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  1. What is the highest level you can get does anyone know?
  2. Hi earlier today I used my snowballs to build with when I was still trying to figure things out and now I can't attack or do anything because I have no snowballs I am doing something wrong? Okay I figured it out man I feel silly now
  3. I need help I got 15 items when a button showed up asking if I would like to reset and I clicked it and now all my items are gone so here are my two questions 1. Do I have to redo this event again in order to get all the items? 2. Does the event badge change if I collect all the items or does it stay the same?
  4. I've got a question what are the odds that the bsa earthquake will work and hatch an egg early you see I'm trying to get all the Siyat colors and thought I've tried every week to get the early color variation I always wind up killing all my eggs every time so I was wonder if about the odds of that bsa working?
  5. EEK all these amazing new features I love them all and the new dragons are simply stunning I'm speechless Wow
  6. Oh thank goodness the event ends tomorrow since I only have 15 eggs so far what a relief By the way awesome eggs this year absolutely amazing
  7. Please come someone tell me if the event ends tonight or if it is tomorrow night I only just found out about this event so I'm not sure when it ends exactly
  8. Question when does the flower gathering card giving event end does anyone know?
  9. Hi everyone I have a far amount of almost everything on my scroll you are all most welcome to use it if you like
  10. Oh no I missed the day 12 story please tell me someone copied it somewhere
  11. Oh my goodness this looks like it's going to be loads of fun I'm so excited thanks everyone
  12. Hi everyone I've got a little bit of almost everything on my scroll your all free to use it if you like
  13. Wow these eggs and hatchlings are so cute I can't wait to see them all grown up
  14. Oh wow a nebula hybrid I can't wait to see what it looks like and the other one is so pretty as well thank you so much
  15. These dragons look so sweet I can't wait to see their next stage
  16. Aw sweet I love this release this is amazing
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON CAVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY And thank you so very much for all these wonderful new features and dragons thank you
  18. I hope I get lucky soon because so far I haven't seen a single new egg yet and they look so awesome to
  19. Wow these eggs look really pretty oh I can't wait until they hatch
  20. Wow those blinking green eyes really took me by surprise they are so cool and creepy at the same time wow
  21. Wow these look really neat I can't wait to see what they are going to look like full grown
  22. Wow it's so hard to believe its been 10 years now wow time sure has flown by! Well Happy Birthday Dragon Cave and thank you so much for all these wonderful birthday surprises I can't wait to get them all thank you