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  1. Oh by far I am supporting all three suggestions and since collecting doesn't effect game play and is mainly for collecting beautiful art anyways there really shouldn't be any reason why these suggestions shouldn't be approved especially since last Christmas we where able to do the same basic thing evolving past Christmas events!

  2. 6 minutes ago, Alwerien said:

    Ugh, thought I still had a few hours as in 3 days from this post, didn't realize it was gonna end while I slept.. ;_; It would be really nice if one year we had a chance to find eggs from previous years....


    I second then after all we did the same basic thing last Christmas!

  3. You know maybe what we need is a countdown timer for when these events have a short time window it might help and extensions for when real world problems happen at least then it would be more fair and more fun for everyone 

  4. Went to get my last 5 half an hour ago first time all day I had to get them and thought that I still had an hour since reset is normally at 10pm my time so I was very shocked to find that the event ended at 9pm my time and with everything that has been going on I'm totally crushed and hurt first event I wasn't able to complete on here :(

  5. I rather like this idea as long as the Encyclopedia shows the egg then let it been seen in the bio dome as well.  And as a long time member I have supported this idea from the beginning when I was new I would intentionally avoid the bio domes and still do for that matter because there are so many breeds out there it's impossible to remember what all the descriptions are and I have this bad habit of getting them mixed up, and this idea would finally make going to the bio domes fun outside of the holidays.  Also if some people don't like the idea of eggs showing themselves perhaps give an option to turn that feature off, and another little point if this idea was so bad then why do the eggs show up in the cave why not just show the descriptions there to, so my point is if it works in the cave why not in the bio domes as well at least give the option I say!




  6. Wonderful event and so many awesome eggs DC you have outdone yourself that is for sure way to go !!!  I do have an idea for next year would it be possible to have a Easter Dragon much like how we have for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines.  That would be beyond epic oh please would you consider XD

  7. 51 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    Your best bet right now might be running through the hatcheries to try and find the last Starsinger hatchies. I suspect most people will freeze a *bred* hatchling next season, due to the still-existing CB limit of 2.

    Thank you so much for the advise I'll do that !!!

  8. Hi earlier today I used my snowballs to build with when I was still trying to figure things out and now I can't attack or do anything because I have no snowballs I am doing something wrong?


    Okay I figured it out man I feel silly now

  9. I need help I got 15 items when a button showed up asking if I would like to reset and I clicked it and now all my items are gone so here are my two questions


    1.  Do I have to redo this event again in order to get all the items?

    2.  Does the event badge change if I collect all the items or does it stay the same?

  10. I've got a question what are the odds that the bsa earthquake will work and hatch an egg early you see I'm trying to get all the Siyat colors and thought I've tried every week to get the early color variation I always wind up killing all my eggs every time so I was wonder if about the odds of that bsa working?