll it came from is hidden
  7. Happy 9th Birthday Dragon Cave Happy Birthday and thank you ever so much for these new cuties I can't wait to see what they will become
  8. Thank you so much for posting all these neglected including that egg now I'm just 4 eggs and 9 hatchlings away from completing my neglected archive
  9. WOOT finally got all the eggs and may I say they are awesome this year
  10. Sweet thanks for the event I can't wait to see what they are all going to look like
  11. Well heres mind not very neat but I rather do like the pool and the trees !!!!
  12. Sweet the raffle is upon us good luck everyone and my fingers are crossed that this is the year I win something
  13. Wow I am just loving that shade of green and the sparklyness quality they have is sweet
  14. Merry Christmas everyone and may I just say these eggs are simply beautiful I am just loving their colors and I can't wait to see what they will look like
  15. Sweet thank you I was pretty sure but from past experiences I knew I would be wise to ask lol to many tales to tell
  16. Okay I'm very bad with time management in fact I really suck at it besides its late and my brain is half asleep so my question is if I picked up some eggs in the cave tonight and used incubate on them would they hatch in time to still collect the new halloween eggs
  17. Question about the carnival if I can't find everything what should I do there is only one place I didn't go to and that was the valuables in the tent area and now I can't get back to it I need help please edit never mind I just figured it out silly forest had me all turned around
  18. Yes the event has started thank you guys and now my fingers are crossed for a cute werewolf dragon to go with our vampire dragons
  19. Wow I am just loving this feature I'm very glad I have such a large scroll it sure is making this a lot easier I can't wait to start reading all the new information
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON CAVE and I must say I'm loving these new eggs and hatchlings oh I just can't wait to see that they are going to look like full grown
  21. Wow yes I finally got all 55 eggs wow that was a lot of work but I'm so happy
  22. Sweet got my first egg and thank you so much to all you wonderful artist for making these awesome eggs
  23. sweet thank you guys for these new critters thank you
  24. will theres one in progress in the second post of this thread i hope that helps